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Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 3rd 2012

High on adrenalin from the chopper flight, we headed off to our lodge for the morning - for once devoid of any guides or our guide leader to escort us. The first order of the day - to celebrate or calm the nerves, or both, was a round of Everest Beers for the gods of the skies and mountains! Following several more rounds of beers, and then lunch, our room keys and Dirge our guide leader materialised. The res of the day was free (we kind of figured that out) - no more acclimistisation walks, no more uphills other than to negotiate the few metres ascent into Lukla main street itself.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 3rd 2012

The pilot flew into Lukla along the path of the runway, the skillfully dropped it onto one of the smal pieces of hard stading to the left of the runway. With shaking legs, a lot of relieved passanegers decamped out of the helicopter, posing for a picture with the Pilot.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 3rd 2012

A last suprise awaited us on this trip. We had discussed with our guide leader about arranging a Helicopter flight at Lukla. He went one better and arranged it for today - which also meant we would get dropped back at Lukla on completion. Not only were we to get 45 minutes flying round the Himalaya at 21000 feet, but no more walking! In our minds, getting back to Namche was mentally the end of the trek, with just 2 days of walking to get back to Lukla. No one felt guilty in the slightest that we were to miss out on the last 3 hours of trekking to Lukla. At around 0845 we arrived at the rudimentary helipad, already aware the helicopter was circling overhead preparing to land. To our amusement, when it landed the ... read more
Team Ready to board chopper

Asia » Nepal » Lukla November 20th 2012

The pilot banked the plane sharply around to the left then put the nose down. I got a really good view of the Lukla landing strip – and the surrounding mountains below, either side and at the back of it. This was one landing you only get one chance to do it correctly. The pilots were getting really busy in the cockpit now, and lined up the plane for the runway with the nose pointing firmly down – nothing like a normal jet plane landing at your favourite holiday destination. The engines were now practically on idle and the ground was getting closer and closer. We glided into land and my overwhelming thoughts were if there was enough runway to stop. We came to a smooth and impressively quick stop, and the tension in the plane ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla November 20th 2012

Piling out of the plane we headed for the nearest hotel for a spot of tea. My legs were still shaking, and from what I could see, the same for the rest of my trekking party. We met our two guides that would be with us on the trek, alongside out guide leader. We were also introduced to the porters who were busy strapping the large and heavy blue holdalls together to be transported to Phakding – our first days destination. In the days to come when I my 5kg day sack felt too heavy to bear, I reminded myself of the sherpas who were carrying 30kg + of our gear up the mountain ahead of us. Taking tea and finally starting to relax, I was able to soak up the skyline before me. Two snow ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla November 20th 2012

Heading around the outskirts of the runway we entered the main street in Lukla. The street was a narrow crowded place with all manner of shops, stalls, teahouse and a couple of bars, not to mention some cows lounging around. I spy the highest Irish bar in the world, and my thoughts immediately turn to my beloved wife with whom we always seek out an Irish bar in whichever foreign city we travel to. On this journey it looks like I will have take one for the team on my return to Lukla in a 13 days time. I pass a hard rock café, which I suspect isn’t a real one, several more cows, lots of tourists and eventually we head to the outskirts of town. I am amazed to be greeted with a sign that ... read more
Hard Rock Cafe
Are they serious?
Leaving Lukla

Asia » Nepal » Lukla November 14th 2012

After leaving Tengboche we take the steep steps and pathways down through the rhododendron forests knarled curled trunks. The section between Tengboche and Namche seems to be a busy point on the trail and we pass a fair number of other trekkers on the way. I do not envy them the steep uphill and a few trekkers I can see are having problems on the downhill. We arrive at Namche and stay one further night at the the Zamling continuing on to Monjo the following night then back to Lukla. Having seen very little of Lukla on arrival I now had a chance to explore slightly more. It is larger and noisier than the other villages on the trek so I am glad to only be staying one night here, although my accommodation is predictably more ... read more
Ama Dablam
50th Anniversary Stupa for Tenzing Norgay and the Sherpas of Everest
Tea break

Asia » Nepal » Lukla November 1st 2012

Kathmandu 1337m - Lukla 2800m - Phakding 2610m - Benkar 2710m - Monjo 2840m Time taken: Lukla - Phakding 1 hours 50 mins Phakding - Monjo 1 hour 30 mins An early morning start from sunny Kathmandu airport aboard a tiny plane is followed by a nerve-wracking flight. Turbulance is to be expected in this size of plane flying so close to the mountains, i'm told by those who have flown it before. As the plane leaves the valley over a ridge, the plane shakes and jolts enough to cause a few white knuckles on arm rests. From the small windows of the cramped cabin, the mountains are above and to every side it seems, almost close enough to touch. Small waves of pre-panic give way to exhiliration at the scenery. As the plane tilts forward ... read more
Start of the EBC trek
On board
Pilot's eye view

Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 19th 2011

Geo: 27.7, 86.7333 More trekking notes... Okay, so despite being pretty done in from my Annapurna Circuit and Poon Hill expedition, I have, as long as I can remember, wanted to go to Everest Base Camp (EBC). Not only for the challenge to make it into base camp, battling against the altitude and climbs, but also for the views of the highest mountain on the planet, and the incredible Khumbu glacier. So even before I'm down from Annapurna, I have decided to take on my next challenge and head into Everest Base Camp. I met a lovely older couple in Ghandruk on the way down (who live in Stornoway) who educated me in this trek and provide me with details of a company in Kathmandu to contact, I think it would be a beautiful way to ... read more
After you!
Yak's heavily loaded heading up

Asia » Nepal » Lukla November 9th 2010

16 day hike, been to Everest Base Camp, Kalipatar, Cholo Pass, Gokyo Lake, Gokyo Ri...check check check. Longest hike I’ve done yet but definitely the most amazing. You haven't hiked until you've hiked the Himalayas. The hike was done through a local tourist agency we found through our hostel here in Nepal. Turns out we got one of the best trips for the best price. I was really impressed. The trip starts when you leave Kathmandu and take the twin prop plane to Lukla. This was one of the most interesting plane rides of my life and wasn't for the faint hearted. We were the first plane to leave in the morning. We take a bus out to the plane- which is very worn out on the inside but seems to operate ok. We all get ... read more
The landing strip
Me trying to be a porter
Photo 6

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