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February 22nd 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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Monkeys on my head, monkeys opening my bag, reaching down my shirt, monkeys sitting on my lap! That was how I spent my day. I went to the Monkey Forest (and I'm going back again tomorrow to do it again because I loved it so much).

In Ubud, there is a Monkey Temple it's in a tropical jungle just outside of town. Cost me 10,000Rupia ($1) to hop on the back of my friend Eddie's motorbike and we were there in no time. (I'll tell you another time about the naming convention for the babies born in Ubud, it's pretty unique. And Eddie is an even more unique incarnation.)

The temple is a sacred place, so you have to wear a sarong to enter (men too!). They have a bunch avail for all the foreigners who didn't know the rules. Not me, I rode a motorbike in a sarong. Aww yeah.... I've bought three new ones since I've been here, a tank top, sarong and my Teva's is now my daily routine. Ohh and lots of pretty jewelry that I've gotten from the local artists of course. When I upload the videos from the Monkey Temple I'll share with
Monkey Temple, Ubud 2Monkey Temple, Ubud 2Monkey Temple, Ubud 2

Monkey on my knee =)
you the embarrassing one where a Monkey got the better of me, and my silver! Uh!

It was such a fantastic place, the air was wet with this mornings rain and all the monkey's were grooming, chilling, wrestling, occasionally rough housing. And there were a million little babies! OMG, OMG, I could die they were so cute. One even had it's umbilical cord still fresh on it, and it's Mom was nursing it while it sat on her tummy. I have pics, it was so great. She let me spend the better part of an hour with her, just sitting chilling. Until I pulled a banana out of my bag for her. She ate it, but within a few min the dominant male came strutting up to get his share and she was off. I paid my tariff and gave him the biggest banana in my bag, then the young males all game and used me like a playground trying to get into my bag for the rest.

All the Hindu temples in Ubud are made with orange and white brick, and covered in green mosses. They have intricate stone carvings and tiered levels that reach far up to the sky.
Monkey Temple, Ubud 3Monkey Temple, Ubud 3Monkey Temple, Ubud 3

Monkey owning my knee with every hand, except the one holding the banana!
The monkeys were all over it, perfect playing ground. I sat with three moms and their three infants for a while in one of the smaller temple rooms. When they close their eyes, their eyelids are white, and they look all done up!

Additional photos below
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Monkey Temple, Ubud 4Monkey Temple, Ubud 4
Monkey Temple, Ubud 4

I caught this baby's eye, so cute =)
Monkey Temple, Ubud 5Monkey Temple, Ubud 5
Monkey Temple, Ubud 5

I want to upload all 330 pics I took of these monkeys, but I'll just do a few more.
Monkey Temple, Ubud 6Monkey Temple, Ubud 6
Monkey Temple, Ubud 6

Can you find all the monkeys on the temple gate?
Monkey Temple, Ubud 7Monkey Temple, Ubud 7
Monkey Temple, Ubud 7

Monkeys checking out my camera
Monkey Temple, Ubud 8Monkey Temple, Ubud 8
Monkey Temple, Ubud 8

Monkeys sleeping, mmmmm
Monkey Temple, Ubud 9Monkey Temple, Ubud 9
Monkey Temple, Ubud 9

Monkeys sleeping, mmmmm
Monkey Temple, Ubud set 15Monkey Temple, Ubud set 15
Monkey Temple, Ubud set 15

This little guy decided he didn't want to wait for me to hand him a banana, and he wanted to help himself to the ones in my bag!
Monkey Temple, Ubud set 18Monkey Temple, Ubud set 18
Monkey Temple, Ubud set 18

Look at this picture for a long while, and note the serene countenance of this monkey. He is totally docile and chill, VERY relaxed. So relaxed that in the next shot he YAWNS. Don't freak out, he is just YAWNING.
Monkey Temple, Ubud set19Monkey Temple, Ubud set19
Monkey Temple, Ubud set19

YAWNING, just YAWNING. Ok, so when this guy showed me his teeth, my heart did skip a beat BUT if you could have seen the gentle little lip smack that followed the five yawns, you would know just how chill he actually was.
Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 20Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 20
Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 20

Another YAWN I managed to capture. This guy was so sleepy!
Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 21Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 21
Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 21

Ya think Olympus would like a copy of this one?
Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 22Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 22
Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 22

Can you find all the monkeys in this one?
Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 23Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 23
Monkey Temple, Ubud set2 23

I keep forgetting the name of this fruit, but this baby guy was playing with the outside shells of the fruit like it was a pair of pompoms...

21st February 2008

from Mom Wow! The images you are creating with your words are awesome. How I would like to see a picture of you with those monkeys! Can you get someone to take a picture of you in one of these settings? I still really like your
photo of the field of lotus blossoms. Do they have a fragrance? Glad you are enjoying yourself. Wish I were with you, but then there would be no Nonna to care care of Leo + Sofia! Who are doing quite well, BTW. Love, Mom
21st February 2008

Mom update on Taxes + Red Sox Tickets -Received all your tax info from Pauline..-I bought Red Sox tickets for the 4 of us in the Plaza Club Sec which includes a Meal in West Side Club for Friday, 5/23/08 in Oakland! Yea!-For future refe
rence, Could I have written this to your hotmail account? Is that the place you are posting this travel info from and could receive private mail? Love You!
22nd February 2008

Dang it Missy! I love monkeys!!! They are so freaking adorable!! I really really wish I was sitting there with you, chilling! -luvs to you and your new pals!-
25th February 2008

So Cool Sue, that sounds like an amazing day. I watched Diego and Dora with the kids today and they were saving a monkey and I thought of you really there sitting with real monkeys - HOW COOL IS THAT. ;) I can't agree more with your mom
- PLEASE get someone to take some photos of you in these cool places!!! I LOVE seeing your photos of all these great things!
27th February 2008

You can tell how relaxed he is be looking at his hands. Totally ready to curl up with you..? :)<br><br>His teeth still scare me a little.
27th February 2008

Great job with the pics, Suz! I love them!!!
27th February 2008

27th February 2008

27th February 2008

How could you stand it? I would want to love them, and hug them, and squeeze them, and kiss them...
27th February 2008

I love it Suz! Bring me one of those babies!!
27th February 2008

PRECIOUS!!!! Look at those lips! I love him. He makes me smile!
27th February 2008

Ah! Snug-a-Buggin!
27th February 2008

27th February 2008

wow. um, not so cuddly. :)
28th February 2008

Yeah, he teeth scared me a little too =) But I sat really still and so did he. I just tried to remeber how big the fangs on a dog/cat look when they yawn too. He was really so chill though, ready for a nap is all....(thank God!)
28th February 2008

yea! Thanks Becky!
28th February 2008

Ohh I totally DID love them! Once I sat and chilled with them a bit the more mellow ones let me touch them, and itch behind their ears. One even rolled on his back for me! They crawled all over me like I was part of the furniture.<br&
gt;<br>You totally wouldn't want to kiss them though LOL! They had poopy & peepy hands and feet. I had little poopy foorprints all over my skin & clothes. First I thing I did when I left was go straight to my hotel, throw all my clothes in the hamper and take a shower. <br><br>One big monkey dude was sitting next to me just looking at me (probably waiting for a banana) and just peed. Right there. Where he was sitting. No aiming away, or care for where it went. He just peed right there, on himself where he was sitting. I gave him a look, and then decided to go sit next to someone else.
28th February 2008

I know right! How cute are they!!!
28th February 2008

Yeah he looks like a thinker right? Looking at these pictures again makes me want to go back every day to hang out with them.
28th February 2008

Yeah, and they look so pretty with their eyes closed too. Like they have eyeshadow on. And check out those feet!
28th February 2008

Aaayyyeeeee! Check out the one on the right has a double mohawk! And the little guy on the left, how long is his tail?!?!

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