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Asia » India » Karnataka January 26th 2016

After our river crossing our first visit was to the Vittala temple. On the way we walked past granite pillars which mark where the market For horses used to be. This is one of the seven markets at Hampi. It was a huge metropolis with one million inhabitants. We also stopped at a water tank. There was a complex system of aqueducts and this tank was the water source for the market. Vittala temple was quiet when we arrived and it gave a good opportunity to take photos. The highlights in the temple are the stone chariot and the musical pillars. The stone chariot is reintact in good condition despite the numerous fingers. Originally it was drawn by horses, but these are lost. Elephants found nearby were substituted. The mandala with musical pillars can has been ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka January 25th 2016

Today was a long drive north to Hampi. There was a noticeable change in the landscape. Here it is drier, like a scrubby desert. The soil is a red colour and there are many collections of boulders. The boulders are ancient granite that over a very long time has gradually weathered. The road to Hampi included a fast motorway section that had very little traffic and an ordinary road that was very busy with lorries. On this section there were hardly any cars, just lorries. Accidents arecommon on this stretch. The lorries come from all parts of India. Their registration plates indicate the state they come from. Some came from Rajastan. We met our new guide and he introduced Hampi and showed us Krishna's temple. All the temples at Hampi are ruins because the ViJayanagara empire ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka January 24th 2016

The Hoysala temples are star shaped and they have star quality carvings. Our first visit today had some connections with the Hoysala, but it is now a Jain temple. On the way we passed a large sugar cane factory. Most of the sugar cane is still taken to the factory by bullock carts. Outside the factory were lines of bullock carts and on the road there were more all heading to the factory. Shravengabola is a Jain village. It is named after an ancient pond. On either side of the pond are hills, each with a Jain temple. We climbed the 650 or so stone steps up the tallest hill. At the top is a a granite simple temple with a huge granite statue. After a lunch break at the hotel in Hassan we drove to ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka January 23rd 2016

It was a one hour drive to Somnathpur. This temple been had some restoration work and is now in excellent condition. This is a Hoysala temple, different from the Chola temples. It was built slightly later than the main Chola temples in C13. It has a star shape which is specific to Hoysala temples. It is also soapstone, again specific to Hoysala. The first thing you notice at Somnathpur is the Hoysala motif. This is a man killing a tiger. The man concerned is the legendary head of the dynasty. The carving around the outside of the temple has a number of levels. elephants are at the bottom, then horses, then scenes from the Hindu stories (e.g. Ramayana), then mythical creatures, then forms of the gods, then the temple towers. Inside the temple there are attractive ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka January 22nd 2016

Before leaving Eco Habitat we were given a tour of the farm. It was interesting to see the coffee beans. They also grow vanilla, herbs and vegetables. On the way to Mysore we stopped in the large Tibbetan refugee town to visit the golden temple. The temple has a large picture of the Dali Lama from his visit to the area last year. This is a new large built in the 1980s. Everything is new and shiny, related to, but not quite the same as the old monasteries in Nepal and Bhutan. In Mysore we met our guide Mr Raghu. He likes a joke - crocodiles in the river! Our first visit was to palace place of the Maharajas. The family still live in part of the palace. They are wealthy, but they do not have ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka January 21st 2016

This morning was an early start for the safari. It was very misty to begin with as you can see on the photo. Slowly the mist began to clear. The was a good variety of bird life. This included jungle fowl on the ground, green parakeets, two different woodpeckers, a quick blue flash of a kingfisher and Indian roller bird with flashes of blue on its wings. These birds were just flying or hopping around as birdssod, but more interestingly we also saw an eagle which had just caught a small bird. It flew up into a tree with its prey. In a nearby tree there was a different kind of eagle. We saw lots of spotted deer, but none of the bigger sambar deer. Up in the trees there were jungle squirrels and langur monkeys. ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka January 20th 2016

Today we are in a new state, Karnataka. The drive this morning inclused a very attractive countryside section. This was introduced by what looked like hay spread out over the Tarmac road. Our driver told us that this is lentils. The cars and the traffic drive over and this seems to be part of the threshing process. Very unusual. The cows seemed to be enjoying eating the lentil stalks. There was also a section of the road with an avenue of banyan trees forming an arch over the road. The lodge where we are staying is a luxury place, unusual for this trip. We have our own veranda with a view of the lake. There are hammocks and even a free mini-bar! We chose to do the jeep safari early tomorrow afternoon which gave us time ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka January 17th 2016

There comes my second ROADTRIP .After my first successful #roadtrip to native, I was all excited for my next #roadtrip. Instantly planned a Day's #roadtrip on one of the 2 day weekend. Thanks to My co-rider Prashant for responding positively. We planned the trip on a short notice considering only 2 people, but eventually ended up having 7 more people joining us on the trip.So, we all were set for One Day #roadtrip to city of Fort, Chitradurga, 220 KMs from Bangalore. A brief history of Chitradurga follows, Chitradurga gets its name from Chitrakaldurga (or Picturesque castle), an umbrella-shaped lofty hill found here. Chitradurga was also known by the names Chitradurg, Chitrakaladurga, Chittaldurg. Chittaldrug was the Official name used during the British rule. Chitradurga features bold rock hills and picturesque valleys, huge towering boulders in numerous ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore January 10th 2016

Depuis quelques semaines les routes goudronnees et renovees fleurissent dans le quartier technologique. A savoir que la plupart des routes sont en terre et remplies de nids de poule. Vous ajoutez ca au fait qu'elles ne sont pas tres larges car ils sont depasses par le succes du parc technologique, et aussi l'instinct de l'indien qui essaye de gruger tout le monde et ca devient vite un bordel monstrueux. En plus il y a tres peu de feux alors ce sont les flics qui prennent le relais. Sauf qu'ils foutent plus le bordel qu'autre chose et puis personne ne les ecoutent vraiment a commencer par notre propre chauffeur. Il y a une blague qui circulait sur internet il y a quelque temps : A la fin de Interstellar, la fille du hero, vieille dans son lit ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala January 5th 2016

Christmas Holidays are probably the best time to travel for Bangaloreans. IT and related software companies which are the nerve-centre of Bangalore remain in comparatively leisurely mood. This year (2015) Christmas was on Friday resulting in continuous three holidays. Unbearable traffic in ever-busy Bangalore Roads was not visible. Most residents either went to their native places or decided to break out of Bangalore. Above all Bangalore weather was excellent. I could not resist taking a long drive out of Bangalore, this time to the heritage sites of North Karnataka. Karnataka boasts one of the finest architectural creations in India (if not the world) and a very rich cultural heritage, most of which is located in North Karnataka. I planned to visit the following places to fully utilise my holidays spanning three days : 1. BIJAPUR - ... read more
Bijapur, North Karnataka
Bijapur North Karnataka

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