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12th February 2012

lovely pictures..
14th January 2012

hi! these pipes are beautiful, what period you think they belong to? can you remember what their price was? thx!
18th October 2011

Hi, You really took some amazing pictures there! I can see that you do enjoy the traveling. Take the chance to share a working on line system with you. Working hard for 2 years and it would bring you uninterrupted income weekly!I Even you
are enjoy the long vocation!! That would be the real vocation!!Sign up and experience it. ==>
22nd March 2011

hey i have a bottle of it do you know if you trip
21st January 2011

Hi,This place looks interesting.But, you must add some more information on Bed and Breakfast accommodation of this guest house.Good luck!
10th April 2010

Hello Mrs. Suzettesp,Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures. I really enjoy look at all of those pictures that you post on Travel pod. I believe you must have a great trip and incredible experiences. I would like to make some comments on
Laotian Currency. Actually, one of the currencies pictures that you post is Cambodian Currency, not Laotian Currency. I hope I did not disappointed you of making the comments.Have a nice day,
10th April 2010

This is also Cambodia currency.
10th April 2010

I am sorry, but this is not Laotian Currency. It is Cambodia Currency. 500 Riel.
10th March 2010

lagi gapain
From Blog: Spa Day
26th January 2010

java is not the largest island in indonesia. the largest island is borneo. java is the 5th...
13th December 2009

I think Thai Government are making money with the Padaung tribe. They themselves are so vulnerable. They fled to thai border cos of the political situations and brutal regime. So pitiful. What is their future? No own land, no own business
for income and so on. They are managed by Thai government. Fortunately, they have some chance for education. Myanmar military Regime is so cruel and good for nothing. Stupid leader, the regime!
31st January 2009

Hello... Hi, I am planning a trip to Ayutthaya this coming March. Do you travel alone in Ayutthaya? Is it possible to travel around by foot?
24th November 2008

Each of these scarves sell for 100Bhat or about 3 dollars and take about 4 days to make. You forget the yarn cost, perhaps 50Bhat. Hard fieldwork give 10Bhat/day.<br><br>The tourist's contact by the reality in developing country
, is the long neck woman.<br>
3rd October 2008

BURMA or MYANMAR You use both terms in your blogs - generally one uses BURMA if you hate the current military regime OR MYANMAR if you approve of it. Try and use just the one you stand for.
22nd September 2008

From Mom These places look so serene; is there room for me! Love, Mom
7th September 2008

GREAT BLOG I started reading your BLOGS and they are great. I am going to Chiang Mai at the end of September 2008, I will possibly staying for 6 months. I would love to learn the name of your Hotel for $9 a night in Chiang Mai with a po
ol. Joe (
29th August 2008

From Mom Saw this note on your page. ' This is a featured travel blog! This is a top pick!' with a gold star. Your blog is so impressive, as is your courage with tigers!!! Love, Mom
20th August 2008

have fun~ It's a amazing plan~hope you have a good trip!
15th August 2008

from Mom Was that golden Buddha in Thailand really as large as it appears in your photo?
15th August 2008

Re: from Mom Yep it really was. It was at least three stories tall, and it was up on a hill so really big. I've got more pictures of it I can show you when I get home. =)
10th August 2008

From Mom You're right, Thailand is lush + green. Nothing like India. But we truly needed the India experience in our life's journey. Take Care. Love you! Mom
31st July 2008

From Mom These photos in Thailand are beautiful, a far cry from the streets of India! Enjoy, be safe, and e-mail your Mom regularly. Love you! Mom
26th June 2008

Keepin' it real Hey Suz - I just got caught up on your entries, even kept the girls up a few extra minutes to show them the cool elephant shrub-sculptures or whatever you'd call them. But I love this current one the most; while I love a
ll of the photos of all of the picturesque things you've seen, this entry just paints a picture of traveling in foreign lands!! It sounds like you have completely mastered this! :) So I was thinking to myself the other day that maybe we'd see you soon, maybe you'd be home for the girls birthdays but then I see you planning to 'come back to Thailand with a fresh new 30 day visa' and now I'm thinking maybe you have just become a permanent traveler!! I'm surprised that you have not secured some type of 'work on the road' job and written that you will next see us at the kids' high school graduation! ;) The girls really love your post cards, especially the one with the floating market. THanks for sending them - it is so thoughtful! Now whenever I say we have to go food shopping, Hannah without fail asks me if we can go to the floating market instead of stop and shop. I'm sure she has some image in her head of these woman daily floating down the river at the end of our road, and me dragging her to the boring store instead of the beachside-mart. I tried to explain the whole 'that's really far away' concept and had to quit after the 1000th 'but WHY Mama?' Hope your destination was worth the 6 hour bumpy ride! Just to give you some perspective, when you have kids there will be times that your week is so crazy that you look forward to the relative 'piece and quiet' of getting a cavity filled, so at that time you will look back on that 6 hour bumpy ride with crazy muzak and think that it was a little slice of heaven!!! :) Sending you a big hug!!Jana, Dave, Amanda & Hannah

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