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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 12th 2008

Geo: -8.51927, 115.263I can't believe I've been here for three weeks! Today I ran some errands, wrapped up some loose ends. Had a nice lunch overlooking some rice patties...and paid one last visit to the Monkey Forest. But maybe I'll come back to Ubud after my week in Lovina and week in Kuta. After all, I did renew my visa for 30 more days - maybe I'll use them? Who knows? Tomorrow I'm off to Lovina on the north side of the island. It's a beach town but very small and with little tourists. I wanted to go there because it's a black sands beach - which is cool, haven't seen one besides in Hawaii - and because it's got a great internationally recognized SCUBA school where I plan to get certified.The plan is to stay ... read more
b - 1/3 land 2/3 sky for you Marc!
c - Ubud thatched rooftops
d - Sunset over the rice fields

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 10th 2008

Geo: -8.51927, 115.263Today I went to the Ubud market to buy a new blouse and belt/scarf for Temple. I actually did it too, and of course I got a few more things. After the market, I went to a restaurant called the Dirty Duck. I'd been there before for dinner at night, and remember thinking that I had to go again during the day to see the fantastic fountains in the light. I've put some pics of them here, as well as some pictures of the rice fields that lay just behind the restaurant. I got the new Temple clothes because I am going to an important cremation ceremony in Ginyar tomorrow. A high-priest died about 2 months ago, and the town has been preparing his cremation/burial ever since. It's a big deal; people from all ... read more
Close up of adjoining rice fields
Close up of young rice plants
Dirty Duck - fruit

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 8th 2008

Ok, Thought i'd write another blog as I havn't had enough time since tuesday to do one. On Tuesday Night we went off to the night safari which actually was amazing. There was either a tram service which took you round the park or you could walk on foot. We decided to do both. The good thing about this zoo is you can get pretty close to the animals and there aren't really any glass walls protecting you from seeing them. We saw animals including lions, giraffes, leopards, elephants .... all very close. On foot we managed to walk thru a cage which had many flying bats in which again was quite fun, also very fun jumping on nathan and scaring him :-) I also had my picture taken with a snake and a leopard. On ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 8th 2008

Balin varikas hindukulttuuri naytti taas parastaan! Ogoh-ogoh -hirvioita Balin lapset olivat vasanneet antaumuksella yhteensa jopa 4000 kpl. Niita sitten kanniskeltiin miesvoimin ympari kylia ja lopulta poltettiin pyhan apinametsan hautausmaalla, jossa hautakivien lomitse myos useampi bule (lansi-ihminen) hortoili tulenlieskoja ihailemassa. Ogoh-ogoh -kulkueita seuraava paiva onkin sitten koko saaren erikoisin. Kyseessa on balilainen uusivuosi eli Nyepi, jonka aikana koko saari on kuin "kuollut": ei ole liikennetta eika mitaan muuta julkista toimintaa. Lahinna vain sairaalat ovat toiminnassa. Myos pienten vauvojen kodeissa voidaan hiljaisuuden paivan tiukoista vaatimuksista tinkia. Ja turistipaikoissa hotellivieraille tarjotaan ruokaa, vaikka mm. tulenteko on paivan aikana kiellettya. Vaikka hiljaisuuden paiva sattui nyt perjantaille, joka taas muslimeille olisi tarkea rukouspaiva moskei... read more
Ogoh-ogoh on the Street
Red Evil Eyes
Ogoh-ogoh Passing By

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 8th 2008

Hi all Well the day after I last left you, in the morning we went to the reverse bungee along the Singapore river in Clarke Quay. Somehow Tom decided it didn't look too bad and decided he would give it a go, however once on it took the operator a lot of persausion and the odd bit of emotional blackmail before Tom decided to go through with it. For those of you who don't know what a reverse bungee is, it is where you are at the bottom of two pieces of bungee held between two towers in a seat, then they pull the bungees tight and release the seat. For the first few seconds neither of us screamed, just because we actually couldn't, we got to 200kph ina few seconds, but after that the screaming ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 6th 2008

Geo: -8.51927, 115.263Nyippe is tomorrow, but that is the day of rest. Today is Nyippe-eve? I'll call it that. Today is Nyippe-Eve! It's like New Years Eve, and today is the day for the party! All the Ogoh-Ogohs that have been in preparation for the past couple weeks will get carried all through town (like a parade float of sorts), they'll travel to the football field in the center of town, stay on display there for most of the afternoon. Then, once the sun sets, they'll all make their big entrance down the streets again, and get paraded in front of the huge crowd gathered at the temple. I followed my neighborhoods Ogoh-Ogoh to the football field, then found a nice pub with a view of the field, made friends with some nice Aussies so I ... read more
At night the Ogoh-Ogohs have lights on/in them
Baseball hat & flip flops?
Festial atmosphere of the football field

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 5th 2008

Geo: -8.51927, 115.263One morning I got up early and visited the Farmers Market in Ubud, and this is what think I thought I saw.... read more
Banana bin?
Chickens for sale
Flowers for offering 4sale

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 4th 2008

Geo: -8.51927, 115.263I spent the whole day today at the spa.I have no pictures.It was 5 hours of unreal luxury.I has a Swedish massage, a body scrub with something that smelled like Maple Brown Sugar Cream of Wheat (and felt like it too) Then a body treatment of pure yogurt, head to toe.then a flower bath (yes like in the movies with tropical flower petals floating all over)then my skin was treated with this flower oilthen a facial and neck massage, and another hand massagethen an oil treatment on my hair and a scalp massage, and another hand massagethen they wrapped a hot towel on my head while I got a mani/pedi, and another hand massagethen I was luggage and they had to call a car to take me home. I went to bed without dinner ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 3rd 2008

Geo: -8.51927, 115.263So seeing as I have made the Pradha Guesthouse my home for 3 weeks (Feb 18- March 12) and Bali is hurting for tourists, and the staff has become my family, and they asked me nicely everyday to post pictures so that all my friends in America will come to Bali and stay at Pradha. I'll dedicate today's entry to the house.In the center of the village of Ubud lies the kings palace, in front of the palace is Ubud's main town Temple called Pura Desa. (The back wall of Pura Desa is the front wall of the Palace.) Just to the right of the Palace, is the Lotus Temple (where I saw a Gamelan Show) with the lotus pond that you've seen pictures of. The Lotus temple is the private family temple of ... read more
Pradha Guesthouse:  My room
Pradha Guesthouse: My front door
Pradha Guesthouse: Pool in the rain

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 3rd 2008

Geo: -8.51927, 115.263Wyan, who works in the Pradha cafe is an amateur woodcarver on the side, and offered to take me to see some 'Master Woodcarvers' in Ubud. This town is known for its art, and I'm not really into paintings so much, but when he mentioned wood carving I really wanted to see. We stopped by a few shops, and I kept gravitating to the same figure, the Rice Goddess. There are a bunch of different instances of her, in all sorts of situations. And it was funny, every time I liked one and pointed to it, it was always the Rice Goddess! So that's the carving I ended up with. I don't have a picture of it. Huh? Not sure why, probably because I was stressing about all the price bargaining going on. Even ... read more
Apprentice woodcarvers
Master Woodcarver at work
Master Woodcarver close up

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