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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok January 17th 2020

Around the main island of Lombok there are many, many Gilis (=islands). Some of them inhabited, some just some rocks, bushes - but all having wonderful white sands, turquoise waters and stunning views. Being on search for a nice Gili we finally decided to go on a bigger one, which nontheless is relatively untouched with only few small private bungalows and no real tourist infrastructure. It was Gili Gede in the very far south-west of Lombok. From Senggigi we took a grab car and passing by Lembar, which is the main ferry port when coming from Bali. We reached the sleepy but beautiful village of Sekotong. A bit outside the village there is a little harbour. We got off the grab car and stood there in the midday heat on the beach with our backpacks. In ... read more
chilling in our hammock at Hula Hoop on Gili Gede
we could do this all day long: just relax and sail around this beautiful islands
on Gili Gede everyone is chilled

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi January 14th 2020

Travelling in Indonesia now since 3 weeks, we only had 8 days left with our free visa on arrival. Having seen and experienced so many incredible things in the last weeks, basically only 1 thing was missing: a super relaxed beach time in a tropical paradies where we could simply enjoy the hours watching the ocean, doing some meditation and just be. There are many options for this in Indonesia, but we decided to go to Lombok as this was the cheapest and easiest option for the remaining time and for both of us, Lombok was a new destination. Well, I (Nina) have been to Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno 9 years ago, but I never explored Lombok island itself. So early morning, we took a propellers flight from Labuanbajo to Lombok Praya. The sky was ... read more
Coco Beach - this place is like heaven on earth
Pantai Kerandangan 3
Senggigi Beach for sunset

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram October 6th 2018

As I get ready to begin my 40th spin around the sun, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the good fortune that has surrounded my life for the most part. The last of 4 children between my parents, my journey was arguably the easiest of anyone in the family. No longer was mom washing ziplock bags for reuse or dad pinching supplies off the railroad, ha! I grew up in one of the nicer neighborhoods in my hometown surrounded by trees, friends and opportunity. My parents gave me every chance to succeed from supporting my football (soccer) aspirations through countless camps and even a tournament in Europe, to my needed move West to start afresh for my college years. Since then I have seen a few places, 51 countries and counting, worked in a few cool places, ... read more
Mind blown on top of Mt. Rinjani 2016
Peduli Anak tent area for the boys
1st, 2nd and 3rd graders in one class

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok July 17th 2018

I flew into Bali from Kuala Lumpur on what was a very turbulent flight. I got a bit braver than normal on the approach to Bali Denpasar airport and took some photos out of the window - very unusual for me to do that, but I did get some cracking photos of the mountains poking through the heavy cloud. We circled a few times before we were able to land and then on the approach to the runway, I actually started to wonder where it was! For quite some time it looked like we were going to land in the sea!! Needless to say, we didn’t. I went down the steps from the plane and was greeted by the most amazing sunset. Beautiful pink and orange skies. I was out of the airport and in to ... read more
Rice field walk, Tetebatu
Rice field workers, Tetebatu
Pottery making, Mas Bagik

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Senarau July 17th 2018

After a great sleep overnight with quite a quiet call to prayer from the local mosque we had breakfast and set off for the local market which was 5 minutes down the road to buy fish for the BBQ we would have on the beach that evening. We walked through the market feeling oddly, a little bit like a celebrity. As we weaved along the small passage ways in the market we were stopped by locals asking for a selfie! Apparenly, they like a photo with white people to post on Facebook - oh how the world has actually gone bonkers!! Our guide found a few stalls where there was a huge selection of fish and different seafood. He selected snapper, squid and tuna and bags of veggies, all selected from different stalls to spread the ... read more
Awesome view underwater
Coral and fish
BBQ on the beach

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air June 17th 2018

“Ever seen a young girl growing old, trying to make herself a bride?” Fifty years ago the Gili archipelago was an untouched, virgin paradise. Viewed from the right perspective the islands are still photogenic. But you’d better get that camera angle precise because, like Rod Stewart, that once youthful beauty is jaded and tired. The view of Gili Air as the ferry from Bali approached the jetty was in the ‘omg’ category; the azure sea, the creamy sand, the green coconut palms. It’s instantly obvious why the Gili islands are so popular, unfortunately it is that very popularity that is the problem. Gili’s Bohemian free spirits like to chill and hang out, but they generate a lot of garbage. The trip from the ferry to your accommodation is along the sandy lanes which criss-cross the ... read more
Typical beach
Typical rubbish
2 for 1 at sunset

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi May 31st 2018

Today is our last full day here, and we decide that we will spend it doing as little as possible. Every day at breakfast we've seen a man standing in the corner of the dining room holding a tennis racquet. The resort doesn’t have a tennis court, and he isn’t wearing sports clothes. He looks like he’s probably a member of the hotel staff, but we wonder why the hotel would employ someone just to stand in the corner of the dining room holding a tennis racquet. Eventually we realise that the object that he’s holding is not actually a tennis racquet at all, but rather a bug zapper in the shape of a tennis racquet. We’ve read about these things. We’re pretty sure that you need to swing them at bugs to kill them, but ... read more
Our resort
Our resort

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Senarau May 30th 2018

Today Brian and I have booked a full day tour to the Senaru waterfalls, which are in the foothills of Mount Rinjani about a two hour drive north of the resort. Our guide introduces himself as Ifan. We head north along the main road around the island. It might be the main road, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not very narrow. It is nominally two lanes, but we need to pull off the bitumen whenever a truck comes the other way. We share the road with an endless stream of motorbikes, as well as stray goats, chickens, dogs and the odd cow. I don’t think it would be good if we ran into a cow, and based on what we’ve seen so far we suspect that the average life span of a dog that lives ... read more
Tanjung Market
Simon and Brian at Tiu Kelep waterfall
Irrigation channel, Senaru waterfalls

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan May 29th 2018

Today Issy, Taylah and I have booked a full day snorkelling tour of the Gili Islands, which are off the north-west coast of Lombok, about twenty kilometres north of our resort. We learn that Gili is the Indonesian word for island, so I guess that makes today’s destination the Island Islands. Our guide for the day introduces himself as Rudy, and our transport is a traditional outrigger canoe. Surfs up again, so we have to scramble up onto the canoe from the beach between waves, while Rudy tries very hard to stop it from either running aground or getting sucked out to sea. We get our first view of Mount Rinjani, which is Lombok’s highest peak. This is a serious mountain at 3,676 metres above sea level, which makes it the second highest of Indonesia’s 129 ... read more
Gili Trawangan
Transport, Gili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi May 28th 2018

I go for a swim in the sea in front of the resort. There don’t seem to be too many other people swimming, and it doesn’t take too long to work out why. The bottom is stony and gets deep very quickly, the waves are choppy, and the current is dragging me in all directions. I struggle back up onto the beach, and decide that maybe that’s enough swimming in the sea for one day. I decide to go for a wander while Issy relaxes. I walk along the road to the north of the resort and it takes me up a steep hill to a lookout point. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a lookout point because there’s a sign saying "Lookout Point", but I can’t see anything through the thick vegetation. I see ... read more
Signs to everywhere
Beach near our resort
Issy losing her head

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