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Asia » South Korea » Jeju April 22nd 2019

Our first stop on this island was at a museum which demonstrated all the cultural things of Korea. Nicely done and mercifully not too long. Loved the grandfather god carved out of volcanic rock for protection. Got one for the bottom of our garden! Not as big as the one in the photo I hasten to add! Later on at the coast we had to use our imagination yet again to see a dragon in a rock. We saw the dragon , a crocodile and a koala! Don't think we were supposed to see all these! Finally a trip to the local market. These are always good as the fresh live fish on show are fascinating as well as the bizarre meats. Back on board we are celebrating Easter with Easter egg display. We missed the ... read more
Stefan and volcanic pizza oven!
Grandfather god
Crocodile maybe??

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Jeju-si March 29th 2019

Jeju Island 3-22-2018 Jehu Toi thuc day luc 3Am va di bo den phi truong may 35” de bay di Jeju luc 7:05AM. Do bo mat 35’ vi sang son khong co taxi va xe bus. Jeju island rong 1,848 km2 band 1/150 Vietnam. Dai 73km rong 31 km. Thuoc South Korea. Co 621,000 nguoi song tai day. Dong duc nhu Viet Nam.voi 316 nguoi tren km2. Co 2 thu tieng noi tai day la tieng Jeju va tieng Korean. Da so la dan Korean song tai day. Jeju duoc tao thanh boi nui lua cach day 2 trieu nam nen o day co Vocanic tube dai nhat the gioi goi la Majanggui. Roi thi co nhieu park va beach dep. Dan chung song nho vao tourist. Da so tourist den day la Tau cong chiem ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeju May 15th 2018

Hey everyone, So Saturday, May 5th was Children’s Day here in Korea. As a result, the government decided to give us a national holiday on Monday, meaning we got a rare three-day weekend. Tanya and I decided to take advantage of the three-day weekend by joining a group of EPIK teachers (EPIK is the government-run English program here in Korea, so EPIK teachers work in the public schools, whereas Tanya and I work in a private, after-school academy) on a tour to Jeju Island, sometimes considered to be the “Hawaii of Korea.” For those of you unfamiliar with geography around Korea, Jeju Island is located in the Korean Strait, directly south of Gwangju, the city I’m in. Gwangju is in South Jolla province, the province that constitutes the Southwestern corner of South Korea. Because it’s an ... read more
Seongsan Ilchulbong; "Sunrise Peak" crater
Jeju, as seen from the descent from Seongsan Ilculbong

Asia » South Korea » Jeju October 9th 2016

... Après l'admiration d'un beau coucher de soleil, depuis les airs, j'ai atterri sur l'île de Jeju ! ... After admiring a beautiful sunset from the plane, I landed on Jeju island! Je me suis rendu à l'auberge de jeunesse The Forest Hostel, dans la grande ville de Jeju. J'ai eu la chance de faire la connaissance de deux Françaises super-sympas, en voyage tout autour du monde. On était dans la même chambre, du coup, on a passé des belles soirées à discuter de plein de choses intéressantes sur nos voyages et tout et tout. I went to The Forest Hostel, in the big town of Jeju. There, I was lucky enough, to meet two very friendly French young ladies, travelling all around the world. We were sharing the same room, so we've had some really ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Jeju-si August 7th 2015

After my time in Busan it was time to hit the road and try to get to my next destination which was to be Jeju Island. This wasn’t a planned area to go to but when you listen to people who have travelled to the countries you are going to go to, you take up their recommendations of where to head for and Jeju was one of them. Due to the failed attempt of trying to get the ferry from Busan which had been cancelled for the unforeseeable future I decided to get the ferry from Mokpo on the west coast while staying the night at the nearby city of Gwangju for a couple of days to see what was about. I looked online on Hostelworld and found a decent enough hostel with enough good reviews ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeju July 5th 2015

Jeju Island is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in the world. Jeju island has a unique geographical and biological environment. Jeju island can be summarised by the four "S" - Samda, Sammu, Samryeo, Sambo. Samda means three abundances and the three things that are abundant in Jeju are rocks, wind and women. Sometimes Jeju is called Jeju Ssamdado which means theisland of three abundances. Sammu means three lacks meaning there are no thieves, gates or beggars in Jeju. From ancient times, the people of Jeju have made diligence, thrift and interdependence their virtue in order to survive the rough and harsh surroundings And they do not steal or beg. Samryeo means three beauties implying the beautiful nature, folklore and native industries of Jeju. Sambo means the three treasures that is generosity, beautiful nature ... read more
Jeju Loveland
Lava column in Manjanggul Cave
Jeongbang Waterfalls

Asia » South Korea » Jeju June 29th 2015

Day 16 Yesterday I went to the O'sulloc Tea Museum,shop and café. O'sulloc is a Jeju Tea Garden established in 1979 and it's the largest tea producer in Korea. In the shop they were selling different kind of tea, green, black etc. and some cosmetics. I bought one package of ... tea. I tasted their green tea icecream and at first it tasted quite good but after couple spoons I couldn't eat it anymore. Next I went to the Innisfree Jeju house. It is one of my favorite cosmetic chains in here so I was quite excited because I had read one day before that there you could do your own soaps. You could choose from three different options: green tea, volcanic pore and tangerine. I chose to do the volcanic pore. It cost 15 000 ... read more
Innisfree Jeju house
Kimchi jjigae (stew)

Asia » South Korea » Jeju June 27th 2015

Today I went to see the Cheonjeyeon falls, it took about 40 minutes by bus from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal. Cheonjeyeon falls consist 3 parts, Cheonjeyeon fall and two other waterfalls, and Seonim-gyo bridge goes over the waterfalls. It was raining the whole time I was there but it didn't bother me at all and I could enjoy the beautiful views of the waterfalls. After seeing the waterfalls I met two guys named Taehan and Ho Sung and they asked me if I would like to go and see the Oedolgae rock with them. They had a car so we drove to see the Oedolgae rock. Oedolgae is a 20 meter high pillar shaped rock formed 1.5 million years ago by a volcanic eruption. According to legend, an old woman became a rock after waiting for ... read more
Jeju Dongmun traditional market
Jeju Dongmun traditional market
Jeju Dongmun traditional market

Asia » South Korea » Jeju June 26th 2015

Day 13 Yesterday I flew to Jeju island with Air Busan. When I went to the airport to do the check-in, the clerk lady asked me if I wanted to change to earlier flight. I changed the flight without any extra charges and went straight to the departure gate. One hour later I was in Jeju island. Jeju is one of the nine provinces of South Korea and it's the nation's largest island. There lives about 604 000 people and it's popular holiday destination for Koreans and foreigners. Here I'm staying in a hostel called the Forest Hostel. I have never tried staying in a dorm room so now I decided to try it in Jeju and I'm sharing the room with one person, but the room can accommodate up to four people. After getting my ... read more
Manjanggul Lava Tube
The Forest Hostel
The Forest Hostel

Asia » South Korea » Jeju June 7th 2015

Another earlyish start. At least this morning wasn't too early and I was able to take advantage of the hostel's free breakfast again. I love me some eggs toast and peanut butter. My first port of call for today was the O'Sulloc green tea fields. I headed to the bus station and caught the bus, I can't remember how it took but it wasn't too long, maybe 30-40 minutes and took me to a different part of the island. I had read someone's blog about visiting the tea fields and was prepared to be underwhelmed. The bus dropped me right in front of the museum. I headed across the road to the green tea fields. After having visited the beautiful green tea fields in Boseong, these ones were a bit pathetic in comparison. The road runs ... read more

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