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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 13th 2007

Bonjour de Bali! On se repose enfin apres 3 jours mouvementes, passes dans le centre de Java, entre volcans, plantations de cafe, rizieres et villages de montagne. Malheureusement, la connexion internet etant plus que lente, on ne pourra pas mettre en ligne beaucoup de photos. En partant de Yogjakarta, on commence par 11 heures de route (quasi non stop) en direction de parc national Semeru. Pas grand chose a rapporter excepte une prise de bec avec notre chauffeur qui essaie de nous placer dans un hotel bien moins cher que celui annonce par l'agence. On fini par avoir gain de cause mais l'ambiance s'alourdit. A l'hotel, c'est la chasse au touriste (au pigeon selon Isa...) qui commence : location de Jeep pour un point de vue (inaccessible a pied et avec une vue tellement meilleure que ... read more
Nuage de soufre s'echappant du cratere
Degrade de couleurs...
On aime bien

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 11th 2007

One morning in Ubud we visited the Botanical gardens which is celebrating its first anniversary in June of this year. There we met German born Stefan Reisner, botanist and co-owner of the Ubud Botanic Gardens who acquired the land from the Indonesian Government. He stated they didn't think the land was worth much and I guess the locals thought bad spirits dwelled on the 5 hectares. In two short years Stefan and his partner, Faizah, a business woman from Java, have created this most wonderful space. A meditation grotto, Islam garden, pitcher plant area with over 200 pitcher plants of the tropical variety. Most originating from Borneo (Kalimantan), Sumatra and Papua, New Guinea. A stone path winds among different varieties of bamboo and you'll see hundreds of butterflies of every color! The gardens are just ... read more
Botanical garden path
Terraced rice paddies
Terraced rice paddies

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 10th 2007

The first night in Ubud we took the shuttle downtown and had dinner at a the Lotus Garden next to the palace which was in front of a temple. My food was good but Mark's was a little dried out. The best part of the evening and a nice surprise, was they had the Barong dance across the lotus pond in front of an ancient temple. We didn't bring any cameras since the batteries were being charged. We had taken many photos on the trip up to Ubud. The Barong dance is taken from an episode from Mahabharata, the epic Sanskrit poem. The costumes were fabulous and set in front of the temple gates. The Barong, like you see in so many of the masks is the good white magic, the king of the jungle, ... read more
Mount Batur
Lake Batur

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 1st 2007

Our driver picked us up at the Keraton after we said our goodbyes to the ladies that owned the little shops by the Jimbaran bay seafood beach restaurants. Warta drove us up to Ubud, in the center of island. It is a haven for artists. Located over an hour drive from Jimbaran but it took us longer because we wanted to stop in the many villages along the way. There is batik making, wood carving, stone carving, painters, you name it. Artist, Walter Spies, a German born in Moscow in 1895, visited Bali in 1927 & stayed. He was very influential on the Balinese art scene. He encouraged them to go beyond the religious & traditional boundaries of their art and inspired them to paint everyday Balinese life and themes rooted in their Hindu mythology. ... read more
Penjor Bamboo poles
Stairs at Tjampuhan Hotel

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud June 7th 2007

Ubud... We arrived in Ubud 3 days ago....probably my favourite place so far. This is where you come for shopping!!!!!!! Not too many hot surfers around but the shopping has more than made up for it. We have visted Monkey Forest which was have to hang on to all your belongings though otherwise the monkeys will have them away! My Mom found this out when a monkey stole her orange juice...check out the photos...You buy bananas to feed them, they are very tame/brave and just climb up you and whip them out of your hand! I made the mistake of sitting down on the wrong wall and got chased away by a moneky!!! the males have big beards and the females great big tash's!? hm attractive! My Mom and I have treated ourselves to ... read more
Monkey Forest
Me and Mom and monkeys!!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 31st 2007

very much a hindu area, strong in keeping their traditions & cultures. nice to see the contrast between here & java. wonderful houses - all very much look like temples - all have temples inside them for making offerings to the gods. beautiful offerings & incense all over the place - little baskets with fresh flowers everyday placed outside doors & at varous places around the rooms, streets, etc for luck & general protection from god. definitely a great feeling of relaxation & calm (despite the many touts & other tourists wandering around!!) getting a bit of a culture shock being here...really quite enjoyed being in a minority in java & missing the way of life i was getting used to. monkey forest - great little forest, yes, full of monkeys..very fun!!! spent a morning doing ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 31st 2007

Travel Betty: We've GOT to go to Bali. Travel Boyfriend: You just want that pig. Betty (drooling): So? Did you see it? It was succulent. It's swabbed in coconut milk for an entire six hours as it rotates over an open fire. Did you see the crispy skin? Imagine what that tastes like! Boyfriend: Yeah, I saw it. I'm just not going to travel 8,343 miles to eat a meal. Betty: Your loss. And that's how I came to book one single ticket to Bali for October. Travel Boyfriend and I were watching No Reservations and Anthony Bourdain was in Indonesia traipsing through lush forests, interacting with locals, eating wonderful and mysterious foods like durian and basically making me insanely eager to get on a plane. But to be fair, it wasn’t just the pig. I ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 23rd 2007

It's been over a month since I got to Ubud, Bali. A town about an hour ride inland from the beaches synonymous with Bali. Up here where the air is cool, the rice terraces are a brighter shade of green than you can imagine, the hippies congregate, the gurus heal, I find my self stuck. Drawn by accommodation unrivaled during the last seventeen months on the road. The story goes a bit like this... So I board my flight in the Delhi Airport after the longest, most grueling security process I've encountered at any airport. People pushing and shoving, in typical Indian style, complete disregard for a line. So off to Kuala Lumpur for a pit stop before catching a plane to Denpessar, Bali. Small side note worth mentioning. India being a Hindu country beef vanishes ... read more
Me and the Goon!!!
Adin This One's For You...
The Garden

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 21st 2007

Driving north to Ubud (the "cultural" centre of Bali) - the roads narrow, the drivers are ridiculously bold, the earth greens with the terraced fields of rice ... We arrive at our "swanky" boutique hotel - aLiLa - the air is fresh and humid, the terraced hillsides are all shades of green with jungle, a tribe of monkeys greet our arrival. What a cool place!! Looking out over the "infinity pool" (rated one of the best 50 pools on the planet ... who makes these lists??!!) to the countryside and a calm settles over us. This is definitely a differant Bali than Kuta!! Devin has decided he'd like to be an elephant trainer (he's as comfortable on an elephant as he is on Pongo, our quarterhorse!). Ambling through the jungle on a 3 ton animal ... read more
monkey forest
Anyone remember the peanuts?
hey!!! an elephant ear in the face!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 19th 2007

Thursday 17th: After leaving Lovina, we were happily on our way to Ubud, and we asked the driver to stop at Bedugal so we could see the temples on the lake. They were nice to see, but not nearly as impressive as the photos we had seen of them. Got to Ubud and the driver took us to a nice hotel near the centre called Argosa on Monkey Forest Road. It's a nice place, 2 double beds, with an outdoor bathroom - with hot water (a luxury for us by now), and it's set back in a nice garden - all for Rp 60,000 (about £3.40). So we walked around Ubud, went to the Post Office, posted our PADI forms, postcards etc, and walked on. Figured Ubud, even though it's Bali's second largest town, really isn't ... read more
Our room
Naughty Monkey

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