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Asia » Nepal » Lukla March 19th 2014

(**Photos are our favourites from the entire trip, so most have probably already been previously posted**) Nothing can really prepare you for the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional challenge of trekking at high altitude in the Himalayas. I think possibly like most people who make the decision to trek to Everest Base Camp, or anywhere above 3,000m for that matter, we were in hindsight perhaps a little naive and uneducated. Our research and mental preparation, although it felt thorough at the time, was limited to reading about other people’s experiences through their online blogs. Our physical preparation was gained through regular cardio sessions and some bushwalking around the Brisbane hinterland. However this was all completed at a maximum elevation of perhaps 300m above sea level. Spiritually and emotionally, we went through no real preparation at all. ... read more
Namche Bazaar
cute cottage
stunning colours

Asia » Nepal » Lukla March 16th 2014

von namche nach lukla wieder etwas früher machen wir uns heute auf, um den everest trek schlussendlich hinter uns zu lassen. mit ein wenig wehmut beginnen wir den langwierigen abstieg von namche richtung phakding. zum ersten mal können wir die umgebung, mit den zum teil blühenden rhododendron bäumen, bewundern. trotzallem ist auch heute der abstieg mühsam, wir meinen unsere kräfte aufgebraucht zu haben. nach dem lunch in phakding geht es weiter 200 höhenmeter nach lukla airport auf 2.840m. wir besuchen das hard rock cafe lukla und kaufen echten yak käse zum verfeinern des abendessens. zum abschluss gönnen wir uns nochmal eine halbwegs warme dusche um die berge menschlich zu verlassen. es gibt weder für heute noch für gestern sehr viel zu berichten. es war einfach ein mords hatscher, der uns durch die gleichen dörfer, wie schon ... read more
ein genussbier
sun rise

Asia » Nepal » Lukla March 11th 2014

We decided to organise a 2 week trek into the Himalayas without a guide or porter, for better or worse (I should clarify that while this may seem rash there are literally thousands of people that attempt this same trek to Everest Base Camp every year - the path is well trodden and there are many guesthouses along the route). Our quest began with a flight into one of the world's most dangerous airports (the most dangerous according to locals - always said while laughing). The runway at Lukla airport is very short, perched on the side of a cliff and ascends at 12 degrees to help the planes slow down in time before hitting a strategically placed brick wall. Hopefully the photos do it justice. Needless to say Meg was shitting herself. Lukla is just ... read more
Our sturdy plane - Built in the 50's?
Lukla airport runway - Brick wall one end and drop of death at the other

Asia » Nepal » Lukla March 6th 2014

nach einem relativ ereignisfreiem vormittag fahren wir mit unserem neuen guide kumar zum flughafen um nach lukla zu fliegen. die propeller maschine erwartungsgemäß winzig, der pilot aber sehr cool mitlederjacke und ray bans. wir fliegen also richtung norden, rechts hügelige landschaft mit winzigen bergdörfern und tälern, einem faltenwurf gleichend. links erheben sich die imposanten 6000m+ gipfel. schneebedeckt, zerklüftet, respekteinflößend. dann kommt endlich der gefürchtete landestreifen in sicht, so klein und kurz, dass man sie übersehen könnte. dann macht es nach eine stoßgebet einen heftigen ruck, viel bremsarbeit und mit schwung wird nach rechts abgeschwenkt. wir stehen. wir haben die landebahn von lukla überlebt. erste euphorie! gleich geht es mit unseren portern weiter zu einer wirklich gemütlichen wandertour von 2.800m in lukla auf 2.600m nach phakding. die baumgre... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla June 24th 2013

I know it's just physics, but it always amazes me how fast one can descend after a strenuous hike. Sometimes I glance back at what I had just done and cannot believe I’d just gone up “that”. Although we’d taken 3 days off the hike on the descent, it was still a long day down to Namche, where we ended up at the same hostel. I was genuinely glad to see my new proprietor friend again and we made another late night of it, with homemade Raksi this time – a Nepali wine fermented from rice. It was quite good and we were joined this time by a Sherpa guiding an Australian up to Island Peak. “I haven’t had a drink since the last time I was here,” I remarked as we began the night's compotation. ... read more
back to namche
back to namche
at tree line again

Asia » Nepal » Lukla June 14th 2013

“Namaste!” a Sherpa carrying the weight of the world on his back in the form of booze, cleaning goods, and boxes of Snickers, Coke, and juice, all in a woven basket, enthusiastically called as I passed him on the trail. No roads connect the towns along the Everest Base Camp (EBC) trail, thus everything - and I mean everything, like drywall, two-by-fours, and propane tanks – is carried up by Sherpas, donkeys and yaks. The Sherpas, carrying baskets on their backs that can literally weigh over 250 lbs, walk step by slow step, their exhaustion sometimes very apparent, never fail to greet you with all the extra energy they can muster. And why not? We were surrounded by the beauty of the Himalayas. How can you not scream out in joy? “Namaste” is more than a ... read more
view from plane
lukla airport
lukla airport

Asia » Nepal » Lukla April 18th 2013

Friday 12th April Today was planned to be probably the longest walking day so we set off a bit earlier than usual, leaving the Rivendell lodge at Deboche at 07:15. Rivendell has a great view of Everest and this morning it was clear without any cloud cover. Leaving the lodge we first had a short sharp uphill walk to Tengboche monastery. Tengboche is one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and is the one where many mountaineers go to pay their respects before attempting to cloimb one of the high summits. It is also blessed with an excellent view of Everest. We are now back on the main direct route for trekkers going from Lukla to Everest. Leaving Tengboche there is then a quite long steep downhill section towards Phungi Tanga where we cross ... read more
Tengboche Monastery
The route to Namche

Asia » Nepal » Lukla March 15th 2013

So, what did I take? What worked? What didn't? What would I do differently next time? PACKING LIST (Trek Only, not the easy bits in KTM, the hospital or Thailand) Denali 65l Gear Bag ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla March 13th 2013

We're all up and ready early- the soon to be 50 years old twins, Mark from Ann Arbor, their guide- Tendi Sherpa... The last real teahouse morning, last real bit of walking of the Everest Base Camp Trek- it's a bit sad that it has gone so fast. Chitra leaves before us again- he is from Lukla and is obviously keen to get home. Mary, Dhana and I set off, all three of us walking at different speeds by ourselves. It's cool this morning- we're in the forest and it's shaded, once again quite beautiful. Lots of birds, lots of trees, lots of flowers, lots of Koreans. Cross back across the bridge and make a very early stop for a cup of tea. There is a little shop with a window full of samosas, Dhana and ... read more
Samosas are ready
Early cuppa

Asia » Nepal » Lukla December 5th 2012

At the end of every trip it is inevitable one looks back and thinks about the highs and lows of the journey just completed. For me this journey began over 12 months ago with the idea, then the planning, then the comittement both financially and personally for training and preparation to at least give me good shot at reaching Everest Base Camp and Kala Pattar. Whilst I had some doubts along the way, getting beyond Namche in good shape gave me all the confidence I needed that I would achieve my goals, unless that is I suffered from altitude sickness. On that subject, I was aware that drug called Diamox was used quite frequently by trekkers to reduce the risk of altitude sickness, but I and one other in our group chose not to use it. ... read more

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