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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 25th 2007

Bali is an anomaly in the entire Southeast Asian region, let alone just Indonesia, by being a society in which Hinduism is the dominant religion. Hinduism came to Bali more than 2,000 years ago and has developed in an independent fashion ever since, assimilating aspects of Buddhism, animism, and ancestor worship. One of the interesting aspects of Balinese Hinduism (according to Wikipedia) is that it emphasises the propitiation of umpteen local spirits via aesthetically pleasing rituals - this is perhaps why the island has over 11,000 temples and pretty much every day there is a festival at one or more of them. Balinese culture, like many cultures throughout the world, has been informed and shaped by religion. And Balinese culture is perhaps best represented by Ubud (I read that Javanese culture is best represented by Yogyakarta, ... read more
Naked silver woman suspended from a tree

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 18th 2007

Our late-night arrival in Ubud, though clouded by weariness, pissed-offness, and a general sense of frustration, had nevertheless been accompanied by images of art galleries, silversmiths', handicraft shops, and spas lining the streets on our way to the town. And our first morning in Ubud only reinforced the sense of an artistic streak running through the region, which continued through the fortnight we were there. Waking up in our room, which we'd not yet seen in daylight, the painted carvings on the door and flowers on the bedside table seemed like nice touches, but it was only when venturing outside that the sheer quantity of "nice touches" became apparent. Statues of creatures from Balinese Hinduism were dotted throughout the guesthouse's grounds. Exotic flowers including orchids and frangipani lent their colours and scents to an overwhelming background ... read more
Gecko on mosaic
Glamourpuss getting frisky

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 16th 2007 what I was singing along with as I jumped around in the Indonesian equivalent of a mosh pit with scores of pre-pubsecent Indonesian boys (and a few westerners!) on Kuta Beach, Bali, and for just over 2 weeks I fell in love with the paradise that is Indonesia (cheesy but true!). Forget buckets on the beach and the tuk tuks of Thailand, its all about Indonesia. Ignore the bird flu and claims of militant extremism and just come!I flew into Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, from Sydney, glad to be finally off on my travels again. As soon as I got out of the airport the smells and sights of Asia seemed to hit me, as familiar as Mum's cooking. It was good to be back. Ubud is quite large by Bali standards - ... read more
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Rice fields - Bali
Local school kids

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 6th 2007

Aamulla Lombokin Kutassa aamiaisen jälkeen pakattiin auto ja sanotiin morjens Tonalle, joka oli tullut saattamaan meitä. Automatkalla satamaan kuski kertoi, että paatteja ei menisikään joka tunti, kuten meille oli hotellilla ja muualla kerrottu. Sen sijaan jouduttaisiin odottamaan parisen tuntia satamassa ennen paatin lähtöä. Koko automatkan kuski yritti myydä meille pakettia, joka sisältäisi laivaliput ja Balilla satamasta matkan Ubudiin. Vaikka sanottiin, että ei ostettaisi pakettia, niin kuski kysyi taas tovin kuluttua uudelleen. Kuski tarjosi meille myös mahdollisuutta pysähtyä paikallisessa kutomistehtaassa, mutta passattiin sekin. Juuri ennen satamaan tuloa kaveri halusi meiltä vielä hitusen enemmän rahaa joidenkin poliisien voitelemiseen. Ennen lähtöä Kutalta kuitenkin varmistettiin hinta satamaan, joten ei suostuttu maksamaan ylimääräistä. Siitä kuskille... read more
Lombokissa matkalla Lembariin
Lombokissa matkalla Lembariin
Ruostepurkki Lembarin satamassa

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud September 4th 2007

After the work camp in Thailand, I was off to Bali for a week of sun and surf with a buddy from Australia - except that I found out the day before I left for Bali that my buddy from Australia broke his ankle the week previous and was no longer making it. Total bummer! I had to think fast, as this was now going to be a significantly different trip. From Karbi I flew to Bangkok and then to Kuala Lumpur - I overnighted near the airport and then flew to Bali. I had to take the long way. I could fly this for the equivalent of $600 on Air Asia - or I could have flown it for $2000 on Thai or Singapore air - or I could have been really organized and booked ... read more
Drying Rice in a village near Ubud
Balinese Dancer
Hindu Offering

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 31st 2007

The saga that is Bali continues........ On arrival in Ubud what struck us most was its size. Having started out as a small village many moons ago it has grown into a small town now swallowing up many villages around it with its many draws. There is much to see and do in and around Ubud especially for those partial to a bit of art, wood carving, jewellery, kite making, clothes shopping or dancing. We had a week to soak up as much of this as we could manage. We started by booking a couple of things as at this time of year there are many European and Australian visitors so things get a little busy. We made arrangements to go on a cycling trip, white water rafting (again!), a visit to an Elephant park ... read more
The passing countryside.
Ready to raft!!
Look at us!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 29th 2007

hello my friends. still in bali, still doing touristy lovely things. ventured far out today, visited a couple of new temples, and even got blessed with holy water. saw some women making batik on the batik making making wheel thing. crazy to think that the batik costs only about 10 aussie dollars for a metre or so, and it takes oh so much time for them to create it. and i'm sure they don;t see half of that in profit. our tour guide told us that the women only make 30 000 rupee a day - that about 4 aussie dollars! for a whole day. 8 - 5. crazy different world out here. also went to a pretty amazing zoo - saw a hippo and some tigers. had a lovely lovely encounter with some baby monkeys. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 28th 2007

so, the bali life.. i am currently in ubud, what some would call the shopping capital of bali,, and man am i shopping. it is most probably not advisable, considering the fact that everything i buy i must lug around with me to europe, but things are so beautiful i am finding it impossible to resist temptaion. the batik ( a personal fetish of mine) is stunning, and my only thought is of all the beautiful things i can have made for next to no money. the weather here is odd, everyone is confused, as at this time of year ordinarily it is incredibly hot and the sun is shining with no remorse. despite this, it is currently overcast - as it has been almost constanty since i arrived last week. the weather is mild, warmer ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 28th 2007

Prise 2 car on vient de manquer d'electricite et je dois tout recommencer ce que j'avais ecrit durant la derniere demi-heure ! On est finalement partis de Kuta qui etait tres tres bruyante pour se rendre a Sanur, sur la cote est. On a donc quitte notre super hotel 4* pour une petite pension familiale qui s'est averee etre tres sympathique malgre la salle de bain semi en plein air qui faisait un peu peur. J'ai ainsi eu droit a ce que j'apprehendais: une douche froide ! Ouf ! A Sanur, on a pu enfin relaxer un peu et surtout se faire moins (je dis moins, mais pas aucunement) achaler par les vendeurs ambulants. De la, on avait une belle vue sur l'un des plus hauts sommets de l'ile. Regardez de tres pres la photo, on ... read more
Culture des algues - Nusa Lembogan
Mopette a Dream Beach
Seuls au paradis !

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 16th 2007

Bonjour a tous! Nous voici donc sur Bali! Les derniers jours se sont passes a scooter, a decouvrir tranquilement l'ile. La pauvre bete a mange pas mal de km... Des le premier jour, destination un volcan, le Gunung Batur. C'est vraiment tres joli, mais qu'est ce qui peut faire froid la haut...! Avant d'arriver au sommet, nous avons traverse des paysages de rizieres en terrasse, des champs d'oranger et de petits villages tout mignons. En haut, la vue est plus que panoramique, et digne des Alpes, avec un lac d'altitude, des coules de lave et un cone qui se perd dans les nuages. On en redescend frigorifies! On ne nous y reprendra plus!! Le soir on se fait plaisir avec un bon resto bien classe avec petite lanterne, vue sur la riziere, mezze Libanais (ca fait ... read more
Rizieres en terrasse sur Bali
Excursion vers un des volcans de l'ile
Une entrée de maison sur Bali

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