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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram April 14th 2007

Sorry, for not writting so long. But you know how it is no time and the computers in the city you don't wont to spent a long time on them. So, finally in India. Starting from Chennai to Mamallapuram by bus. A nice little city with a lot of stone carvings and Hindu Tempels. The picture we did in a wonderfull park, we spent the hole day their. ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram March 25th 2007

We got into the train station in Chennai, the closest city to our next destination, Mamallapuram, in the early morning of March 15th. We had intended to take a 2-hour taxi directly to Mamallapuram, but I got sick in the train station (in front of plenty of staring people, with a little accidental splashing of Jeff… not my finest moment of the trip) and instead we made a dash to the nearest hotel in Chennai so that I could spend the next couple of days in bed and in the bathroom. When we left Chennai to head to Mamallapuram two days later, I literally hadn’t left the hotel, so I can say nothing about India’s fourth largest city. Mamallapuram is a small seaside town known for its long history of rock-carving. The road from Chennai to ... read more
now that's just silly
me and Kerstin
swimming crocodile

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram March 20th 2007

Indlands sidasti dagur. A morgun skoppud vid af stad glod i bragdi i flugvel til Malasiu. Hvad get eg sagt um Indland svona ad lokum: - Her er fallegt folk, serstaklega konur og born, ekki karlarnir med motturnar sem er ekki ad gera sig. - Maturinn er godur, Indverski t.e. (madur faer reyndar drullu en hvad um thad) en continental matur er glatadur - Folk sem snyst i kringum ferdamenn er ekki gott folk, reynir ad pretta tig - Folk sem vill er ekki ad leyta ad peningum mans er skemmtilegt, en 'eg hitti ekki nogu mikid af tvi - Landid er vidsvegar fallegt, en rusl og drasl skyggir mikid a EN - eg er fegin ad eg kom hingad tvi eg hef laert mikid ___________________________________________________________________ Last words about India. Well this hasn't exactly been an ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram March 18th 2007

Dedicated to Jaspreet Laly - RIP!! Mamallapuram is 60 km south of Chennai, and offers tourist attractions with exotic beaches, as well as the famous historic temples. Navtej's increasing knowledge of Chennai ensures that no attractions will be missed out. The journey on East Coast Road had an aire of tranquility personified throughout. The Bay of Bengal was on our left, thus providing exceptional sights, also the road itself had a gracious presence in this peaceful setting. The journey lasted for 1 hour by car with the fitting music of Moby in the background. Upon arrival, the Pharangees were at large. This location boasts wonderful stone carvings embellished on the granite temples, making this a guaranteed haven for tourists. The Shore Temple is the most impressive artefact and has stood for almost 1400 years. We had ... read more
Shore Temple
The coast
Rock balancing on hill

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram February 28th 2007

My first bus journey ,from Pondicherry to Mamalpuram ,went off without a hitch. I was able to get on the bus a bit early and scored the single seat at the very front and had room to store my bags as well. Again I had an interesting time watching the world go by. This area of Tamil Nadu was quite severely struck by the tsunami. Over 10,000 people died. There are signs of reconstuction everywhere and evidence (plaques and posters ) of international involvement mostly by church groups. The highway itself is the coastal road and one must pay a toll to use it. It was a surprizingly quick journey for Indian travel .It only took 2 1/2 hours to go about 90 km!!! Again I enjoyed watching the crops and the people working in the ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram February 21st 2007

21 fév. On quitte Pondicherry en city-bus. Direction: Mamallapuram. Je demande au Ticket-Master dans la ferraille-mobile de nous faire signe lorsqu’on arrivera à destination. Mais le moustachu ne parle pas anglais. Dialogue de sourd et muet. ‘’Mamallapuram. Mamallapuram’’ que je lui répète en levant les bras. Il hoche la tête de gauche à droite. Il semble me comprendre. … C’est après un deux heures de route que le Ticket-Master nous lance un hochement de tête. Tout porte à croire que c’est le signe qu’on attendait. On agrippe alors nos packsacks comme si c’était des parachutes et on s’avance vers la porte de sortie. ‘’Sorry. Sorry’’ qu’on chuchote aux indiens dans le bus alors que nos bagages leur accroche la tête au passage. "Get out" que nous dit le Ticket-Master alors que le bus semble encore en ... read more
Plage Mamallapuram

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram February 10th 2007

We've just spent four blissful days on the East coast of India. A small town called Mamallapuram, between Pondicherry and Chennai, with a very long stretch of white sand beach, and terribly choppy sea! The place has been a destination for travellers and holiday makers for quite some time, and this is perhaps the reason for the slightly more cut throst attitude of the restaurant and hotel owners. Saying nothing of the ferocious hawkers of cheap rubbish on the beach. That said the place is delightful as a place of rest, and we've ditched the expensive fish restaurants on the main drag and found a really good workmans cafe 'indian style' up in the town. Last night we had an egg dosa each (omelette/pancake mix) with chicken fry (spicy and safe) and a flakey naan with ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram February 3rd 2007

Hi all. I'm in Mamallapuram at the moment, and am feeling very relaxed. Me, Colin, Gemma, Rose and Kim all came down yesterday evening and are staying in a cheap guesthouse that has hammocks on the roof! Last night we sat in a rooftop restraunt/bar that overlooked the beach and played very chilled out music. We must have stayed up until about midnight and then stayed another hour or so in our hammocks, it was a very late night but a good night. Something I'ver learnt is that beer is not cheap ouyt here. A 650ml bottles costs around 1.20, which is really not much of a reduction from U.K. prices, which is surprising. Anyway, today we got up leisurely and we did a bit of shopping in the morning. I bought a slightly offensive and ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram January 18th 2007

Excursion depuis Madras vers Mamallapuram. Nous avons pris le bus, le trajet a duré 2h, heureusement que nous étions assis car il faisait tous les arrêts et fut très vite bondé. En arrivant à Mamallapuram la surprise: des Indiens de partout ( normal me diriez-vous, mais là çà grouillait en étant hyper bruyant, escaladant les monuments alors que des pancartes l'interdisent...) . En temps normal, Mamallapuram est un village côtier agréable à visiter (avec ses monuments datant du 7è siècle et classés à l'UNESCO). Manque de pot pour nous ce jour là était férié pour les Indiens d'où la foule ! Après avoir fait la visite des monuments nous avons décidé de rentrer et là... galère: avec l'affluence touristique tous les bus étaient bondés, impossible de reconnaître celui qui partait pour Madras (on nous a fait ... read more
Etal de fruits
la gippe aviaire est en marche!
L'ascèse d'Arjuna à Mamallapuram

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram January 14th 2007

We arrived into Mamallapuram at exactly the right time, in the thick of the annual dance festival that takes place in this small seaside village. Every weekend evening during January, there are traditional Indian dances performed for crowds of dance enthusiasts and pilgrims (as well as a host of travellers like ourselves). Mamallapuram (otherwise and more correctly known as, Mahabalipuram) is a favourite traveller's hangout and pockets of long-haired, bearded hippie-types appear to have made this place their home. With the dancing it was extra full in the village with many travellers making a beeline to the village to catch traditional Bharatanatyam dancing performed by experts from around India. The dancing was incredible to see and when you get closeup is even better as much of the art is performed by the face and in particular, ... read more
The Shore Temple
A Ratha Chariot

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