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Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 12th 2015

Blog round number two has arrived! Since the last blog post we’ve started at the Sungkyunkwan University and settled down in this crazy city. To save you guys lots of reading we decided to upload a little less text and a lot more photos this time. We were overwhelmed by all the positive messages we received from you all, so thank you so much for that! For two weeks now we have been going to classes at the university, which mainly consisted of introduction classes and talking about the subjects to be discussed this semester. We will be taking the following six courses for 16 weeks in total: Economics in Global Environment, Management Information Process, Understanding Asian Culture, Financial Markets in Korea, Marketing Management and Organizational Theory. Most professors are from Korean origin, but have studied ... read more
View from the Business Building
New Millennium Hall at campus
Spectacular presentation...

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 12th 2015

Hey guys! Boy was that a long flight. 15hrs! I sat next to a lovely lady. We didn't understand each other very well but our smiles & hand gestures helped. We were lucky not to have a middles passenger so we could stretch out more. I was able to snag an hour here and there to rest my eyes. But not what my body is craving. I am now in the airport of Seoul South Korea awaiting my final flight!! Then I just need to make it to my hotel & a wonderful hot shower awaits me & some much needed solid sleep. I had 2 meals on the plane. They were alright..better than nothing but similar to hospital food. The razzbery gauva juice was delish! Atone point the pretty stuardis brought a hot bun to ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 1st 2015

We had to go to the immigration office today to get an alien ID card thingy and we had to wait about two hours until it was our turn... Naturally, in a room where everyone was irritated and stressed, we started joking around. Maybe I should explain. So we learned the Korean word for blood today, which is 피(pronounced "pee"). Well... I saw this guy at the immigration office who had a large bandaid on his arm, and without thinking I said "Look! He 피'd! He's wearing a bandage!" and then I must've had this look of horror on my face as I realized what that sounded like, because Pablo (this is USA girl's official nickname... I'll get into that later) burst out laughing. In the end I cried tears of laughter, it was so funny, ... read more
Junsu's Album

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 31st 2015

It's officially been a week since I arrived in Korea! I'm kind of proud to say that I've pretty much mastered the transportation system (well, at least the bus and subway)! Yesterday night we spent hours just watching videos together and it was a lot of fun. The only bad part is that today we had to get up early to get to Korean class and I was pretty tired at first. We had class, went out for lunch and then Mr. Kim took us to a bank so we could open bank accounts. We were all really stressed out because we had to sign so many papers and there was nothing written in English and we were all pretty inexperienced in these things and yeah... We got home about an hour ago and since then ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Seongbuk-gu August 30th 2015

I came out of Suyu Station on line four at exit three. I headed to the bus stops in the middle of the road and caught bus number 120 to Ui-dong. It took about 20 minutes to reach the end of the line, which is where I needed to get off. I like it when the stop I need is the last one, as it means I don't have to pay too much attention. Luckily, the bus terminates in the depot. From there it was a bit of a walk through the village to reach the entrance of the park. It was a lovely sunny day, there were lots of Taegukgis flying. I walked for about 10 minutes, then there was a signpost, which showed the way through a nice forest walk to reach the start ... read more
Bukhansan National Park
Bukhansan National Park
Bukhansan National Park

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 26th 2015

So yesterday, my new friend and I walked around a lot, and since I'm really bad with names I only remember Bukchon Hanok Village, Insadong and Hongdae. It was raining all day, and we were both very tired, especially from around 2 - 5pm, so after we spent some time looking at the houses in Bukchon we crashed in a Starbucks. After that we walked over to Insadong and ate a very nice lunch/dinner. The waiter looked at us as if we were crazy when we ordered only one Bibimbap for the two of us, but we still had more than enough food! After that we went to Hongdae and just walked around, because we didn't feel like buying anything (yet). We took the bus home fron Sinchon (which took us a while) and I enjoyed ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 25th 2015

I was too tired to write anything last night, but basically I met one of the girls I'll be living with and together we went to Sinchon and looked around a bit... We almost didn't make it home because we forgot which bus we had to take and we were too shy to ask for directions haha but we made it! The apartment is very cute, and there's still lots of stuff from the previous volunteers all over the place (shampoos, danish flags, snacks etc.) which is kind of fun. I don't know when the others are going to arrive, so for now it's just the two of us here. We have the day off today because the camp officially starts tomorrow, so we're going to explore Seoul soon!... read more
Giant Kyungsoo Poster?
My Shower

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 23rd 2015

On the flight I had some really good food called Bibimbap and the stewardess was kind enough to give me a little sheet of intructions (I would have done everything wrong otherwise haha). We arrived in Incheon at around 4am and after going through immigrations KHS helped me get 100'000 won from the ATM (I was so glad she could help me, otherwise I would have never gotten my money it was so confusing). We took the bus to her home and it was really heartwarming to see her greet her father when he came to pick us up at the station. That was the first time I reeeeaally knew I was in trouble language-wise. I hope I can learn to communicate in Korean quickly, because it took all of my concentration today to even understand ... read more
The Fortress

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu August 23rd 2015

Ihwa Mural village is located in Seoul, close to Daehaengno. I visited Gaemi mural village a few months ago, and I had been wanting to visit its more famous sister, Ihwa mural village. Ihwa is a 'moon village' like Gaemi Mauel is, and the murals were painted to gentrify the area. In 2006, a local public art committee carried out what was called the Naksan Project to improve the local area. Around 60 artists participated in this project either by painting murals or installing pieces of art. The mural village is pretty easy to get to. Lots of people have written blogs about visiting it. Sometimes the directions are spot on, however other times they leave a lot to be desired. I took the subway to Hyehwa, and came out of exit two. I walked straight, ... read more
Ihwa Mural Village
Ihwa Mural Village
Ihwa Mural Village

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Nowon-gu August 22nd 2015

Another day, another hike! After last week's escapades of climbing Jirisan, I opted for something a little more low key this week. Suraksan seemed to fit the bill perfectly. It wasn't too far away in Northern Seoul and only took about an hour on the subway from Gangnam. It is really easy to get to as it even has its own subway stop. I bought some rations at the convenience store in the station to keep me going and then I was on my merry way. I came out of the exit, I forget which number, but it tells you that it is for the provincial park and took the third street to my right. It was nice to get off the main road and I envied all the people that live in these apartment blocks, ... read more
Don't See These Very Often
Suraksan Provincial Park
Suraksan Provincial Park

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