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Asia » Nepal » Lukla June 14th 2013

“Namaste!” a Sherpa carrying the weight of the world on his back in the form of booze, cleaning goods, and boxes of Snickers, Coke, and juice, all in a woven basket, enthusiastically called as I passed him on the trail. No roads connect the towns along the Everest Base Camp (EBC) trail, thus everything - and I mean everything, like drywall, two-by-fours, and propane tanks – is carried up by Sherpas, donkeys and yaks. The Sherpas, carrying baskets on their backs that can literally weigh over 250 lbs, walk step by slow step, their exhaustion sometimes very apparent, never fail to greet you with all the extra energy they can muster. And why not? We were surrounded by the beauty of the Himalayas. How can you not scream out in joy? “Namaste” is more than a ... read more
view from plane
lukla airport
lukla airport

Asia » Nepal » Lukla April 18th 2013

Friday 12th April Today was planned to be probably the longest walking day so we set off a bit earlier than usual, leaving the Rivendell lodge at Deboche at 07:15. Rivendell has a great view of Everest and this morning it was clear without any cloud cover. Leaving the lodge we first had a short sharp uphill walk to Tengboche monastery. Tengboche is one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and is the one where many mountaineers go to pay their respects before attempting to cloimb one of the high summits. It is also blessed with an excellent view of Everest. We are now back on the main direct route for trekkers going from Lukla to Everest. Leaving Tengboche there is then a quite long steep downhill section towards Phungi Tanga where we cross ... read more
Tengboche Monastery
The route to Namche

Asia » Nepal » Lukla March 15th 2013

So, what did I take? What worked? What didn't? What would I do differently next time? PACKING LIST (Trek Only, not the easy bits in KTM, the hospital or Thailand) Denali 65l Gear Bag ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla March 13th 2013

We're all up and ready early- the soon to be 50 years old twins, Mark from Ann Arbor, their guide- Tendi Sherpa... The last real teahouse morning, last real bit of walking of the Everest Base Camp Trek- it's a bit sad that it has gone so fast. Chitra leaves before us again- he is from Lukla and is obviously keen to get home. Mary, Dhana and I set off, all three of us walking at different speeds by ourselves. It's cool this morning- we're in the forest and it's shaded, once again quite beautiful. Lots of birds, lots of trees, lots of flowers, lots of Koreans. Cross back across the bridge and make a very early stop for a cup of tea. There is a little shop with a window full of samosas, Dhana and ... read more
Samosas are ready
Early cuppa

Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 5th 2012

At the end of every trip it is inevitable one looks back and thinks about the highs and lows of the journey just completed. For me this journey began over 12 months ago with the idea, then the planning, then the comittement both financially and personally for training and preparation to at least give me good shot at reaching Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar. Whilst I had some doubts along the way, getting beyond Namche in good shape gave me all the confidence I needed that I would achieve my goals, unless that is I suffered from altitude sickness. On that subject, I was aware that drug called Diamox was used quite frequently by trekkers to reduce the risk of altitude sickness, but I and one other in our group chose not to use it. ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 4th 2012

With bags packed, it was time to say goodbye to the Himalaya. An early flight from Lukla to Kathmandu awaited. Unlike the flight out to Lukla, the return flight held no concerns - possibly on account of the crazy mad helicopter flight the day before which trumped any short take off or landing flight at Lukla by a country mile. The return flight to Lukla went without a hitch, as did navigating our way out of the domestic terminal to our transport for the hotel. Finally arriving back at the Shangri-La hotel after some 15 days was wonderful - a chance for a proper shower and some decent civilised food and beer - and a super comfy bed by previous standards. The first thing everyone did when arriving at the hotel was head for the morning ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 3rd 2012

We passed Tengboche on the way back down the valley, and before we were even aware up ahead the unmistakable view of Lukla and its unfeasibly short runway came into view.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 3rd 2012

Mark and I soldiered on in the Irish bar until well after dark. Stepping outside into the dark was somewhat of a suprise - and something neither of us had thought too much about or prepared for. We headed off back towards the airport where our lodge was, and once we passed the last of the lighted shops it occured to us they neither of us had a torch, and in the asbence of any street lights - this was a bit of a predicament. Mark and I stumbled on resolutely in the dark across the rocky and uneven street for a few metres or so, until some nice Nepalese woman appeared out of nowhere and shone her torch at our feet to guide our way. She did this for the 5 minutes it took us ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 3rd 2012

..and some of us wanted to go for more beers.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 3rd 2012

Some of the group wanted to go for a coffee........ read more

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