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March 12th 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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I can't believe I've been here for three weeks! Today I ran some errands, wrapped up some loose ends. Had a nice lunch overlooking some rice patties...and paid one last visit to the Monkey Forest. But maybe I'll come back to Ubud after my week in Lovina and week in Kuta. After all, I did renew my visa for 30 more days - maybe I'll use them? Who knows?

Tomorrow I'm off to Lovina on the north side of the island. It's a beach town but very small and with little tourists. I wanted to go there because it's a black sands beach - which is cool, haven't seen one besides in Hawaii - and because it's got a great internationally recognized SCUBA school where I plan to get certified.

The plan is to stay for a week, and then maybe head down to Pura Besakih for the March 19th festival, and then arrive in Kuta on the 20th. Sha, her husband sister and a few more friends are arriving in Kuta from Australia that same day and we'll all hang out for Easter weekend in Kuta. After that, who knows? Maybe I'll use my last two weeks in Indonesia to bounce up the islands and head toward Thailand island hopping. It might be cheaper, and more fun!, than a flight up to Bangkok directly. I dunno, I'll think about that over the next two weeks.

Enjoy the pictures of the monkeys...I just love them.

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n - Getting comfortablen - Getting comfortable
n - Getting comfortable

I think this might be my favorite picture so far. =)
p - Always looking at the earringsp - Always looking at the earrings
p - Always looking at the earrings

Notice I'm not wearing any jewelry this time. Except the one diamond stud that I can't take off even if I wanted to. And he found it!

12th March 2008

this guy has had a busy day!
12th March 2008

i looove him!
12th March 2008

12th March 2008

OMG!! So freaking CUTE!!
12th March 2008

12th March 2008

How adorable!
12th March 2008

Let me just tease your hair for more volume! Oh, where's that can of AquaNet??
28th March 2008

Re: From Dad Got it, thanks dad. I check my hotmail everytime I'm on-line. No need for a reminder =) Thanks SO much for keeping me in touch in the Tibetian situation. I don't get CNN here and my only news is on-line. With you and Mom e
mailing me the links to the latest, I don't need to go looking for it! The State Dept is lifting the ban on Americans In Tibet on April 27th. We'll see how it is then, and if it'll be ok for me to go. If the State Dept says no, then I won't go for sure. So sad, I was really looking forward to Tibet! Ohh, well. I'll have to come back again.

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