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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 17th 2008

Yea, so I went for a walk yesterday. The road went in a circle, which i assumed went around the whole village, but just took me in a different village entirly. As i walked through the dirt road near the rice paddies i started to realize im not in the right part of town. Instead of turning back, i thought maybe if i kept going in this direction i would end up back 'home'. Well i was right, but 3 hours later in the 35 degree heat, i was wishing i did turn back. I finally get back to Ubud, where locals kept asking me 'transport?' 'transport?', i declined each time...i've made it this far, i am sure i can make it all the way. Finally after 4 hours, and nearly fainting a few times, i ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 16th 2008

Here are some pics guys.... read more
monkey warrior guy
view of sangeh monkey forest entrance
lil bastards

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 15th 2008

Ok, so my jet lag is completly gone...well mostly i guess. i am not waking up at 5 or 6 am anymore, and can make it to a reasonable hour. Everything here in Bali, is pretty cheap. I am a millionaire!! Seriously....1 million rupiah is like 150 bucks. I love going to the bank machine to take out a million rp. A meal is roughly 50000, so like, 5 bucks. a big giant beer is 18000, so almost 2 bucks...i found a nice guesthouse overlooking some rice paddies (and a pool to which i do not have access too) for 60,000. Its 9200 to the canadian dollar, so you can get the idea. So, i am on kind of a tight budget. I need to make my money stretch the entire 3 months, and one thing ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 13th 2008

Im in Bali, safe and sound in an artsy dancy cultural village called Ubud. Very nice, already seen a few monkies, shared a room with a HUGE gecko and basically chilled out since arrival. I think i am going to travel all through Indonesia, so maybe just spend 14 days in bali. Im staying away from Kuta, the infamous cluby resorty douchebaggy area that everyone goes to. I cant afford to waste my money on shopping and getting wasted. I have not talked to anyone just yet, a few locals, but im keeping mostly to myself. Kind of a change in the norms of ty, but im pretty comfy so far. Going to go to yoga class at 4pm, im gonna try and hit up as many classes as i can while in bali, as its ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 12th 2008

...nor Connecticut, Florida, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming... by Christina And honestly! what was I expecting anyway? As I reflected on that in our first week here in Bali I realized whatever pictures of a place I might have in my head it is always different. Well, for one thing I am always surprised by how much the modern world lives in these places. And how much our western culture has invaded and in some ways spoiled them. But, I had gotten some impressions from a particular friend who had visited Bali 6 or 7 times. Only, she hadn't been here for 12 years. She had spent time in Ubud, a popular town where many foreigners like to hang out and told me that except for the main street none of the streets were paved and I ... read more
Sanias House
the "Ivory Tower"
Our View

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 7th 2008

Now the hectic lead up to our trip is past we have had time to reflect on that time. More than ever now we can see how much we relied on the support of our families and friends. So we must shout out a big thank you to our parents in particular. To Faye & Russell for allowing us to have our 'Bon Voyage' gathering at their house, to Pat & John for letting us stay with them in the last week before we left and for all of them for the amazing help in getting our apartment ready for renting out. Their support continues in many ways and our appreciation does also. Also a huge thanks to Deb and Steve and to Bronwyn for all jumping to our rescue when we were in rather a ... read more
Pool area
Breakfast thief
Monkey Forest Sanctuary 1

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 19th 2007

We decided to do a combined blog for the whole of Bali as we didn't do much there and didn't take many pics (all of them are of Ubud!) as we wanted a nice place to relax for Christmas and New Year. Lovina We waited in Probolinggo for 2 hours before the air con tourist bus turned up to take us to Bali during this time Neil kept himself amused by teaching a 16 year old boy some funny and rude English phrases and slang. In response the boy wrote everything down very carefully in his little notebook and promised to practice! The bus was not a great one, again the air con stopped working and even though it was a full-size bus (as opposed to a mini bus) it was very cramped for us foreigners ... read more
Hindu temple in Ubud
an alleyway in Ubud
Ubud street

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 7th 2007

So after a late arrival in Ubud last night, or should I say the early hours of this morning, we were woken to a delightful view of a jungle garden and a beautiful breakfast on the verander. We were really lucky to find this gem and so cheap too! Today we spent exploring the delights that Ubud had to offer. As it is the cultural centre of Bali there was a lot of art galleries and arty shops to visit, and coffee shops of course! Ubud has a really nice laid atmosphere going on and everyone is so friendly and helpful. We decided to hire a car for the next two days so we could see other parts of the island, using Ubud as a base, ideal as its in the centre of the island. This ... read more
Inside the Hindu temple
Entrance to elephant cave
Gunung Abang and Danau Batur (lake)

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 6th 2007

Ubud, Bali After 5 great days in Lovina Beach, we traveled a little over 2 hours to reach the town of Ubud. The drive takes 2 hours, but the actual distance is only about 40 or 50 km. The roads wind through the volcanic hills of Bali and through many villages along the way. Bali is a very green island thanks to the rich soil and abundance of precipitation. We are here during the rainy season, but it has been unusually dry according to the residents. The land still appears quite green and lush, despite the fact that the rains have not started yet. During our stay, we did witness the start of some prodigious rainstorms, which are about 6 weeks late. They usually happen in the afternoon. Ubud is the cultural center of Bali and ... read more
Rice Terrace
Working in the rice fields

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 14th 2007

We caught a taxi to Ubud after a fast boat ride from the Gili's. It seemed like a quaint little place with lots of art and craft shops. As it was a public holiday we were a bit worried that we wouldn't be able to find somewhere to stay however spent the night in the biggest room ever! It was very basic though and we moved the next day to a lovely little place where we had a four poster bed and they bought you breakfast every morning on the balcony! We both loved Ubud for one main reason, the food! Both of us haven't been very impressed with the Indonesian food compared to the Thai and Malaysian cuisine so we definitely appreciated it here. The second day in Ubud we went to the monkey sanctuary ... read more
More monkeys!
More monkeys!
Finally getting some exercise and taking a stroll!

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