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December 13th 2012
Published: December 13th 2012
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Here are some of our fav Indian foods so far and we soon head to Malaysia and Indonesia for more dif dif and different! We put in some website recipes that we hope will do justice to the food we ate – also note we have learned to throw out our old dry bay leaves and find fresh sources and use curry leaves can get fresh on trips to Van and bring home and freeze – fresh spices seem to be key even cashews and all fruits taste better here!!!

Navaratna Korma – Hali liked this one in Rajastan and Varanasi – make sure to use fruits as well as veggies like this one – some recipes speak of 9 veggies but Hali for sure like the raisins and cashews are of course crucial

Dal Makhani – this is one of my favorites in the north – ordered many times and never failed to amaze. If you don’t have urad dal you can use black eyed peas or likely any mixture of dried beans that are accessible to you – also butter is fine instead of ghee

Green salads in India are sliced cucumber and tomato and red onion arranged on a plate and squeeze lime on for dressing – you can use any veggie of course

Masala egg scramble or masala omelette for breakfast I’ve had numerous times!!!

Jeera is cumin either jeera seeds or jeera powder as specified in any recipe

Jeera Rice – this seem to be our crews’ (Amy Hali Sonny Ken)favorite nightly rice in Rajastan

Goan Fish Curry!!! You can use tamarind or buy tamarind paste already made (easier) and I think any white fish works – mine at Anthony’s on the beach in Goa was made with fresh snapper looked just like our snapper or rockfish

Chicken Piri-Piri – Hali has this in Kochin WOW or prawns in this recipe – I think the long marinade is the secret and then grilling

Prawns Xacuti – My fav on the beach at Anthony’s – can do with chicken and maybe other meats?

Kaju Curry this is killer!!!

Aloo Gobi one of Hali’s favorites

Chicken Mughlai Hali had this in Kochin sort of wrapped up in roti and cut like a pizza so good!

Hali's Note* Dad forgot to mention the most important and delicious part Blue Lagoons and Tequila Sunrise Slushy


17th December 2012

Amazing Food
Hey guys, This is a really cool blog! It'll be nice for you to have it when you get home too to look at again. :) Kaya

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