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Asia » Nepal » Lukla October 9th 2007

After making my way back from Pokhara to Kathamndu, the next few days were filled with general laziness and a plethora of relaxation. I attempted to gain back some of my lost-weight by eating 3 to 4 meals a day, napping in between, and enjoying whatever HBO had an offer by way of mindless entertainment. On the 19th I was unfortunately woken up at the ungodly hour of 4:45am to board my short flight to Lukla, starting point for the 20-day Everest trek. To my delight the start of the trek began at a much higher altitude than Annapurna did, approximately 9,370ft. On day 2 we ascended nearly 2000ft. to the surprisingly large village of Namche. It's pretty cool to be following in the same footsteps as all the climbers who've summited Everest, including those unfortunate ... read more
Everest and Nhuptse
A Glorious Day!
Taking on the Trail

Asia » Nepal » Lukla April 12th 2007

I suppose twas ever thus and I shouldn't really be surprised, or should you about the following events. You'll get a pretty good picture if I tell you that this morning on the way to catch the plane, Sange our guide uttered these words. 'My friends and me agree that you are very good dancer'. At these ominous words, gentle reader, your heart may sink. Mine certainly did. Basically we got to Lukla, huge rejoicing and found a really nice lodge. Ten dollars for a room with a double bed and ensuite shower. Couldn't believe our luck. After lunch Si and I and Phil decided to go to the pub for a beer. We found the most amazing pub. Itr looked EXACTLY like a pub inside. Pool table, small dance floor, proper bar etc. It ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla April 11th 2007

Hi everyone, I am back down to Lukla where they have the short runway off the edge of the cliff.. I am hoping to get a flight back to Kathmandhu tomorrow -- but sometimes you can't get out the same day... We got here a couple of days ahead of schedule -- the plan was for 8 days into Base Camp, and then 6 days back out... but both me and the guide were anxious to get back to civilization, so we put in a couple of double legs on the trek coming down... My best estimates ( with lots of time to calculate on the trail :) are that in the last 12 days I have covered 200 kms, ascending about 10,000 feet in elevation, but with all the ups and downs probably changed about ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla November 26th 2006

Well I'm on the road again and fighting fit, I walked today. Kento (my horse) stayed at the lodge just in case he was needed again. But today I felt good enough to make the 4 hour walk to Lukla. Yesterday I even made it out into Namche Market for a little shopping. It was a bit disturbing to see I humn cranium for sale though. I dread to think what the story behind tat was. The lowlands here are beautiful, and dare I say it actually much pretty than the land above the tree line. After three glasses of red wine and a chicken sizzer I feel almost alive again. We've reached our last waypoint in the mountains and tomorrow I fly back to Kathmandu. I've just come back from watching a Martial Arts display ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla November 10th 2006

To make a long story short -- I walked about 35 Miles from Lulka to Gorak Shep, climbed up Kala Papher to ~5600 Meters (18,375 ft) took some photos of Mt Everest -- then walked the 35 Miles back to Lulka. I fly back to Kathmandu tomorrow, and will start working on the photos when I get home. Bryan... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla November 8th 2006

Everest Base Camp Trek After coming back from the tedious Around Annapurna trek, we had serious doubts whether another long trek as the Everest Base Camp would fit in. It took us some time to decide, back in Kathmandu, time we spent eating like hogs, filling our empty stomachs. Lily, having read many crazy books about mountain climbers and their fatalities on the Everest, was keen to go, but we both wondered wouldn't it be better to just relax on a sunny beach instead. Goa and Andaman Islands both sounded like tempting options... Eventually, we decided not to give up to ourselves and took a plane to Lukla, the starting point for the trek. Nepal has some of the world's greatest mountain views to which you cannot stay indifferent. The country also offers great facilities for ... read more
Sherpa Porter
Tshola Lake
The Everest Range

Asia » Nepal » Lukla November 2nd 2006

Today was our last day of trekking, which is just as well really because I'm sick of all this up & down, up & down, up & down business. Trip from Pakding to Lukla was only about four hours, so it wasn't too bad, frustrating though because I just wanted to be finished with it all. Once Drew's borrowed runners were off, I assured my feet that our deal was definately on & I will not be putting them in anything but thongs (flip flops) for as long as humanly possible. Their part (my feet) of the deal is to not let my weeping blisters get infected, thus resulting in their amputation... Had a few hours to kill in the afternoon, but was unfortunately broke, so we visited the Porters Progress Association & watched a documentary ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lukla June 5th 2006

We finally walked into Lukla in the late afternoon, exhausted and needing showers. It was foggy and the town was quiet. We found a guesthouse and decided to treat ourselves by getting rooms with an attached bathroom. Wow! A sink, shower, tiles AND a non-squat toilet that flushed! No going outside for bathing or using the toilet! What luxury! Sita Air was closed, so we asked the hotel staff to call the airline for us. That was when we found out from the hotel staff and other guests that there had been no flights from Lukla to Kathmandu for the past 5 days. The mist was too thick for incoming planes to land safely. Several planes had taken off from Kathmandu, only to turn back because the weather conditions were too poor by the time they ... read more
Lukla's finest
Soldiers drilling at Lukla airport

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