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April 7th 2018
Published: April 7th 2018
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One down side to the lovely open air bathrooms here in Indonesia are the geckos who share your bathroom. Now I don't mind the little ones that gobble up the pesky mosquitoes but we had a very big one living in the overhanging roof. It had made it's favourite place right above the toilet. Most mornings when we first went into the bathroom there was a fresh load of droppings..... All over the toilet but not in it, just everywhere else!
Hence a big clean up on my part every day.
Geckos do not have good toilet habits!
Off course an open air bathroom has its plus side , when showering after dark, the stars above you are amazing and a cooling evening breeze.
In addition to the resident gecko were some huge black and yellow insects that bored into the wooden slats of the overhanging roof and dropped sawdust on you as you used the wash basin. They sensed us entering the bathroom and came out to say hello with a load buzz. Thankfully they stayed up in the roof area!

Well our time on the island has come to an end and we left for a night in a hotel near the airport ready for our morning flight next day. What a contrast! Lovely room, pool and restaurant but that was it. The hotel was surrounded by rice Paddie fields but nothing else anywhere near.

The journey back had been a good one, both the boat driver and the taxi driver slowed down or even stopped every time we took out the camera to get a shot of the scenery. We'd missed it on the way due to arriving late at night so were keen to see as much as we could as we left.

Next stop Kuala Lumpur.

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