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Asia » Nepal » Lukla June 10th 2010

FLIGHT OUT OF LUKLA 10/6/10: We woke up to a very cloudy morning; there was no chance we were going to fly in this weather. We manage to find a family selling local food so we tucked into some cheap samosas for breakfast. Our new friends Miha and Nina from Slovenia just stepped into their antique Russia helicopter for a ride to Jiri. They weren’t able to walk to Jiri because of the monsoon had caused landslides making it way to dangerous, instead of flying all the way back to Kathmandu and then taking a bus to Jiri to pick up their remaining gear they took a helicopter making the trip very exciting and a cheaper option. They were picked up at Namche the day before but the weather stopped them going to Jiri that afternoon. ... read more
Take off
We made it back

Asia » Nepal » Lukla May 27th 2010

START OF EVEREST TREK 27/6/10: Up at 5:00am to catch a taxi to the airport. All unnecessary baggage was left at Pilgrims Guesthouse. We went through airport security and somehow Jacinta managed to get a Swiss army knife through; oops. It was time to weight the bags, Jacinta’s came up to 15kg and mine came up to a massive 23kg due to all the food. It turned out we had 14.5kg of food for our trek which consisted of more than 60 packets of noodles, 2 packets chocolate éclairs, 2 packs of cookies, packs of dried fruit, 2 boxes muesli bars, 1kg of carrots and 30 hard boiled eggs that I boiled with a hot wand water element, costing around 2400NRS. The weight added up to a surprising amount and I was way off when I ... read more
Old Guy
prayer wheel
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Asia » Nepal » Lukla April 20th 2010

It’s been quite a bit of time since my last entry, but the trek into the Himalayas with "Himalayan Encounters" (via Intrepid) was absolutely fabulous but also, in some ways, the worst 2 weeks of my life! There is really no way I can go into any detail about the whole trip here, but on Saturday, 2nd April, met up with the group of 11 other trekkers, comprising 3 Australians, 2 Americans, 2 Irish, and 5 English (9 girls, 3 guys). I’d been concerned about how the group would work, but as soon as we all went for dinner that night, it was obvious, I think, that pretty much everybody was very like-minded and would get on well. The following morning, we had an extremely early start for a flight to Lukla, renowned as being the ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla March 13th 2010

So part two.... (apologies its rather a long one! but far too much to say!) Day 9 - Lukla to Pakding, 2610m So started from Lukla, through the white gateway down into the valley below. Really cool walk, and nice and easy with lots of painted mani walls and stones along the way. Still feeling really dodgy though even though we'd both taken the same antibiotics. So after a couple of hours walking called it a day. It was getting late anyway so walked to the furthest part of Phakding and found a bargain of a room, running hot shower and everything! Day 10 - Pakding to Namche Bazaar, 3420m Still feeling awful but decided to carry on up to Namche Bazaar, much bigger place and thinking it may be time to consult somebody in the ... read more
Mani Stone
Walking bushes?
Valley view

Asia » Nepal » Lukla February 14th 2010

Geo: 28.1204, 85.4626I woke up at 6:30, packed my bags and headed for breakfast. This was the final day. 7 Hours to Lukla from Namche. The day was perfect and Dustin was feeling good and full of energy.After breakfast we set off downhill for about an hour, laughing and joking, all in high spirits as we looked forward to getting to Lukla.We passed many other trekkers along the way who were heading up, testament to the weather and season changing into peak season. There were quite a few Koreans that do the trek but usually in a big group and decked head to toe in all the best gear. We stopped to sign away from the Sargarmatha National Park where they keep a tally of the months tourist figures and it was about 700ish for January ... read more
Native Bird
My hair after 2 weeks

Asia » Nepal » Lukla October 25th 2009

Namaste all. I'm going to split the tale of our trek to Everest base camp over several blogs because it is too long for a single entry - better than squashing it all into one. I'll try and keep it brief as we did do a lot over the 13 days, but if anyone would like more detail then please post a comment and I'll get back to you. The journey really let us get a look at the real Nepal as a mountain country and let us see the more simple side of life that the rural Nepalese lead. We experienced a great deal, including: -altitude in excess of 5500m -temperature lower than -20 Celsius - a new definition of cold -a range of traditional Nepalese and Tibetan foods including Dal Bhat, Mo-Mos and even ... read more
our plane

Asia » Nepal » Lukla October 7th 2009

Departing: Lukla/2800 m/800 MB/rainy and foggy. Our flight X to Lukla was quite an experience. Flying short above the ridges of surrounding mountains in a « Dingy » to land on a short sloapy taxiway for our greatest pleasure. Our porters rushed for the bags like ants for eggs upon distress signal and before we could even realise we were on our first daytrek Zigzag. Down to 2300m around lunchtime we made it up to 2700m by the end of the day at Pui Ya. Arriving:Pui Ya/2700 m/720 MB/rainny and foggy.... read more
Lukla under the rain

Asia » Nepal » Lukla August 19th 2009

Im Sagarmatha-Nationalpark steht - Ueberraschung! - der Mt. Everest, zu dessen Base Camp wir uns nach entspannenden und verfressenen Tagen in Pokhara vorkaempfen wollten. Die Wanderung beginnt entweder in Jiri (einige Busstunden von Kathmandu entfernt) oder in Lukla auf 2800 Metern; da wir wochenlangen subtropischen Todesmaerschen eher abgeneigt sind, entschlossen wir uns fuer den abenteuerlichen Flug nach Lukla. Abenteuerlich, da die Landebahn extrem kurz und steil (und folglich gefaehrlich) ist; auf ihr koennen nur Kleinflugzeuge wie beispielsweise von Dornier oder Pilatus landen. Da die Landung auf Sicht erfolgt, kann der von Bergen umschlossene "Flughafen" nur bei gutem Wetter angeflogen werden, was waehrend des Monsun eher selten vorkommt. Wir buchten zwei Sitze bei Yeti-Airlines. Die Airline hatte unser Vertrauen gewonnen, da sie letztes Jahr keinen toedlichen Unfall zu verzeic... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla May 5th 2008

Hello all! So I survived and am alive and well. We ended our trekking early because we finished a bit earlier than expected and also we were tired and ready to come back. So after 15 days of trekking in the Himalayas we are all in better shape, a little tired, but ready to be back and for the next phase of our adventure. We may even try to change our flights to get to Thailand sooner than the 15th as that what was planned originally but will keep you all posted. So trekking...part 1 We began our trek on sunday April 20 when we flew in a small, sketchy looking 20-seater plane from Kathmandu into Lukla. I was a bit nervous becuase we hadn't organized porters to carry our big bags in advance but were ... read more
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Asia » Nepal » Lukla October 27th 2007

So here i am back in Kathmandu after 15 days of hiking, trekking, and experiencing the Himalayans, and i am at a complete loss for words.... it must be that i am still lacking oxygen after spending nearly a week between 4800 and 5600m , or it might just be that i am not articulate enough to express or describe the beauty of these mountains , the compassion and kindness of its simple people , the emotions felt when hiking trough fresh snow at 6 am where my footprints are the first ones of the morning , while the first sunrays illuminate the peaks around me. The freezing cold on the top of Kala Pattar (-20 C) or the amazing 360 view from Gokyo Ri at first light with Mt Everest dominating the scenery in all ... read more
a sherpa child along the way
hiking after the snowstorm
the top of Gokyo Ri

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