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August 3rd 2015
Published: August 3rd 2015
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Hi all!

I know it has been a good few years since I wrote a blog but I thought i'd see if I could give it another go! This time i'm not off on some adventurous travels (although I hope I will be from time to time) but I'm living and working in the fabulous city of Singapore.

To fill those of you in who haven't heard, I got a job at an international school out here and so after some fairly hefty organisation I closed up 'shop' in London, packed my bags (all 35 kilos of them... 5 kilos over the weight limit, which I paid heavily for!) and got on a flight bound for the humid, bountifully green city of Singapore. (I know, I know; technically it is the island city state off Malaysia.)

And here I am. The school I am working for is hugely organised and so i've already got meetings set up to open bank accounts, viewed an array of apartments (and chosen one) and have got a date with the Ministry of Manpower (I kid you not, that is the actual name!). So all systems are go. Well all systems would be go if I was firing on all cylinders but as it happens all systems are, at the moment, merely puttering along because last night I only managed 3 hours sleep thanks to the dreaded jet lag. Hopefully tonight will be better. (I took myself off to China Town today for a massage so hopefully that will help!) Tomorrow, fingers crossed, all systems will be go!

So, for now that is all. Please feel free to unsubscribe if the thought of hearing about my travels fills you with dread and equally please encourage others to subscribe if you think they might enjoy it.



3rd August 2015

Well done!
Harrah! Glad you're safe and sound! Be great to hear the news and look forward to seeing some stunning pictures no doubt!
11th August 2015

welcome back!
looking forward to reading more adventures from you again :)

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