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Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam January 1st 2009

Volt olyan nap, hogy elbitangoltunk a szigeten elterulo 3 osszefuggo, kokuszpalmak alatt megbuvo halaszfalucskakba setalgatni beachelni, ime a legjobb kepek az ottani elovilagrol. ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam December 31st 2008

Yes, we got hugged! We started the day with a journey to Amma’s ashram - the famous hugging guru. The ashram is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever visited . . . and it’s really beautiful to watch the community work together to make the place function. Once we received our “darshan” (token) to meet Amma, we waited in line for her to show. After 30 minutes, a huge procession moved through the ashram. Amma made a rock star entrance! As she walked on stage, she touched the hands of the people lined up on her left and right…her 40-person entourage following quickly behind her. When it was my turn to hug Amma, she smiled, embraced me, chanted in my ear and kissed my cheek. Remembering what our friends in Udaipur told us about ... read more
mom washing dishes at the ashram
foot bridge to the ashram
backwaters of Kerala

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam December 25th 2008

December 25: Megerkeztunk Amma Ashramjaba. Egy par dolog arrol, hogy mit is kerestunk itt. 1) Az ashram azt jelenti, a keresok helye. Tehat egy spiritualis fejlodesben erdekelt kozosseg. 2) Tanitonk, Laurino evrol evre egyre tobb idot tolt Itt, Amritapuriban, es csupa jot meselt rola. 3) Sokan Avatarnak, azaz megvilagosult, ( "realizalodott" ) leleknek tartjak ammat, aki a legutobbi megtestesulese utan egy apro tokeletlenseget hagyott magaban, hogy a reinkarnacios folyamatokba visszalephessen, a foldi emberek javara, tanitasara. erdekelt, mi az igazsag ebbol. 4) hallottunk arrol, hogy napiban olel meg tobb tizezer embert, es erdekelt hogy milyen ez, miert kepesek az emberek ennyi idot sorbanallni. Egy kis osszefoglalasa kovetkezik annak, hogy milyen az Ashram elet. 1) Eloszor is azt kell kiemelnem, hogy az ashram egy kis falu, indiai anyagokbol epult hatalmas szallashelyekkel,... read more
A Templom, felulrol

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam December 22nd 2008

kedves Otthoniak, olvasoink! Nagy nagy szeretettel koszontunk mindenkit az utinaplonk indiai fejezeteben. Amritapuribol, Amma ashramjabol kuldjuk ezeket az udvozlo sorokat, melyek salynos ugy tunik egy idore sorok maradnak csak, latvan hogy huszan varnak egy gepre, az is percenkent megall...Szoval az ashram eletet kostolgatjuk egy ideje, sok sok olelest adunk, kapunk, en mar voltam ajandekcukorka ado is amma mogott, tegnap trivandrum mellett tartottunk a sivananda ashramban thai eloadast, szoval zajlik az elet, az egesz ammas tortenetrol bovebben kesobb,mert meger egy jo par oldalt, india megtobbet, addig is mindenkinek nagy nagy oleleseket , boldogsagot oromot az unnepekre, balazs , gabi... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam October 27th 2008

Off on the train Bright and early we headed to catch the train. For me, my first foray in to an Indian train station was a little intimidating, for Fiona it was a stroll in the park. For her, anything less than negotiating with some camel herder to take her through a war-torn desert is child's play. Our ticket to Kollam which is about 70 km north was about 40 cents but for that we did have to walk past the jacks on the train which will live long in my memory as one of the worst smells ever. I don't know how those dudes do 3 days on a'd want a strong stomach that's all I'll say. The train only took an hour and our place was about 20 minutes drive from the station. ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam April 10th 2008

Limping down the road in our big metal box, we slammed into Kollam a mere 4 hours later to the (much celebrated) indifference of the rickshaw drivers. Our painfully hot public bus ride squeezed the sweat from our bodies like juice from a grape. We were graced with a bit of in-flight entertain in the form of an injured man (full arm cast) who stole a bundle of bus tickets from the bus conductor, who, when he realized, begun slapping the previously injured man around. The conductor, after further injuring the injured thief, motioned to the driver to stop the bus and subsequently kicked the man off. Our bus continued on and filled with the chatter of onlookers as everyone tried to figure out what just happened. Right then, our arrival in Kollam….Rozy, in her persistent ... read more
More churchiness
Kids on the beach
More coir

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam April 9th 2008

NOTE: it's 16 April today, probably wondering what happen to us... don’t worry, we are still alive although have been very sick and recovering. More about this later. Also it was difficult to get internet access in the Kochi area that we were in and I didn’t try very hard either, so I've been continuing to write on the little Eee PC. We are in Goa now, managed to get a slow internet connection at our hotel so I'll be uploading when possible Today we headed out to Kollam (formerly known as Quilon) for a tour of the backwaters in a houseboat. We had arranged this when we arrived in Trivandrum. When we arranged it we had agreed that it won't be on a lake, instead it will be in the many canals and channels that ... read more
Our Captain
Prem just chillin!

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam April 3rd 2008

We spent a week in Kottayam, hosted by a christian family. We've seen the backwaters but because of the heat and humidity we haven't done so much there... We were invited to perform poi at a little girl's birthday party,that was really nice and just hung out.The sceneries were amazing!... read more
Little birthday girl
Banana tree leafs
Coconut tree

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam April 2nd 2008

Amazing lush vegetation greets me as I jump up and down on my bus seat. As I peek out the glasless window, I decide: I like the place. The rain still wets the road and the wet earth is forming slimy red gue in my flip flops . My hotel is very basic, but the location is amazing. For a very modest price I have a balcony overlooking the rainy backwaters. White Egrets looking for food in the littered fields, kids wave their hands saying hello and asking for a pen as I pass by. (How original) I took a canoe tour, but where my LP stated I will be able to interact with the locals while observing the village life, I only find more kids running after our boat asking for more pens.. . ... read more
Amrita TV Awards
The Backwaters
Keralan Architecture

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam March 14th 2008

Our journey has been nothing short of amazing and it keeps getting better. Every time we think that we've seen "the most incredible place" we come across another one. The "Backwaters of Kerela" was a very tranquil and serene way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of Kochi. Travelling on the canals we saw a way of life that is totally alien from anything that we've ever experienced. We stayed with a local family in their home. They prepared us a lovely meal and then proudly showed off their area on a twilight boat ride in a 250 year old dugout canoe. The next morning we took a bus up a winding road to the magnificent tea plantations up in the hills. Tea, coffee and numerous spices covered the hills as far as the eye ... read more
Backwaters of Kerela
Fishing nets at Fort Kochi
Temple in the middle of town.

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