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Asia » Singapore » Bukit Batok August 3rd 2015

Hi all! I know it has been a good few years since I wrote a blog but I thought i'd see if I could give it another go! This time i'm not off on some adventurous travels (although I hope I will be from time to time) but I'm living and working in the fabulous city of Singapore. To fill those of you in who haven't heard, I got a job at an international school out here and so after some fairly hefty organisation I closed up 'shop' in London, packed my bags (all 35 kilos of them... 5 kilos over the weight limit, which I paid heavily for!) and got on a flight bound for the humid, bountifully green city of Singapore. (I know, I know; technically it is the island city state off Malaysia.) ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bukit Batok April 16th 2015

India en Nepal, waar we onze reis begonnen, behoren tot de armste landen van de wereld. Het GDP per Capita in Singapore ligt op 80 000 dollar, dat betekent dat de gemiddelde Singaporees meer verdient dan de gemiddelde inwoner van Monaco. We begonnen de reis in armoede, chaos en onmenselijke omstandigheden en eindigen in welvaart, orde en bovenmenselijke omstandigheden. Van Indonesië zijn we naar Kuala Lumpur gevlogen, een moderne en relatief dure stad. Kijkend door het raam van de trein tijdens de zeven-urige rit naar Singapore, bleek er niets anders dan palmbomen in Malaisië te groeien. De jungle is omgehakt ten behoeve van palmolie. Aan de grens van Singapore hebben we overnacht, gewacht totdat André, de vriend van de zus van Nadja, er was. Hij heeft zich zo in kunnen plannen dat hij ons persoonlijk terug ... read more
Camera's op het strand

Asia » Singapore » Bukit Batok May 8th 2013

Well now, what a pleasant surprise this is. In order to enter a 3rd world country, the Indian government charged us £92 for the privilege. In order to enter Singapore, we filled in a form on the plane, and got a stamp from a nice lady at the immigration desk. As they say on the TV, "simples". Due to a slightly torrential downpour we waited a while for our bags, and then embarked on one of the best and newest public transport systems in the world. We went to a Starbucks to meet up with Farrah, one of Amelia's Bristol law buddies, who we're staying with here. This was the first big smack in the face of the fact that we were back to a form of reality. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bukit Batok March 29th 2012

Today was my last day in Singapore I had to get up at 9:00pm to get ready for my flight at 1:00am. I left the beautiful Raffles hotel. I got into the taxi at 10:30pm and I arrived at the airport at 11:10pm. After going through immigrations, customs etc. I boarded the plane at 1:10am. I arrived in the Perth airport at 6:20am. when ni got homr i was so tried that i just fell asleep.... read more
internation airport

Asia » Singapore » Bukit Batok March 25th 2012

After a 5 hour and 15 minute flight, I landed at the Singapore airport at 9:10 pm. The drive to the raffles hotel was pleasant, it was a bit sticky. The streets were really busy and there were lights everywhere. The air smelted polluted. When I got to the hotel I was so tired I had a shower and went straight to bed.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bukit Batok March 2nd 2012

MAC RITCHY RESERVOIR, SINGAPORE. Friday 2 March, 2012. Today we decided to go to the Mac Ritchy Reservoir, which was another recommendation from Dick and Patsy. Despite the rather threatening sky we decided to carry on with our plans for the day and went to see our surly friend at the Customer Information Point in the Metro Station. He checked with his equally surly mate about the best way to get to the reservoir and told us we needed the 166 bus from exit E. We went to the bus stop, and this time D was weighed down with sufficient small change for us to get there and back. We boarded the bus and asked for the Mac Ritchy Reservoir and were greeted with a confused look from the driver. D tried again "Mac Ritchy Reservoir ... read more
View from Suspension Bridge
Monkey in Rainforest Canopy
View from Jelutong Tower

Asia » Singapore » Bukit Batok November 13th 2011

After all these bus journeys, it will be a long time before I travel by bus anywhere! Eventually, we got back to KL. This was only a 3 night stay as we needed to head down to Singapore. Again, we stayed in Sunshine Bedz and as ever, Patrick and the staff were super friendly and made us very welcome! We moved on from KL, you guessed it, by bus, our final one to Singapore! 5 hours it took us. Only a short trip as the bus journeys go! We drove over the bridge and into Singapore. Singapore is known as the wealthiest of the Asian countries. This was proven when I spotted a Ferrari after 2 minutes! Our plan in Singapore was to stay with Dom, Charlie's best friend from home. The bus dropped us off, ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bukit Batok September 3rd 2011

Arriving in Singapore I wanted to make my way quickly to Central Quay to meet up with my uncle for dinner, so after taking a taxi and having a few minor problems contacting him we eventually headed out. But there was choice! Too much choice! After not having to make a decision over food for so long and even when you did make a choice it was rice or noodle's, fried or not, been in Singapore was strange. In the end I had steak with sticky date pudding for desert mmm. After picking up my new camera and organising some photos and music it was time to say goodbye and go find somewhere to sleep. Been in Singapore made me feel closer to England and far away from Indonesia and countries that feel much more ... read more
Photo 1
photo 2
Photo 3

Asia » Singapore » Bukit Batok August 18th 2011

Dilluns 15 d’Agost – Relax a Bangkok I l’ultima nit al tren Ens hem llevat tranquilament, hem esmorzat I hem fet un parell de coses que calien per acabar d’organitzar-ho tot. Primer treure mes Baht I canviar una mica a Ringgit de Malaysia. No ens fa res que ens en sobrin cap dels dos ja que a l’octubre tornem a tots dos paisos mes Indonesia o sigui que ja ens aniran be! Cap a les 2 de la tarda hem agafat un taxi fins a l’estacio, que es aprop de l’hotel, pero el pes I tamany de les motxilles post-Vietnam fa portarles gairebe impossible! I hem fet be d’agafar un taxi perque nomes sortir de l’hotel el temps s’ha posat tropical I n’ha caigut una de bona! A l’estacio hem comprat aigua I 4 coses ... read more
Lovely dinner on the train
Big beard
Night night!

Asia » Singapore » Bukit Batok August 18th 2011

Facebook pictures Lleida - Kiev Russia Mongolia China Vietnam Vietnam - Singapore ... read more

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