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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani October 17th 2017

It's good to test your limits every now and again. This is where Mount Rinjani stepped in! After a relaxing week in Kuta Lombok and further beach days planned for Gili Trawangan, signing up for a 2 Day 1 Night hike seemed the logical thing to do! Mt Rinjani, an active volcano on the island of Lombok, is the second highest in Indonesia standing at 3726m (beaten by Mount Kerinci at 3805m). With Mount Agung on Bali on red alert it was the obvious choice for us. Day 1: We set off from the mountain village of Senaru in the back of a pick-up truck where we met the other members of our group for the hike. As we navigated the windy roads, we were tossed from side to side - getting a workout before the ... read more
Proud as punch!
Sunset at the crater rim on Day 1
Sunrise at the summit making it all worthwhile!

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air October 8th 2017

We had an early pick up from our beautiful villa to transfer us to the port. Char slept most the way and soon enough we were speeding across the sea to Gili T. When we arrived Tash and Jet decided to get a horse and cart taxi to their hotel and we walked to our budget accommodation. We got settled in, met the guys for lunch and then spent the afternoon lounging on the beach and swimming in the turquoise sea. We really noticed the change in Gili T, gone were the small shacks and tat shops along the main beach front area. These had now been replaced with swanky Roxy and Hurley expensive stores. Bit of a shame but understandable. That evening we met up again to go to Sama Sama reggae bar. We remembered ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air September 21st 2017

After our successful taxi ride courtesy of the most corrupt cop on Gili Gede (Iriwan) we arrived at the harbour and then hopped on a ferry to Gili Air. We said our goodbyes to Max and Teresa and headed off towards our bungalow. It was extremely hot and because we cleverly (not) booked our place on the opposite side of the island to the harbour we had worked up a good sweat walking it with our full backpacks. It was very far from the centre and when we spoke to the manager, Frenchman Jacque, we told him that we won't be extending. That being said the bungalow was pretty awesome. Massive king size bed, private bathroom, aircon, balcony, very very private and an absolute steal of a price (as expected). It was overlooking mango trees and ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok September 17th 2017

After a mini van, private driver and a private boat we arrived on the white sands of the biggest 'secret gili' Gili Gede. We arrived right on the beach of our resort 'Thamarind' and were immediately offered an 'upgrade'. Obviously upgrade to us means free upgrade but apparently not on this island. Much to everyone's surprise we went for the cheapest option - the tent! The island itself was much quieter than Kuta but was paradise on earth. The resort had pieces of coral and wood for shower heads, sun beds right on the beach and a free breakfast which was decent. However the prices on the menu definitely showed us this wasn't our usual accommodation choice! That afternoon we spent most of our time sunning ourselves and relaxed. Went snorkelling off the beach, met Theresa ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta September 12th 2017

To save money we got a 6 hour train from Erwin's home town to Surabaya and stayed over for one night in a hostel ready for our flight the next day. The hostel was great for us, cheap and private. Small cabins for 2 or 1 people were arranged in dorms with blackout blinds and storage for all our massive bags. They even had free breakfast, however, this was totally ruined by a crazy lady in a wedding dress, full makeup and a tiara (it was not her wedding day) attempting to convince us to give her asylum in England and wanting to book the same flight as us home! Surabaya airport was not one of the most official places we have flown from, rules were pretty relaxed here. You actually wait outside the terminal on ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air June 12th 2017

Hi Guys! This was my second visit to Gili Air, my first being in 2012 and I have to admit I was a little worried it wouldn't live up to my first visit as I had the most amazing time back then. I have to say I wasn't disappointed at all. Is Gili Air a little busier, yes however it is by far ruined and it still has that feel of being a throwback to the old days! Zipp Bar is still there piping out its tuna skewers and bottles of Bintang and the horse and carts are still wheeling up the sand paths at break neck speed!!! The locals are still really friendly and the post sunset vibe is still super chilled. One of the best things to do here, especially on a budget is ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air May 4th 2017

Cocktail diving is a term we've invented for dives which are so chilled out you could fall asleep. This means lovely warm water, great visibility, no currents and lots of pretty fish. It's the kind of diving that we love! As it's been 2.5 years since our last dive we wanted to get our dive legs back with some serious cocktail diving and Gili Air looked like the ideal place to do it. We'd purposefully chosen the Gili Islands as our starting point in Indonesia as we kind of knew what we were getting. We were cheating a little because we've been to the Gilis before, almost 12 years ago when our friends, Sharon and Scott got married. We stayed on Gili T back then, the largest of the three Gili Islands, but we'd heard things ... read more
Finally made it to Indonesia!
Loving happy hour - 241 Pina Colada

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air January 27th 2017

Z Bali wyspy Gilli Air i Gilli Trawangan Z Bali wyruszylismy na cudne male wysepki Gili nalezace do Lombok. Wyspy sa polozone bardzo blisko siebie, spedzilismy tydzien na Gili Air i tydzien na Gili Trawangan. Na wysepkach nie ma ani samochodow ani nawet motorynek, jedynymi srodkami transportu sa rowery, konie i wlasne nogi. Gili Air jest 2 co do wielkosci, mniejsza jest Gili Meno a wieksza - Gili Trawangan, Gili Air zwykle da sie obejsc plaza dookola w okolo godzinke, Trawangan w okolo 1,5. Generalnie panuje tu bardzo zrelaksowany klimat, nikt sie nigdzie nie spieszy, jest sporo turystow, kilka szkol nurkowania zarowno PADI jak i SSI, nie ma tutaj psow - tylko koty. Jak zawitalismy na wyspy od razu zauwazylismy, ze koty maja ogonki roznej dlugosci a niekiedy nawet wcale. Ponoc jest to genetyczne. Wszedzie gdzie ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan December 2nd 2016

As my window of time closed on Bali, another was to inevitably open for me to go through on Lombok, the next island east in the archipelago. I made my way to Lombok via the four hour public ferry ($IDR36,0000) which called at Lembar harbour some 22km south of the capitol Mataram. Here I once again had to deal with the transport mob trying to rip me off so I again just started to walk. It worked in Bali and I had nothing to lose. Turns out it worked here as well as the crazy white guy walking down the main road to town got a fair price for the thirty minute journey north. Most people show up in Lombok and make a beeline for the Gili Islands. Once in Mataram I transferred to a public ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan November 21st 2016

Für die Erholung nach dem Wandern hätten wir uns kein schöneres Fleckchen Erde aussuchen können. Die drei Gilis (Inseln) nur 15 Fährminuten vor der Nordwestküste Lomboks sind der neue Hotspot Indonesiens und bieten für jeden das Passende. Gili Meno ist die Honeymoon-Insel, Gili Terawangan die Action- und Partyinsel und Gili Air ist irgendwas dazwischen. Wir haben uns für Terawangan (das erste e ist stumm) entschieden, einfach weil es am meisten Möglichkeiten bietet, etwas zu unternehmen und man der "Party" wohl auch ganz gut aus dem Weg gehen kann, indem man nicht an der Promenade eine Unterkunft bucht, sondern etwas weiter aus dem Ort heraus. Mit gerade mal 800 Einwohnern ist "Gili T." wie die Einheimischen sagen, die größte der drei Inseln und kann dennoch zu Fuß in zwei Stunden locker umrundet werden. Wir wohnen in einem ... read more
Boote am Strand
Das göttliche Frühstück in unserer Unterkunft
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