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Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore January 2nd 2015

We thought it was a great idea to go to Chamundi Hill on New Year's Day. Well, we were not really the only ones having this idea. To put it shortly, Chamundi Hill was packed with people! We decided to take the foot trail up the hill. 1000-plus steps were awaiting us..... and lots of other pilgrims. Most pilgrims blessed each step with some kumkum (red and yellow powder). We just tried to make our way up quietly which was difficult with lots of people wishing us a happy new year and wanting to shake our hands. We did not want to be rude and started to play the game with them. But after I do not know how many people and pictures we gave up. We really felt extremely bad but there was no chance ... read more
Yoganarashima Temple in Melkote
lunch time in Melkote
Nina doing some pranayamas on the hill in Melkote - a perfect place

Asia » India » Karnataka » Srirangapattana January 1st 2015

Leaving Hassan after our great day in Shravanabelagola our next destination was Mysore, a city where we have been before (here is our last blog of Mysore). We had an Ok place to stay last time in Mysore but this time we wanted to be a bit closer to town. That is why we ended up in the famous MB International Hotel. It was indeed close to town, just a 10 minutes walk away from the Central bus stand. We were welcomed very friendly - our room was small but looked clean and ok. We were relieved as we had booked 4 nights here. We went for a quick walk around town and a bite to eat for dinner. As we had planned a special trip for the next day, we went to bed early - ... read more
in the Jamia Masjid
washing day at the river
Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hassan December 31st 2014

After our "shithole experience" in Halebid (read in our last blog entry), we did not feel like staying overnight in another pilgrimage town. Furthermore, the sleeping options in Shravanabelagola sounded, well let's say, limited. Most of the guesthouses are for pilgrims and are rented by the local jain organisation for as little as 210 rupees for a double. So we made the trip to Shravanabelagola from Hassan in 1 day - and it was a perfect decision. But as this place was an extraordinary place for us, we feel like giving it some space in an extra blog. Why did we chose to go to Shravanabelagola? On this trip we wanted to visit some smaller, remoter places around Mysore as this area is considered to be kind of a holy area with lot of sacred places ... read more
Markus and some random indians taking pictures of us
landscape around Shravanabelagola
Markus with Shravanabelagola and Chandragiri hill in the background

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hassan December 30th 2014

This blog is dedicated to the Ancient Hoysala Empire - its capital Halebidu and Belur. 28th Dec 2014 sunday morning and a destination 260 kms away from Bengaluru city was picked up as a weekend getaway by us. We covered total 3 places in a day's tour to belur - Halebidu. Our trip started at 6 am from bengaluru. Our first stop was Sharavanbelagola(140 kms from Bangalore)- a very old jain temple. As soon as we got out of our car we figured out reaching to the temple will not be an easy task, as there were 150 stairs waiting for us. Somehow we managed with 4-5 breaks in between. After reaching the cliff our tiredness was taken away by the temple's design and architecture. After covering the entire courtyard and the temple we quickly rushed ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hassan December 30th 2014

OK, the headline is quite provocative. We do have some indian friends who are spiritual. So please, we do not want to offend anyone. We are just talking about the mass of people and what we observed on our travels. But later some thought on this. From Madikeri we took one of the many buses down to Hassan. If you want to travel this route: just be warned! The road is really bad and during these 4 hours we were shaken quite a bit. But again we had been lucky, having seats in the front of the bus with great views. We arrived at the bus station in Hassan and were really surprised how clean and well organized this bus station is. As it was early afternoon, we quickly decided to make our way to Halebid. ... read more
it is orange season - as you can see on the market in Hassan
construction work in a bus terminal near Hassan
Markus getting a new haircut

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore December 29th 2014

Day 8 We had a relaxed morning this morning; waking up naturally, which was a refreshing change! Although we were awoken in the night by a random phone call. I answered it half asleep. It was all in Indian, I just kept replying that I didn't understand, but he continued to rabble on. Very frustrating, T found it very funny! lol We packed our bags ready to move on again. We met with Kate and Nicola for our final breakfast before parting our ways. It was a hearty English breakfast this morning, well, as English as it gets in India! Cereal, fruit, toast with jam and tea. We set of for Bangalore, which is abut 150k. We have a couple of stops on the way. The first stop was after only 10 minutes whilst still in ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore December 27th 2014

Day 7 Today was a 5.15 start. We have agreed that we should take a second chance on the safari. The same driver came to pick us up from the hotel. We did manage to see various wildlife, but not the one's we really wanted to see; elephants, tigers, and leopards. The road through the park was really far too busy. Still, it was a beautiful morning, and a nice way to spend 3.5 hours. On our return to the hotel, we were running a bit late, so we had no time for a wash, or a shower, it was bags packed, and away. Today we are driving 90km to Mysore. The first stop was for breakfast; dosa and tea all round. We were all ready for it. The owner seemed very pleased that we had ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg December 27th 2014

Leaving Kannur in the direction of Madikeri, I (Nina) had to face a special challenge. After having changed my ayurvedic medicine the evening before (as prescribed by the doctors), I had quite a strong diarrhea. As I felt healthy and ok, I did not pay much attention to it, but a 6 hour bus journey was not really what I was looking for. Anyway, we were lucky. Being the first ones on the bus, we were sitting in prime position in the front row with a perfect view. After 1 hour of travelling, we realised that theses seats were essential for a good journey. The driver was driving like crazy and the road was really curvy. The result: we were nearly the only one not feeling sick and not in need of some sickness bags. Instead ... read more
Bylakuppe - in the smaller temple
hiking in Coorg
Coorg flower

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna November 17th 2014

So it's another bus ride from Hampi to Gorkarna, luckily I'm making the journey with a friend I've made in Hampi. There was no sleeper tickets available for the bus, so I'm sat upright all night trying to fucking sleep! No chance! We have to change bus at 2AM, and get onto what from the outside was a minivan, inside they'd managed to cram as many seats as a small airplane, goodbye knees. What I didn't realise before starting the journey was that it's only two hours on from this point, so we pay an extra 100rs each to get dropped at Om beach, meant to be really quiet and so named because it's in the shape of the Om symbol. We arrive in Gorkarna around 4/4.30AM, it's still dark and there's no one around. Collectively ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi November 17th 2014

The journey to Hampi entailed my first bus ride in India. The bus is none A/C so it's hot as fuck! The beds are pretty uncomfy and it's pretty hard to sleep because the bus is rocking everywhere, turning corners, stopping etc! Definitely need to stick to the train in future. When I first get on the bus, I find my bed, and it's like the size of a normal single, but I'm meant to be sharing it with someone, turns out to be some European chick. Her and her friend have been separated and her friend's got a full bed to herself...So of course, I do the chivalrous thing and offer to swap with her friend, so as to avoid the awkward situation of having to sleep next to a randomer, fuck that! and to ... read more

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