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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 7th 2006

One of the major events in my Bali trip was enjoying the local food. From the not-to-be-missed (as stated in some travel books) Ibu Oka babi guling, the Murni's Warung, Wayan Batu, Cafe Wayan, Bebek Bengkel, Bali Buddha, Cafe Lotus, Lotus Lane etc. to the less known Biah Biah, Bridge Cafe, Padi to the local food stall without a name on the road sides selling nasi campur, bakso, or dessert. A meal can be as expensive as 20USD or as cheap as less than 1USD per peson. I didnt try the French cuisine here (some said Bali has some of the best French cuisinier here) coz I believe in Malaysia we can have some good ones too. After trying most of the so called recommended restaurants, the only taste I can still remember right now is ... read more
Chocolate Cake
Indra Prastha

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 17th 2006

We are near the end of our trip and have now entered the land of mystical gods, white sand beaches, and thousands of temples galore - we are in Bali. The hotel we are staying at is absolutely gorgeous. I think it's the best value we have ever reserved. Uma Ubud, is situated about 3 km from the center of Ubud city and is sorrounded by lush tropical forests and a river that runs throughout the city. We just went on our morning walk through the rice fields and saw the villagers way of life. On the streets of Ubud, there are huge manholes on the sidewalk, and one of the older guests from the hotel fell into the hole and cut up his leg pretty badly. It brought shivers down my spine just looking at ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 17th 2006

click here! notice how the one on the left sneaks up on me....also try not to laugh when the one on the right falls down!... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 24th 2006

Part 18 March 16 Payangan Dogs bark, chickens cackle, geese squawk, water gurgles--the sounds of morning wake the four of us straining the spartan bed offered for the night. Thousands of tiny ants crawl along the windowsill, invited in perhaps by the windows opened to accommodate our Western penchant for fresh air and relief from the heat of the day. More than occasionally, one of these ants finds its way onto my exposed skin, perpetrating tiny bites that are their last living act once they are so easily identified. This is definitely a different face of Bali than we see in Ubud, and probably even further from the beachfront facades adorning the tourist center of Kuta. Payangan is the village where we stayed for two weeks 15 years ago with our Interlocken students and helped build ... read more
Offerings on Parade
Temple Festival
The colors of the sky

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud March 14th 2006

Part 17 March 11 Ubud, Bali The roosters call from all quarters as the sun rises over the rice paddies, making fields of flowing green almost yellow under the glowing backlight. Despite the changes wrought by many years of unbridled development of what was considered a tourist paradise, Bali still has the scenery and serenity to charm. It is little hard to get past outward appearances here--on one hand the natural beauty of the lush palm fringed rice fields terraced up towards the holy mountains not so far off on this island where nothing is more than 50 km away; on the other the almost eerie feel of this glut of guesthouses, resorts, bungalows, and other tastefully manicured accommodations and restaurants that are, at best, 25% occupied and, more likely, house one or two guests in ... read more
Rice and Mt Batur
Wood Carving Class
Trying to Play Gamelan

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud February 27th 2006

Well I think I have found the most amazing place in the world!! The Royal Pita Maha has to be one of the most beautiful and relaxing places I have ever set eyes on. The resort is absolutely empty, with only a scattering of visitors. This means that we have been treated like royalty for the last 3 days!! It is a constant source of amusement to Marion when the staff at the resort calls me “Mr Andrew”. This combined with the fact that they will do absolutely anything to make your stay as comfortable & pleasurable as possible has made for a very relaxing couple of days. The only negative point about the last couple of days is the weather, it has rained most of the time! Apparently this is quite common for the interior ... read more
Balinese sculpture!!
Marion and the waterfall
The Flying Pickets!!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 29th 2006

So, the boys left for Perth and I went to the arts capital of Bali Ubud. I felt so sad leaving everyone and I think I was the only person staying in my hotel so it accentuated my lonliness!!! Anyway I had a really good time despite this walking about the area. They had a monkey forest which was really cool. if you've played Tomb Raider 3 it was like the first level in the game!!! !- I loved it!! At night at the royal palace they put on traditional dances so I went to see one of these and also a shadow puppet play which was really good. They give you information about the meaning of both so that was helpful.... read more
Can You Spot  The Monkey
Shadow Puppets
A Royal Performance

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 6th 2006

I straight away headed to Ubud once I had arrived in Bali. Well, Kuta is nice, but chaotic, and one day for Kuta is more than enough (guess Im getting really old now). ... read more
Rice terrace behind the shop lots!
An offer to their God.
My favourite Babi Guling!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud January 1st 2006

First things first- let me wish you all a happy new year, and hope 2006 brings you all much joy etc. We had a particularly raucous night last night. After eating, we watched the first half of Aston Villa v Arsenal. That was excitement enough (0-0 at half time, 0-0 at full time), but then, after putting the kids to bed at 9.30pm, Claire and I realised we were so tired we had to go to bed too. Fast asleep by 11.30pm. A fantastic way to see the new year in. However, we were awake at 8am Bali time, which is midnight in London, so sort of saw the year in in a not-really-there kind of way. For those steam train enthusiasts amongst you (I know there are plenty of you out there), we went on ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud December 20th 2005

Dreamland is on the way to Uluwatu, south of Bali. It started as a big project in real estate from the son of the former president. After the elections the new president claimed the land back for the people of Bali. There are only big roads who are already in a very poor condition becaus nobody takes care of them. At the end there are beautiful big clifs with white sandy beaches. Small restaurants and losmen are build al the way up the clifs. During the day many tourists from Kuta visit Dreamland. At night the visitors are gone and the place is even more beautiful. At night you can have dinner in front of the beach, I had fresh grilled squit with french fries, mmmmmm !!!! A good night sleep was not easy because of ... read more

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