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Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan December 23rd 2014

Ubud and Gili Trawangan - Tuesday, December 23, 2014 Both Curtis and Jen were done with haggling and deciding on transportation options so we had the hotel arrange it for us. They expertly scheduled our shuttle to the dock and the speedboat to our next destination where we would spend Christmas - the largest of the Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan. The tickets included the return fare from Gili Trawangan and shuttle to Seminyak on Bali and cost 2.4M IDR. The price seems steep at first, but after calculating how much we would pay if we haggled each fare individually, we would probably save about $20 USD. While using the service, it was surprising to see how many other tourists utilized the same option. The Gili Islands are about a two hour speedboat ride north east of ... read more
Like the sign says: Turtle Conservation
Another sea turtle conservation sign

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan November 24th 2014

It's been a busy time at the school I teach at in Java, so blog posting means I've just had a trip! I started at Senggigi Beach, which is a strip of Lombok's coast about 2 hours from Mataram international airport (3 hours for us, as I wanted a breakfast stop too) and cost me about 240,000rp to travel to by private car from the airport. Senggigi Beach is a nice start to Lombok; pretty scenery, friendly people, and good amenities. I stayed at a hotel (I forget the name) for one night for 300,000rp and booked a very cheap public boat to Gili Trawangan for the next morning for 75,000rp. After exploring the beach itself, I was met with the main disillusionment I always face when visiting a beach in Indonesia; litter. It's not a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Rinjani November 23rd 2014

And so, with the 3D2N Rinjani trek, I've reached the highest point in my life, yet. In fact, most of us did. Standing right at the 3726m summit, we overlooked the whole of Lombok island and stared in awe at what mother nature has created. The incredible view was worth every bit of the climb up, and more. Besides the summit view, the whole trek was scenic at various points in time, offering different perspective of what the mountain has to say about her own beauty. 7 highlights: 1. The weather was predictably unpredictable. The skies turned colours quicker the mood swings of my sis, and man did it rain heavily for parts of the 1st and 3rd day. Well, good thing was that it did not rain while it mattered: like in evenings during sunset, ... read more
Taking a break
Truly amazing sun setting beyond the mountains
Starry night

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok October 22nd 2014

Auf betrunkene Assitouristen, die sich wie sich paaren wollende Gorillamännchen aufführen, hatten wir nun wirklich keine Lust. Darum haben wir uns gegen die Partyinsel Gili Travangan und für die kleine Gili Air entschieden. Dorthin zu kommen stellte sich jedoch als nervenaufreibend heraus, denn wir haben uns für eine Fahrt mit der öffentlichen Fähre über Lombok statt mit dem direkten Schnellboot entschieden. Diese kostete nur 1/5 so viel. Am Hafen wartend, haben wir mit einem jungen Local begonnen zu sprechen, der gerade Ananas mit Chilipaste zubereitet hat. Im Gespräch kam er immer näher und ehe ich mich versah, steckte mir dieser doch tatsächlich eine Ananas mit seinen schmutzigen Fingern in den Mund..... Ausspucken konnt ichs nicht, denn es war ja eine nette Geste. Auch Rebe musste dran glauben! Zum Glück konnten wir bald auf die Fähre flüchten. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan August 23rd 2014

Last entry of the summer school holidays...and this time, finally with Tiffany and Leslie. I could have written an additional entry, but let say that during the last 10 days...I have spend all my time with Leslie and Tiffany, above and below water...and my time on internet was primarily for business issues....somebody still have to work! I picked up Leslie and Tiffany in Denpasar airport. They had just spent a full month in Vietnam. Well, they were all white...didn't know there was no sun in Vietnam even during the rainy season...and they spent the first three days sleeping all over the place...go figure out! We spent the first night in Kuta before coming back to Denpasar for our short flight to Lombok. I could have put few lines on an entry about Kuta...but it just doesn't ... read more
And that's a cute baby...
Yes, they are growing up fast...teenager years...
Gilis = Turtles....

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air August 9th 2014

Our kind Homestay owner Susi hooked us up with a cheap ride from Kuta Lombok to Gili Air. Gili is the Indonesian word for 'small island'. It really is small on the map so we weren't too stressed about finding a place to stay. Locals were however, consistently warning us that we may not find a place. We landed at the beach beside the dock with about 30 others on a old wooden boat. Surprisingly, it seemed not one company used the government wharf which served the sole purpose of providing locals with a shady place to fish from. We decided to cut straight through the centre of the island and look for a place to stay on the far side of the island. I figured our devilish plan had not been hatched by any other ... read more
Gili Air
Gili Air
Gili Air

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Kuta August 3rd 2014

We arrived in Kuta Lombok at about 10am after an early flight from Surabaya. We were happy to arrive early as accommodation has been hard to find during the high season here. We showed up at our preferred homestay and they had one room left available. Our first impression of Kuta Lombok was very positive. This is truly backpacker beach heaven with beach bars, good restaurants and miles of endless white sand. It's touristy here but not as crazy as I imagine the Gilis and Bali will be. It feels like the place has not yet been totally discovered and it is thankfully not covered in big resorts yet although apparently developers are sitting on land here already. Our first day was very unproductive as we spent most of the day alternating between the beach bars ... read more
Kuta Lombok
Kuta Lombok
Kuta Lombok

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan May 11th 2014

Hello :) So I haven't written a blog in absolutely ages! Korea is now just my everyday life, so I never really feel like I've done anything exciting enough to blog about, and my previous holiday was Boracay where I'd been before and all I did was sit on a beach for 4 days so it would've been extremely similar to the Guam and previous Boracay blogs. So I've been waiting to do something that is worth writing about, and Indoensia was it! I hope you enjoy it :) We finished school on the Friday and as my friend Matt was staying, I went to the baseball and rank beer instead of packing! We got home around 9pm (Matt had already dug my rucksack out for me) and I had another beer whilst throwing clothes all ... read more
Katharine attracting all the sellers!
Peeky Owl chilling in the hotel
Sunset in Bali

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi April 13th 2014

Well it's been 3 months and I am writing our last travel blog for 2014. In one way the time has gone by quickly but it seems like we have been away forever! Our two weeks on Lombok has been a great way to end our trip with lots of R & R and time for enjoying the local people and exploring the island. I have determined the climate is perfect on Lombok. It's hot but there doesn't seem to be that intense heat that can tire you out. Perhaps the humidex isn't as high? There always seems to be a gentle breeze that keeps it a little cooler. it's very enjoyable sitting on the pool deck overlooking the ocean. We haven't had any rain this week which is typical this time in April as the ... read more
Tiu Kelep Waterfall
Hand Weaver
Our Daily Hangout!

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Sengigi April 8th 2014

Our final Indonesian travel destination found us on the island of Lombok which is only a 30 min flight or 1 1/2 fast boat ride from Bali. We came from the Gili Islands which took 30 minutes on a speed boat. The island is about the same size as Bali but much less developed which is kind of refreshing. The main religion is Muslim as opposed to the dominant Hinduism in Bali. We're back to chanting from the mosques! We opted to stay on the west coast area of Sengiggi as it seems to be the most popular spot for tourists. The area spans 10 km of a series of sweeping bays below a backdrop of jungle clad mountains and coconut palms. The beaches are lovely but aren't quite a match for the white sand beaches ... read more
One of the beautiful bays on Lombok
Our resort pool overlooking the ocean
A roadside lady who sells drinks

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