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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town May 5th 2015

The slow boat from Koh Tao got us into Surat Thani at about 4.30 am, after taking 10hours to go almost nowhere down the coast. We waited for a minibus to take us to the tourist office to pick up another minibus that would take us part of the way down the coast, to a town I believe was called Hat Yai. However, it could have been any town along that coast as we were told nothing and expected to wait around for 3 hours for the next minibus. We finally arrived in Penang in early evening, just in time to get some Malaysian ringgit, get ripped off my a taxi driver and arrive at our hostel, the old Penang guesthouse. This hostel was in the perfect location to access chinatown or little India, both places ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town April 3rd 2015

After chilling out in Vientiane for a week longer than I really needed to be there, it's time to move on. It's been a very laid back week, I've read three books, caught up on some naps and hibernated in my air conditioned room as the temperature outside rose to 40 degrees some days. I ventured out for breakfast, and again late afternoon, to mooch around the markets, walk along the riverfront and enjoy dinner and drinks in a different restaurant each night. I didn't feel the need to fill every day with activity, travel can be hard work! So, now I'm looking forward to flying to Georgetown in Malaysia and getting the most out of what's left of my time away. My Air Asia flight left Vientiane on time at 9.45am, and landed in Kuala ... read more
Blue Mansion
Kungfu Girl Street Art
More Street Art

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town March 16th 2015

Georgetown is one of those places that oozes charm and character. We are not sure what it was for us; whether it was the laid back sleepy atmosphere, the quainter streets with beautifully intact buildings or more the more rustic, crumbling colonial shop houses; the fact that it had more food cuisines than you can shake a chopstick at (all of which had our taste buds working overtime), jaw dropping street art buried deep within its alleys or its beautiful mix of cultures and faiths all sitting beside each other in harmony. We just loved this town, it had us intrigued and we explored this place with such ease. George-town named after the British King Goerge III is situated on the island Penang and is well known for its UNESCO world heritage label due to its ... read more
Old 2 storey shop fronts
Chris walking through one of the few empty archways
Chrs getting involved with the 2d mural

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town March 12th 2015

In five days we were in four ports in three countries. That is a lot of different cultures to absorb in a short time. Singapore stands in stark contrast to our last port of Bangkok. Everyone has heard the stories of the strict laws in this city state. The ones about littering really work as Singapore’s streets and subways are spotless. The first sign we saw when we disembarked the ship was that all drug use is punishable by death. Not too much wiggle room on that one. This modern city works and is very tourist friendly. We heard that Singapore just surpassed Las Vegas in gambling revenues. This is surprising since Singaporeans are not allowed in the casinos. So it is foreigners who travel here to give their money away…I mean to gamble. As modern ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town March 4th 2015

Last full day on the island of Penang started again with a lovely breakfast and then heading to the closest bus station - seeing the bus I was after I squeezed myself on it - probably taking twice the amount of passengers it should - but hey, this isn't the UK! So today I was off to the north west of Penang to the national park to do some walking and see some wildlife. I registered at the front desk - just I case people don't return - and map in hand I headed in the direction of monkey island - about an hrs walk around the edge of the park keeping the sea on my right. The path started off very promising - paved, signposted, no litter - things changed - the path quickly becoming ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town March 1st 2015

After starting with the usual for breakfast plus fresh fruit and toast - the tea bags also being supplied from the plantation I visited a few days ago, I headed off to explore the island. Passing through china town but not feeling the urge to visit any more temples, after visiting a few they all seem quite similar, but instead stopping off at a market to buy some sandals. I walked past the main fountain - which is in the middle of a roundabout and past fort cornwallis - which marks the spot of where the British fleet under captain Francis light disembarked in 1786. Grabbing a well needed drink - its very hot and sticky on the island after feeling the cooler evening air of the highlands and made my way to the bus station. ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town February 9th 2015

Hello Everyone, We slept in today, as there are no windows in the dorm. When we woke up we has breakfast, which was free with the hostel-unlimited toast, watermelon, and tea and coffee, definitely makes the £5.60 each/night worth it! They also have a cold-water dispenser, which means we don’t have to buy water for a few days J always thinking about saving a few pennies! So we decided to walk around Georgetown today to find the famous landmarks with the map we had from the hostel. These included mosques, temples, the famous public artwork, street markets, little india, china town, and then ending up in the Fort Cornwallis. Fort Cornwallis was interesting (but probably not really worth the money to see it tbh) as it had many of the original structures and features to when ... read more
Queen Victoria clock tower

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town February 8th 2015

Hi Followers, Today we woke about 7.30am, showered and headed for breakfast in the guesthouse. We said goodbye to a few people we had met and then walked a short way down the road to catch our coach to Penang. It was a 5-hour journey on very comfy reclining seats at 35 RM, which takes us all the way into Georgetown (capital of Penang). When we arrived we were lucky enough for the coach to literally stop about 50m away from the hostel we had booked. We are staying in Old Penang Guesthouse, we booked a dorm last night for £5.50/night/each. It’s a little cheaper for a double room just down the road but hey that’s always the way. We are here for 3 nights, so far looks good. Our dorm is small but nice and ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town February 1st 2015

1/2-15: Got up early and took the ferry to Penang, 3 hours very bumpy ride with saltwater sprayed all over if you sat outside (which we of course did to avoid aircon hell). Arrived and walked to our guesthouse Cintra Siam which is in a very old colonial building that looks really cool inside and filled with old antique furniture. 60 RM per night (shared bathroom) Went out for lunch, ended at subway. Went for a walk around the city, loads of cool houses and areas! Found an upstarting guesthouse where we could get rooms for 35 RM because it wasnt completely ready yet so we will be moving tomorrow! After that we went to a cat cafe but it wasnt that good, almost ended paying twice because the cashier was confused and the cats didnt ... read more
Malaysia 359
Malaysia 366
Malaysia 368

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town January 19th 2015

Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts kamen hier die britischen Händler an und ließen sich nieder. Ihre Hauptstadt benannten sie nach ihrem König Georg III – Georgetown. Aber kein Einheimischer, die hauptsächlich chinesisch geprägt sind, macht das…hier heißt die Stadt genau wie die Insel und der Berg darauf: Penang. Ich erkunde die Gegend und wandere auch mal einen Tag auf den Hügel Penang, wo man eine gute Aussicht auf die Insel genießt. Wenn man so unterwegs ist und die Leute hier nach dem Weg fragt, hört man meistens sehr nachdrücklich, dass das viel zu weit zum Laufen ist. Man solle lieber ein Taxi oder eine „Trishaws“ (Rikscha) nehmen oder sich einen Motorroller mieten. Ob das allerdings dem Geschäftssinn der Leute hier, der teilweise glühenden Hitze oder einfach nur der Faulheit geschuldet ist, habe ich bislang nicht herausgefunden. Der ... read more
Trishaw (Fahrradtaxi)
alt und neu
kleine chinesische Minitempel

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