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Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 22nd 2016

We decided to combine my work trip to Korea with a bit of a holiday as it's one of the few Asian countries (depending on your definition of Asia) we haven't yet explored. Our flight from Melbourne to Seoul included a brief stop over in Sydney; we arrived at the gate for the second leg of the trip just as boarding was commencing...perfect timing. After another 10.5 hour flight we landed in Seoul, grabbed our bags and hopped into a taxi. About an hour later we arrived at our hotel in Sinsa, which is on the southern side of the Han River. After checking in and dropping off our bags we headed out for a walk around our hotel. Our hotel was located nearby Garosu-gil which is one of the main shopping streets in Seoul. After ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam September 10th 2016

South Korea: On my last trip I didn’t use any of the airline points I had acquired traveling as a consultant. This time I redeemed points for a 1 way to Seoul in business class on Korean Air. I had never flown business class on an intercontinental flight. After the flight I realized why everyone raves about it. I was able to lie down completely vertical and got a good 7 hours of sleep. I also picked up a pair of noise cancelling headphones (not sure if I was allowed to but no one stopped me as I walked off the plane with them in clear sight). I flew on an Airbus A380. This was the same aircraft I took to Asia on my last trip. The entire upstairs was business class. I watched Nixon & ... read more
Changdoekgung Palace
Korean BBQ with John
Bridge of Freedom

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam August 15th 2016

Last day in Korea was a quiet one. Today is a holiday (National Liberation Day) so many stores are closed. We went for a walk and had some chicken and beer for lunch. Heat was still very strong so we decided to go back to the air conditioned apartment until the evening. Halahbujee had dinner plans at 6p to meet a second set of friends. RoAnJoSo hit Gangnam to see the night life it is so famous for. We went to a different area of Gangnam (more south than where we were the first time) and it did not disappoint. This area is pulsing with bars, karaoke bars, shopping (both stores and street vendors). Side alleys hold an incredible amount of restaurants making it very difficult to settle on one place to eat. Everything from Taco ... read more
Gangnam at night
Strawberry-ade and Grapefruit-ade were delicious!
Sophie was in heaven with all that pasta

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 12th 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELKE!!!!!!! Everyone slept in until 9a today. Plan was to take it easy after 7 days/6 nights of very full days during the bus tour. Halahbujee slept for most of the day. The rest of us took a walk around the hotel area and had donkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) and breaded chicken for lunch. It was another hot day. The kind where you sweat just standing. We stopped at a bakery and bought Korean bread, which JoSo found a little sweeter and more flavourful than Canadian bread, and a blueberry and cream filled bun. Both were delicious. The blueberry and cream bun wasn't as sweet as one may be used to in Canada, but it was still sweet enough to satisfy a sweet tooth craving. We called our aunt and uncle in Pyeongchang and ... read more
Street dancers doing K-Pop songs
Who is that guy taking a picture of the street singer?
Come on Jon, let's go for some wine/cocktails!

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 4th 2016

9:30a start to the day. With weather continuing to be burning hot, we decided that one palace was enough and took the subway to the largest of the 5 palaces in Seoul, Gyeongbokgung Palace, in west part of Seoul. Many tourists here – busloads of Chinese visitors, and despite the sweltering heat, many chose to wear hambok (Korean traditional dress). In the back garden of the palace is Hyangwonjeong Pavilion and Pond. Many parties were apparently held here by King Gojong. After Gyeongbokgung, we too subway to Namsangol Hanok Village. “Hanok” means traditional Korean house. There are several such hanok villages throughout Korea. This one is very beautiful with lots of gorgeous landscapes and magnificently recreated traditional buildings. The entire area would take 3 hours to cover. We did about half. We decided to go back ... read more
More interesting subway art
Meeting in the meeting place
Gyeongbokgung Palace

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam August 3rd 2016

Robb’s ankle was still hurting from yesterday so we took it a little early today. Headed out later in the morning towards Gangnam. We didn’t see Psy (of Gangnam Style song popularity) but we did see a lot of very rich and expensive stores. It was incredibly hot so we only saw a portion of Gangnam, mainly K-Star Road which is where many K-Pop entertainment management agencies are located. Gangnam is in fact a very trendy part of Seoul and has a vibrant nightlife. But at Noon during 40C weather, we didn’t linger very long. We took some photos and opted to go back to an area near the hotel where there are lots of restaurants and had our first taste of Chimaek(“Chi” for Chicken and “maek” which is Korean for beer). JoSo had some “maek” ... read more
Sophie and Gangnam KPop Road Kitty
Hally Road
Sophie with "Gangnamdol"

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 1st 2016

Hi everyone. Sorry we haven't been keeping our daily blogs for a while. We brought adapters with us to Korea but none that took a grounded outlet so we have been searching high and low everywhere we went and only just found one to recharge our laptop! Hopefully will catchup on our entries before we leave. ----- Woke up early and headed out towards West Gate. (Seoul used to be surrounded by walls as a form of protection). Saw some funky steps at the Seoul music hall. Beautiful, wide clean streets. And lots of buses! After a quick breakfast, we walked to Seoul City Bus Tours ticketing area and bought a day pass to do hop on hop off to see main attractions in Seoul. There are a lot. Hint for those who have done hop ... read more
IMG_2826 west gate
IMG_2825 robb on bus

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong June 19th 2016

I’ve come to South Korea having done little in the way of research. Seoul has been wonderful surprise. Once again, I'm reminded of how Eurocentric my education was and how much I've missed as a result. After years of visiting cities in China, Seoul seems cleaner, better organized and the locals seem calmer. Most of what you see in Seoul is relatively new. It was almost completely destroyed during the Korean War, when the North Koreans quickly took over Seoul after invading the South. Driving the North out destroyed the City which had already suffered considerably from the 35 year Japanese occupation before the beginning of WWII. Even many of the historic sights are actually new. The Japanese destroyed many long before the beginning of WWII. Most have been rebuilt from scratch over the years since ... read more
In the DMZ
Night Market. Jongno.

Asia » South Korea » Seoul April 17th 2016

Dobongsan is part of Bukhansan National Park. It is easy to get to as it even has its own subway station. I have wanted to hike here for ages, but haven't had time and had heard the routes are quite tough. From the station, we took the road behind the station, not the one to the Iris Garden, and followed the street round. We walked past lots of shops and restaurants, before we reached the entrance to the park. This must have been a good ten to fifteen minute walk. I wasn't really looking at the signposts, so I don't know the trail we took, but it was a little strange at first. We were walking through a kind of valley, which was a bit wet and slippery due to the rain the day before. It ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Eunpyeong-gu April 10th 2016

The final stage of the Seoul Trail! The last section is 34.5 kilometres and is of a medium level of difficulty. The trail covers the neighbourhoods of Gangbuk-gu, Dobong-gu, Seongbuk-gu, Eunpyeong-gu, and Jongro-gu. It is estimated that it will 17 hours to complete. The trail is divided into five sections, but I didn't follow these designated stages. Since this stage is so long, I thought it would take me two days to complete this, but since I wasn't feeling too good, when I first started it, I cut short one of my days and it took me three days to complete. On my first day I hiked for about 4 hours, the second day roughly four and a half hours, and the third day five and a half hours, so a grand total of 14 hours. ... read more
Spring Flowers
Fancy Building
Seoul Trail

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