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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 1st 2016

I'll keep this short as we haven't actually done anything in these two cities... As I mentioned at the end of my last blog, we were heading for Bangalore which is a pretty developed city. We'd read in the guide book that night life was an actual thing there! Which makes a change considering in most cities everything is closed for around 11PM. Apparently micro breweries have become quite popular there too, I say apparently because we didn't see one, despite some searching! We went out a couple of times and found that Indians don't know how to dance in night clubs...they do some really weird stuff, even by my standards. We learned that “dance bars” are actually an Indian take on a strip club/brothel and I vomited AGAIN! (It was from too much Vodka though, ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bijapur February 22nd 2016

The best place to start this post is the bus journey to Bijapur. We'd booked the bus to leave from Mapusa (the closest town to Anjuna) at 9PM and were due to arrive around 7AM. It is officially a sleeper bus, so you do get a bed, but sleeping on these buses isn't possible! Take into account the natural swaying of the bus, gently rocking you side to side as you go to sleep. That sounds quite attractive to me, slowly drift off to sleep like the baby Jesus, rocking in his manger. In reality, once you factor In the atrocious Indian roads you're spending 10+ hours getting thrown around a mattress (which is actually quite soft, the bed alone is better than most of the beds we've slept in so far), that's barely long enough ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka February 16th 2016

16/02/16, in hind sight an overnight bus was the better option, though a scenic train track through the heights of tropical forest however being one of the standing sardines in a thickly packed out second class coach (fit with crazy man lock & chained to a bar) for a delayed 8 hours wasn't so romantic as planned! Cruise into Hampi by local bus from station and enjoy a further 3 full days foot & cycle exploring not just a monolithic pick'n mix of temples, structures and grand enclosures yet a fully qualified horizon gulping landscape of river, rock and ruin. switching 300 rupee digs daily to spend the first exploring the temples north of the water with the latter two exploring all major sights by foot & bike in the south. 20/02/16 after my first night ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore February 8th 2016

I have seen nothing but view from above and airport. India people are very nice, but it's easy to make them feel ofended. It's hard to understand their body language sometimes, mainly becouse of the way they nod. / Nie zobaczylam nic poza widokiem z góry i lotniskiem. Hindusi natomiast są z reguły bardzo mili, ale łatwo ich urazić. Czasem ciężko zrozumieć ich mowę ciala, głównie ze względu na sposób w jaki kiwają głową.... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 31st 2016

Que c’est bon de sortir de Bangalore ! Que c’est bon de sortir de cette folie meurtrière qui ne dort jamais ! Plus on s’éloignait, plus les bruits de klaxons se faisaient rares et plus les gens roulaient à peu près normalement. Je pense qu’a un certain point, Dilip, notre chauffeur, en tant que bon Citadin de Bangalore était le seul à klaxonner et a conduit dangereusement. Toujours ce bon vieux réflexe du mec presse et impatient qui contrastait parfaitement avec l’attitude « Shanti », c’est-à-dire tranquille et paisible des personnes habitant la campagne. Arrive aux alentours des premiers villages environnant Hampi, On commence à sentir l’histoire qui entoure la région avec des villages complets reconstruits sur des ruines encore apparentes. Certaines rues sont définies par un axe de destruction des murs des maisons. Comme si ... read more
guest house
Rive Sud
Rive Sud - temple

Asia » India » Karnataka January 30th 2016

Bijapur is OTBT. Lots of the schoolchildren and adults wanted to take photos of us. They were far more more interested in us than in anything else, see the photo for an example of the school kids. Outside the Gol Gombaz our driver, Mr Kannan, joined us for a group photo. Some of these shots turned out well. Bijapur now is half Muslim half Hindu? Like all of southern India there is no tension. Some of the areas around the mosques are predominantly Muslim. The Gol Gombaz is not the prettiest building to look at, but it is imposing. It is the mausoleum of a Sultan built in the c17. It has the second largest dome in the world. At each corner of the building is a minaret. There is a climb up steep steps inside ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka January 29th 2016

Today was a good example of an Indian breakfast, dosa which is like a pancake, coconut chutney, a potato dish and a dish with a kind of grain that is in texture more mushy than rice. I prefer Indian breakfast to Chinese breakfast. On the way to Pattadakal there were many birds in the fields and on the overhead wires. The nests of weaver birds werehanging in the trees. Pattadakal is a cluster of temples where the Chalukyan kings were crowned. Some of the temples were built in association with military victories. In date these temples come after the Badami caves. Pattadakal was a commercial centre and a meeting place for architects and sculptors from north and south India. The temples display different architectural styles. We are familiar with the Dravidian style which has tiers, but ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala January 29th 2016

There are many interesting tourist places in and around Bangalore worth visiting although not so publicised. Kokkare Bellur is one such spot which we decided to explore on the 26th January i.e last Tuesday. Our destination was a village in Mandya District, around 90 Kms from Bangalore. The name was slightly difficult to remember for me. Myself along with my wife and son started our journey at around 12 PM in the afternoon. Myself and my son were on the wheel alternatively. We selected Koramangala-Bannerghata route with a brief drive trhu Kanakpura Road. After around 24 Km we reached the Toll Gate (Rs. 32/-) of Nice Road. It was a nice day with bright sunshine. After driving around 8 Km further, we took a left turn to Mysore Road. Mysore Road used to be very crowded ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka January 28th 2016

This morning's drive was first along the fast road north heading to Bijapur. Men wereselling knives by the side of the road. The knives were curved in pirate style. An odd thing to see for sale as you drive past. On the quiter road to Badami the crops included peanuts and sunflowers. The harvesting of the peanuts seemed to involve pulling up the whole plant. We passed through a village where a festival hadtaken over the road. There was a huge amount of buying going on. This is a festival for the agricultural workers. The goods on offer included shiny new blue tractors. Toys, clothes, sunglasses, food snacks, and all sorts of household items were on sale. Not too different from a department store. There were also a couple of fairground rides and a dirty gypsy ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka January 27th 2016

This morning we continued site seeing in Hampi. At the Virupasha temple monkeys are everywhere and one jumped on Ginny's back. There is also a temple elephant here. An unusual feature of this temple is that the architect included a window designed as a pin hole camera. An inverted image of the gopuram is clearly visible during daylight hours. This temple also includes small sections of the sanctum sanctorum dating back to C6 to C8. This is the same style of architecture we will see next in Badami. Although this looks black it is green chlorite stone. We continued to the royal temple. The light was good for photographing the outside wall carved with a row of elephants at the bottom, then horses, infantrymen, dancing girls, and a procession. Inside there are scenes from the Ramayana. ... read more

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