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February 28th 2020
Published: February 28th 2020
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Today we got the train from KL Sentral to Butterworth for Penang, another new experience. I had booked the tickets online and chosen seats behind each other so we could both be next to a window. The cost was £15.50 each, as it was only a tiny bit more for Business Class, and this was so worth it!

We got to the station early and went in the food court upstairs. I think it’s quite new, I remember going downstairs before. Only a few places were open and it was cheap but very average. We had teh tarik and he did the pouring it from a great height thing, which makes quite a head on it. My roti telur (eggs on toast) were cold as she had said they weren’t mine and then realised they were. We had been over to the ticket office to find that our printouts were also our actual tickets, so you go to the people sitting next to the platform and they tick you off the list. They then told us to wait in the Business Lounge upstairs (how fancy!) but there were no free snacks there. Sadness! Then we all went down in the

Business Lounge, KL Sentral
lift and got on the train first, carriage A. Luckily all the seats were facing forwards. Plenty of room for luggage, a footrest, tv screen and table in the armrests. When we set off we were brought a selection of cake things and a juice, then at 11am a rather nice lunch, totally unexpected, so it is well worth paying the extra and not having to go to the buffet car.

The journey was super comfy and passed really quickly. Lovely views of the countryside and mountains. 22 stops but we didn’t really notice them, and I was excited to stop in Ipoh where, about 14 years ago I’d stayed in the very grand but falling down Station Hotel, a relic of colonial elegance. Now it is all abandoned with the windows left open. We were probably among the last guests as the rooms were on the brink of being uninhabitable then!

We got to Butterworth at 12.30, so it took 4 1/2 hours. I loved every minute! Then we followed the signs to the ferry. I’d read there was a shuttle bus but it is such a short distance you don’t need it and we didn’t see

KL Sentral, waiting for the train
it anyway! There are lifts. As you come out you are hassled by taxi drivers wanting to take you over the bridge. We said no and followed the ferry people. I thought it was free but you have to buy a ticket for 1.40 ringgits. More or less free! Then we waited about 20 minutes and again were the only westerners taking it. Disappointingly the ferry didn’t come in where I was expecting, next to the E&O Hotel. Maybe I just didn’t remember right! So we didn’t fancy a 22 minute walk to the Bay View Hotel and got an overpriced taxi for 15 ringgits instead.

So we have come all the way overland from Singapore using 2 buses and a train. Go us! All of it was easy and comfortable. I thoroughly recommend it rather than flying.

Room on the 16th floor, pool on the 4th, all is well......

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Beautiful views from the train

The bridge to Penang from Butterworth

Waiting to get on the ferry to Penang

View from our room in the Bayview Hotel

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