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Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam January 21st 2008

Benvenuti ad Amritapuri, due palazzoni di cemento da 15 piani nel mezzo di una laguna con palme a perdita d'occhio, uno scempio edilizio per far posto al famoso ashram di Amma, la unica guru femminile dellIndia, quella che abbraccia anche 2000 persone in un giorno solo!!! Spinti dalla curiosita' di sapere cosa si fa in un ashram (o piu' che altro cosa ci fanno cosi' tanti occidentali), ci siamo fermati una notte, lungo il tragitto per Kollam dove abbiamo esplorato gli splendidi canali delle backwaters. Subito abbiamo capito che non faceva per noi, ma ci abbiamo provato lo stesso... Un ashram e' una specie di monastero moderno, ce ne sono tanti in India, piu' o meno "rigidi", dove si studiano gli antichi testi filosofici indiani, si canta, si medita, si prega e si fa yoga.In questo ... read more
vista dall'alto

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam January 12th 2008

Well, we did it. We attempted to take the train to Kollam, Kerala. We've read all the stories, I saw The Darjeeling Limited, we've spoken to other travelers. The train seems like a necessary experience to fully feel India. We promised ourselves that we would, at some point, experience India's railways. We went to the station, bought our first class sleeper a/c tickets and spent 30 minutes dragging our luggage and one-legged Nicole up a flight of stairs, over a bridge, then down a flight of stairs to our proper platform. Then, when the mile-long train arrived, we couldn't figure out what train car to get on so a train worker looked at my tickets and said, "Here, here, get on here." I got on with my luggage and Nicole's big bag (alone) while the girls ... read more
Keralean Thali
Our Villa
Rub my Belly

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam December 16th 2007

Unfortunately, we had very limited access to the internet while in India. There was, in fact, a little internet hut with two computers in my village - we made it a routine, (after awhile just for kicks) to walk down to the stall to ask to use a computer, at which point we would be told (very matter-of-factly and unapologetically) - no internet today. Mind you, we walked there EVERY day and the response and delivery never changed - a very interesting model to base your business on. In any event, this leaves us to sum up 5 weeks worth of experiences in just a few sentences - now in hindsight. After 6 weeks in Europe of packing up our bags every three days to set off to new places and people, we found ourselves rooted ... read more
Around Port Kollam
Feeding Karthikeyan

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam November 12th 2007

Nameste It has been a while since I last blogged, I did load one about a week ago, but it disappeared into the ether, never to be seen again. I am currently in beautiful Kerala in Southern India. This is the India you see in the tourist brochures and I can see why. It is a little slice of heaven and the logo for Kerala is 'God's own Country'. It is a stunning, breathtaking landscape of palms, tropical vegetation and a maze of backwaters. Since Hampi I have been to Bangalore, and Trivandrum. Bangalore is a huge bustling city which is I.T central. The cheapest room I could find was 300 rupees and it was very dingy and filthy indeed. The 4 steps from the 'bathroom' to the bed resulted in the soles of my feet ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam May 31st 2007

After a few weeks in the heat i thought it would be nice to getaway to a hill station for some cooler weather. So i headed up to Ooty only to find that it was dirty and all the lodge/hotels was over priced due to all the Indian tourist also hiding from the heat....i only stayed a night!!...and caught the bus to Mysore the next day. I must admit my journey down Ooty tea plantation was actually very pleasant, a shame i didn't have my camera ready, there was some great picture opportunities with the tea picker finishing off their day and the sunset over the mountains and then when i arrived to Mysore that night the palace was all lit up which i later found out only happens on a Sunday or special holidays. Monsoon ... read more
Mysore Palace
Lucky Elephants getting washed.
Me Trying to Make Inscent Sticks

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam May 18th 2007

Hi All....Dont worry i wont bore you again with my long blog, will let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!!!.... ... read more
 I think he's got something big....
Collecting mud for a living....NICE ONE!!!
Removing of the Coconut Husk

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam April 29th 2007

Our drunk Captain driving our Loveboat. What an experience. 6h pure nature. Through small canals, little villages and a lot of ducks.... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam March 24th 2007

After leaving the Periyar sanctuary around midday, I took my final trip with my driver down to the city of Alleppey. Alleppey is just another Indian city really, and I was only here to jump on a boat cruise down the backwaters to another little city called Kollam. Getting a ticket for this boat was an ordeal in itself - with a million different people trying to sell you "official" tickets to a boat that probably wouldn't make it a quarter of the way. Finding accomodation here was likewise painful, and after settling on one place, I later read an internet review saying the owner was a bit of a nutter and had been attacking people. Having just bought my ticket from the government place and not him like I said I might, I was ... read more
Backwaters Life
Gravel Delivery
Ox (?) Bathing

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam March 10th 2007

We are now Kollam in the state of Kerala. We came into Kochi, our first stop in Kerala on the 7th and boy was it hard to adjust to the heat again. We managed to get in the sites and a couple ferry rides across the harbour (the ferry featured a slight breeze woohoo). We even fit in a performance of Kathakali dance. The make-up for the performers took over an hour to apply very visual performance. The next day we headed off to Alappuzha by train.. we messed up some how and ended up in Kottayam.. which was not a problem but more of an opportunity. We were able to enjoy a ferry form Kottayam to Alappuzha (3 hours) introduced us to the backwaters of Kerala, very beautiful area and like no where I have ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kollam February 9th 2007

thIt has been an interesting few days. The drive from Cochin up to Munnar was an education . Sam ,our driver talked and stopped along the way to point out different crops. Rubber trees that are currently being tapped and then dried into sheets. A farmer of this sort can make a living with 20-25 trees. Then it was tapioca plants. Amazing things that grow to about 8 feet in 6- months , are pulled for the root and then cuttings replanted for a new crop in 6-8 months!Nutmeg trees ,cardamon ,pepper plants ,Vanilla ,cumin ... Kerela has them all. Arriving in the hills (mountains really ) and the tea plantations was spectacular.The shades of green and the density of the plantings made the are look like it was covered in a thick sculptured carpet. The ... read more

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