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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Mataram August 17th 2015

Hello there! There's a pattern developing with the names of these blogs, isn't there? It's time for a recap of all that we've been up to in Indonesia, during the third month of our trip. As you may recall, last time I wrote I was in Kuta waiting for Sinéad to arrive. Arrive she did and after I'd collected her from the airport we headed to the south of Bali to a place called Bingin, where we enjoyed a few days of rest and relaxation, whilst devising a plan for our time here (organised, I know). When the time came to leave Bingin we headed west across Bali, some sea and a chunk of Eastern Java before we were dropped off in a town called Probolinggo at 3am to wake up some hotel staff to ask ... read more
Come at me Bromo
Under the sea...
...under the sea

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi July 31st 2015

The journey from the kuala besut jetty town to the perhentian Islands was rather fun. Spent about 90% of the time airborne in the speedboat, and often came crashing back down to the sea with such force I was surprised I didn't sustain a spinal rupture. Well the perhentian Islands were gorg, for real. The main beach of the small island (where I stayed) was stunning - a stretch of golden sand laid against an emerald jungle backdrop. The sea was extremely blue and extremely clear. I spent around 6 nights on the island. I spent most of my time lazing on the beach. On one day I did a snorkelling tour. This tour allowed me to snorkel above sea turtles, swim with sharks, marvel at the coral and enjoy other pristine beaches in the area. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok June 20th 2015

Sat here at Kuala Lumpur airport waiting for the plane to the next country, I reflect on the last week with a smile knowing that I had an amazing week doing things I never thought I'd do, meeting some wonderful people and seeing views that were out of this world. Leaving Gili Trawangan after 6 days was an easy decision for the hostel bed I survived on was littered with bed bugs and no matter how many times I told the management it was a daily occurrence to wake up to new bites, but I can't take away the fact that the time I spent there on the island was amazing, even my last blog gushed about the place after writing it with a couple of Bintang in my stomach. So where to next, and after ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan June 20th 2015

I write in honesty. I am on a journey, as are we all. My explorations in Indonesia are merely steps on a greater venture, they are the path I chose to take after the road I'd been following took a twisted turn and I fell.  Supported to climb back up, I sought a new path to destinations unknown. What have I found?  A clearer view and many encounters. It was recently suggested to me, in friendship and genuine concern, that in taking this time for myself perhaps I should conceal the 'fun' and share only the 'recovery'. Wise words, for perception is everything. But to me, this misinterpreted the essence of recovery. When I shared my aspiration to seek meditation and wellbeing in Indonesia, a friend advised that it should be meditation, wellbeing and play. She ... read more
Relaxing on Gili Air
Gili T nightmarket stall
Dancing at Sama Sama (with my debate partner)

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta June 18th 2015

Lombok is breathtakingly beautiful. Rolling hills in vibrant shades of green bow down to serene beaches, aqua blue water and spectacular surf breaks. Mount Rinjani towers over it all, mocking those who scramble up volcanic scree for a glimpse of her view below. The Islamic call to prayer echoes out four times a day, declaring that 4.30am is high time to rise and give praise. Tourism in Lombok is Bali's younger sister. Still young but growing fast, she's found her feet, is learning every day and is impatient to catch up. She's bright and knows how to work with what she's got; as her natural assets draw the crowds she converts her traditions to attractions, Salak village tours and traditional weaving demonstrations entice visitors to try and buy wares, at a 'good price' of course.... read more
Learning traditional weaving
Being tourist
Being asked to pose with local ladies at leisure on the beach

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan June 11th 2015

With all the blogs I’ve done this is the most current one that I’ve done, in fact I’m actually still on the island on my last night with a ferry booked for tomorrow at 8 am. I arrived 6 days ago on an impulse after the previous hostel was fully booked. I had no idea what to expect and nothing was booked so landing on the island, the usual hustlers offering hotels, taxis and everything else was on hand but I walked past them to find a hostel, any hostel. Walking up and down the main street gave me no luck until I asked a random bloke if he knew of any where to stay and he told me of the place he was in. Off I went and I was lucky that they had a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air June 3rd 2015

The Gili's; Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno - 3 photogenic small desert islands all frindged with white sandy beaches, lines of coconut trees and clear turquoise seas . All 3 have their own individual identity, attracting tourists in their millions each year. Highly recommended by most people we meet. Some people visit just one island, whilst others - such as ourselves - attempt to explore them all. A booking error costing us 2 days (stuck in Makassar) and a 90min delayed flight wasn't going to stop us either. Our grand plan to get to the popular Gili's was to fly from Makassar to Bali, catch a bus from Bali to the laid back village of Padangbai, explore, stay overnight and then head straight over to the Gili's in the morning. Landing a couple hours ... read more
Waves along the beach in Gili T
Peace in paradise

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan June 2nd 2015

When the boat pulled up to Gili Trawangan we where all excited about some good beach time and a wee slice of paradise. For the price of a hostel, Sou, Camilla (who i’d met in Bali) and I managed to book a wee posh room at a resort that fortunately for us had no other guests so we could make full use of the pool and sound system. The downside was it was North on the island and what I thought was a 15 min walk turned out to be 30 mins - with backpacks and on a toasty 32 degree day. It did test my ethical strength as the only mode of transport is horse drawn carts which I did not want to use. So we had no choice but to have a beer stop ... read more
Gili T
Bale Sasak crew

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan May 29th 2015

Von Java bis zu den Gilis Sehr übermüdet von unserer Warterei und schlaflosen Nacht am Flughafen von Singapur nahmen wir uns vom Flughafen in Jakarta ein völlig überteuertes Taxi in das Stadtzentrum. Dazu muss man sogar, obwohl Jakarta mit über acht Millionen Einwohnern die Haupstadt Indonesiens ist, gibt es kein so wirkliches Stadtzentrum. Es gibt zwar das hochmoderne Bankenviertel jedoch auch Elendsviertel, üppig duftende Gassen in China Town bis hin zu dem alten Kolonialviertel "Kota", volle Straßen um den Platz der Freiheit aber keine wirklich pulsierende Gegend die man als Zentrum bezeichnen könnte. Wir ließen uns nahe dem Nationalmuseum für eine Nacht nieder, von dort aus hatte man gute Chancen, alles bestens mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln zu erreichen. Bevor wir das Hostel ausgewählt haben, bestellen wir aber das typisch indonesische Gericht Nasi Goreng u... read more
Und schon gehts los!

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok May 21st 2015

Jetstar started a direct route from Cairns to Denpasar and we jumped straight on the launching sale price, of less than $500 for both of us return!! We left Cairns on Chris's birthday Thursday 21st of May at 11.30am and landed in Denpasar at 1.30am local time. I has prebooked us accommodation at the Royal Eighteen because it has a spa and a roof-top infinity pool! Walking out of the airport, you feel the warm, damp air on your face and you smell that smell that lets you know you're in Asia and makes you smile. Getting out of the airport is always fun. There is a counter that has taxi guys lounging all over it. They were trying to charge people $35 dollars (their dollars is always in US dollars) to get into town, which ... read more
Black Penny
Black Penny plunge pool
Food market

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