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September 4th 2007
Published: September 4th 2007
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After the work camp in Thailand, I was off to Bali for a week of sun and surf with a buddy from Australia - except that I found out the day before I left for Bali that my buddy from Australia broke his ankle the week previous and was no longer making it. Total bummer!

I had to think fast, as this was now going to be a significantly different trip. From Karbi I flew to Bangkok and then to Kuala Lumpur - I overnighted near the airport and then flew to Bali. I had to take the long way. I could fly this for the equivalent of $600 on Air Asia - or I could have flown it for $2000 on Thai or Singapore air - or I could have been really organized and booked it as part of my round the world fare - but at the time I booked that, I wasnt 100% sure what I was doing. In KL, I managed to buy the LP guide to Bali and read parts of it on the plane over. It was quite funny - there was a Malaysian couple next to me who were on their honeymoon and were absolutely flabergasted that I was on a plane to Bali and had no idea where I was going to stay that evening - I wasnt particularly worried.

On my flight over, I settled on starting in Ubud, the cultural capital of Bali. Since I was now travelling on my own, I figured I should see what Bali really had to offer - other than beach. I figured 3 days in Ubud should do it.

Ubud was absolutely gorgeous. It is a little town with some great shopping surrounded by paddies of rice. Very picturesque. During my time there I went jewlery shopping, went on a few walks, ate a ton, caught a traditional dance show at the palace, hung out with the monkies in the sacred forest and spent a wee bit of time in the spas.

I have to say, heaven is the full Balinese massage followed by a sea salt scrub, a milk cream something or other and a flower bath while drinking ginger tea. 2 hours of heaven costs about $30. This was had a the Nur Salon. If you are ever in Ubud, I highly recommend this one. All though being scrubbed and bathed by someone (as an adult anyway) was definitely odd.

From Ubud, I decided I needed some sun and some luxury - and low and behold if the Westin resort in Nusa Dua wasn't to be had for $125 a night. This is a great deal for the Westin compared to other parts of the globe - and I had been scrimping along the way. I could feel that heavenly bed already. Nusa Dua is a gated hotel/resort community and I would not recommend going there for any other reason than to hang out in the nice hotels. It is far from anything interesting and not Bali at all. But needing a break from travelling, I spent 4 days hanging by the pool, reading and catching the sun, and spending wayyyy to much on meals. It was blissful in its own way. Needless to say - I didn't make the surf - didn't feel up to it without a buddy along.

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Hindu OfferingHindu Offering
Hindu Offering

You had to watch your step every morning as these were everywhere!

4th September 2007

Way to go Princess! ha ha ha MMmmmmm spa... mmmm... Bali... Mmmmm NO SURFING!?! Are you kidding? I am almost in tears!!!
8th September 2007

i'm jealous
wow, its sound so relaxing. and i guest it will last for a long long time in your memory. your pictures add my knowledge about ubud from what i've read on i wish there are more photos... ;)

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