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Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam March 13th 2018

Kerala Day 10-11 House boat day & night!! Next stop Kollam 84km away. So I had booked a beach place later in the trip and saw the owner Babu got awesome reviews on TripAdvisor, so when he told me had a house boat in Kollam and showed me how lovely it was via website I booked it. Alleppey can be very busy/dear to get a house boat so I could see next port Kollam was less hectic where Babu’s boat was, so that was fine by me too. I had also asked the Raheem by email before we got there who they used and that one got brutal reviews online. So you don’t need to be on a house boat any more than 24 hours, I originally thought to book a few nights but that’s not ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam January 12th 2017

Early morning breakfast saw us on the road to Kollum (sounds like Gollum - a complete other story) which was just up the road from Varkala. We asked our taxi to stop at any ATM's that looked open. I had read in the Times of India whilst down in Sri Lanka that the government had changed the rules and increased the amount that could be withdrawn from ATM's to 4,500 rupees (about $90) due to a higher availability of cash and the new $500 notes being introduced. During our 90 minute trip we stopped 4 times and checked 8 machines (5 were in one place in the biggest bank in Kollum) and none had cash. Our spirits sunk a bit because we were hopeing the daily drudgery of getting or changing cash had disappeared because what ... read more
Individual offerings being blessed
Onion merchant

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam February 26th 2015

Wow and wow again. Hard to find words to describe the wonderful experiences we are having. We have been finding the people in Kerala to be so very genuine and welcoming. We are staying in Kollam at a place called Ashtamudi Villas. What a wonderful place,right on Lake Ashtamudi, a little out of the city, a serene place away from the hustle and bustle. Both the owner Joseph and his driver Francis speak english very well and have been a great source of information for us. Last night, Francis took Andrew and I and two others into town to see some of the festivals going on at the temples.( apparently it is festival season and over the next few weeks every temple in Kerala will host a festival) These are very elaborate affairs and are devoted ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam June 22nd 2013

Wie meist, lange zeit vergangen seit meinem letzten blogupdate, bestimmt 4 monate, viel passiert, intensive und wie immer auch nur ansatzweise wieder zu geben, einiges hat hier im blog ja eh nichts zu suchen. Der erste teil des blogs ist mehr ueber amma und die tour und danach kommt mehr uebers reisen…. Mitte februar habe ich ja meinen yoga therapie kurs beendet und bin dann gleich nach varkala an einen wunderschoenen strand suedlich von amma ashram mit wunderschoenen steilklippen gefahren. Habe dort dahyana besucht, die gerade mit ihrem yogalehrerkurs angefangen hat. Konnten uns so zumindest mal kurz zwischen unseren kursen sehen. Und ich konnte das super essen in deren ashram geniessen, obwohl ich ausserhalb ein zimmer hatte und mich nach meinen 4 wochen wieder ans normale leben gewoehnte, wobei normal, ist mein leben zur zeit normal…. ... read more
mit Amma auf Tour, Aufbautag
das suedliche Ende Indiens, Kanyakumari
das suedliche Ende Indiens (2)

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam December 21st 2012

Hallo, nur als kurze Info, meine alte Handynummer in Indien ist wieder aktiviert. 0091 9746582073. Frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch. Euer Thorsten... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam December 13th 2012

Here are some of our fav Indian foods so far and we soon head to Malaysia and Indonesia for more dif dif and different! We put in some website recipes that we hope will do justice to the food we ate – also note we have learned to throw out our old dry bay leaves and find fresh sources and use curry leaves can get fresh on trips to Van and bring home and freeze – fresh spices seem to be key even cashews and all fruits taste better here!!! Navaratna Korma – Hali liked this one in Rajastan and Varanasi – make sure to use fruits as well as veggies like this one – some recipes speak of 9 veggies but Hali for sure like the raisins and cashews are of course crucial Dal ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam August 16th 2012

Hallo, habe hier in Kerala eine neue Handynummer, ist billiger fuer mich, keine Roaming Gebuehren mehr. 0091 9746582073 Bin weiterhin in Amma's Ashram, mache seit 10 Tagen eine Panchakarma Kur (AYurveda Reinigung, mit Massagen, Oelbaedern, viel Ghee essen und bald abfuehren und mehr), die sehr stark ist. Bin sehr muede und ausgelaugt, was aber natuerlich auch durch Amma's Praesenz kommt. Denn hier werden alle Sorgen, Probleme, alter Mist auf- und abgearbeitet, ein Platz fuer starke Reinigung und das gepaart mit Panchakarma..... Aber es geht mir gut und bin gluecklich. Dieser Platz ist sowieso ein Traum, tolles Meer, Millionen von Palmen, wohne im 10. Stock und der Ausblick ist ein Traum. Viele Meditationen, Ammas Umarmungenen, in Ihrer Praesenz nur zu sitzen und ihr zuzuschauen, singen, Mantren rezitieren, mit Amma am Strand unter den Pal... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam February 14th 2012

I have had such a good day. We got a houseboat and spent the day on the backwaters around Kollam. The boat was massive - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and outside sitting area, so loads of space for me to crawl and walk around. There was only me, mummy, daddy, the driver and 2 cooks onboard. It was great! After a couple of hours of sailing passed lots of jumping fish, trees, fishermen's housing, churches, mosques and Chinese fishing nets, we stopped for lunch. I think it's the best meal I've ever had!! Mummy and daddy said the same. There were LOTS and LOTS of dishes. Then a couple more hours of sailing and we docked back at Kollam. Daddy gave the crew a tip each - 2 got rupees, the other a piece ... read more
Colourful boats
Me and daddy

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam February 13th 2012

Another trip on the train today. We left Kochi for Kollam. Luckily this time mummy and daddy did book a/c and it was only 3.5 hours long. I met some nice ladies on the train, I ate their breakfast - even though I had already had toast and milk at the hotel! It was very tasty, I prefer Indian dosa to weetabix! Then I slept for most of the journey. In Kollam we had a few problems with a tuk tuk driver wanting commission for a hotel we weren't going to stay at - luckily mummy and daddy were wise to his games! 20 minutes later we finally checked in at the right place, which is only 1km from the train station. It is a very pretty area, the hotel is facing a big lake where ... read more
What a looong train
Hotel at Kollam

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam December 26th 2011

Schade, aber so ist es eben.... read more

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