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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 4th 2007

today we ventured out with one of the local drivers (big scorpion) to Ubud. we had planned on doing a trip to dreamland, but decided to do something easier on our bodies, this decision may have been influenced by a really good and long surf session the previous day. I won't speak for Andy, but my shoulders were begging for a day of rest. We left our hotel after an as usual excellent breakfast and drove about an hour to Ubud, first to the Bali zoo just outside of Ubud. It was a pretty cool zoo, quite small pens for most animals, and usually only one of each so alot of them seemed quite bored. we walked all around the park and saw quite a few animals, crocidiles, white tigers, lions, pygmy hippopotomus. Andy and I ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 19th 2007

Hi, it's Jamil. My birthday is coming up and I get to pick the hotel, the thing to do and mom will buy me one thing and will give me 20 dollars. What I want to do on my birthday is to take a glass bottom boat through the ocean to see all the fish. We have been in Ubud for eight days. One day in Ubud we rented a car and drove up to a volcano. It is an active one and the second we got to the top it started to pour, so we plopped ourselves inside a restaurant that I think would've had nice view if it was a nice day! When we left the place, there was a group of people outside trying to sell stuff in the pouring rain. I ... read more
Dad buying fruit
Monkeys Picking
Rice Paddies

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 18th 2007

Samir's article. A few days ago, after a failed walk (no details) we saw two dances called Kechak and the fire dance. At the start of Kechak a bunch of sweaty guys burst out of the temple, fingers a waggling, making fighting cat-duck noises. The rest of the dance was about the monkey god Hanuman, two brothers and a monkey army fighting a demon and a giant (guess who won). The fire dance started with a man walking out and dumping a basket of coconut shells onto the floor, then painting it with lighter fuel, then setting it ablaze with a match. Next, another man riding a hobby horse "trotted" around the flames, then ran straight up to the fire and gave it a good kick in the middle! (Now I'm not saying the guy ... read more
Jamil and I at the end of the Boomerang
A Crazy Cockatoo on a Shoulder and a Dramatic Macaw in the Hands
The Closed Temple of Tanah Lot

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 18th 2007

We've now spent 8 days in Bali, as we arrived here on the 10th of April. We were picked up by an old friend of ours, who used to be married to someone in Canada and moved back to Indonesia about five years ago, Tata. He greatfully showed us a few hotels around Ubud untill we picked a nice one (well Jamil, Samir and I think it's good because it has a swimming pool, that's about all we look for). Our first full day in Indonesia was a great one, we went to a monkey forest, you wouldn't believe how many monkeys we saw! Another day, we went on this long, long walk with a view of Ubud and lots of rice fields. Thursday we rented a car and drove to a volcano which apparently ... read more
" I'm the king of the stone!"
Hot but Happy!
Mount Batur

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 18th 2007

Hi, it's Beth. Really, the only reason I write is to publish the pictures the kids won't. For example, I know they'll only publish the pictures of them with the python but a certain Mrs. Sahota needs to see me with that thing around my neck. And by the way, Alia really wanted to hold the python (even though gnats send her into a tailspin!) but nobody would hold it with her so I volunteered. It was my turn since Azim did the Smashdown slide with Jamil...once. So, after I said c'mon to Alia. Samir joined in and yes, I ran for the middle spot and Samir got to hold the head. What Samir and Alia didn't tell you is that the python eats 5 ducks every two weeks-I couldn't order duck for dinner after ... read more
Stone Statues
More Stone Statues
Kechak Dance

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 12th 2007

Samir's article. Only a few days ago, in Japan, me, Alia, Jamil and Dad's friend's daughter, Sarah went to a course thing where there were three different courses that you can do. Mom & Dad didn't go on any, but us kids went on the family course. We would have gone on the water course if it wasn't so cold out and if there weren't giant carps in the water. On the family course, however, there was a rope swing over water, a big hamster wheel and an enormous bowl called the ant trap. You had to run along the sides of the ant trap really fast or else fall into the bottom and never be able to do yoga again. Two days later we visited a museum of a studio that brought you "Spirited ... read more
A Giant Robot Perched on the Roof of the Ghibli Museum
Dad vs Monkey
Baby Monkey Bites into a Sour Leaf (or a Bad Chili Pepper)

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 7th 2007

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 29th 2007

On Mar 4, we left Gili Air island to go to Ubud, Bali. Again, our travels consist of 4 segments: - Gili Air Island to Bangsal port of Lombok by long tail boat. - From Bangsal port to Lembar port by mini-bus. - From Lembar port to Padangbai of Bali by big ferry boat. - From Padangbai to Ubud by mini-bus. We arrived in Ubud, when it almost get dark. The mini-bus was supposed to drop us off in the middle of town, but it dropped us off at the edge of town. We tried to look for the guesthouse that Soniah recommended (Darta Homestay) but we were unable to find it. We ended up at a guesthouse called Palengi Guesthouse, which is run by a nice family. The guesthouse has a bali garden style ... read more
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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 22nd 2007

Don't evenknow how to begin or how to describe the last few days....I think I have to go into a limbo stage where I can process what I've seen. These people really LIVE their customs - how they keep it up with the western influence, I don't know.....but they are detrmined to do so....and the kids / adolescents seem to be right along with it. Yesterday a village procession; a cremation; offerings, draping of the body (a very old woman high priestess)....later a visit to a village doktor (healer) who seemed to be using a sort of acupressure and he was able to clear and diagnose a lot of symptoms for all of us. None of this seems forced or like we are on some western tour - we're just being shown around by Surya and ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 17th 2007

Huhhhhh? Whaaaat day is it???? Whaaat month is it???? The fan kachunks over head, the morning is always the same - breakfast on my terrace; customs of bali and maybe some balinese dance (oh, can I just watch YOU, Surya (a man) do this extraordinary transformation with just one movement into a creature of the forest with grace and mystery?) Yesterday we climbed into a van and headed to this sacred spring - a (again, the word mossy comes to mind) temple with pools and stone spouts, each one representing some aspect of ourselves we needed help with (bad things being said about us, jealousy, laziness). You stand in waist-deep water under each spout as cool, fresh, pure spring water pours over your head. Dressed in sarong and tank top - getting completely and modestly wet. ... read more

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