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Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi September 4th 2015

Hampi; described as one of the most bewitching and spell-bounding landscapes with sandy temples and ruins dotted across some of the most spectacular scenery. Now a world heritage site, but in its prime it is believed Hampi was once one of the richest and largest kingdoms in the world. Take that you other built up ugly capital cities. In other words Hampi is generally described as a place not to be missed on a trip to southern India. Furthermore it was off the tourist trail of Rajasthan. Saying all of this, before we arrived we could not get ourselves excited for Hampi as we enjoyed our few days of relaxation in Goa and had seen enough palaces and temples to last a lifetime by now. Did we really want to see another one, two or even ... read more
These children loved having their picture taken
Stone ruins amongst the stones
Braving the intense heat for some sightseeing

Asia » India » Karnataka » Belgaum August 28th 2015

People who love to travel, keep their eyes and ears open for every opportunity. His/her friends know it all. So when my friend bought a brand new car and planned to travel to his hometown for his baby’s naming ceremony, I got an invitation to travel with him. I started early from office so that we could reach his home. Along the way, we picked up his cousin and hit the toll road of national highway. We were travelling from Bangalore to Gokak via Dharwad which was about 500 kms. The roads were good and we hit 100km/hr. on an average. There were not many private vehicles. My friend was keen to reach early before it gets dark. Starting at 2pm IST (Indian Standard Time) from Bangalore, it was simply impossible to do so. We spoke ... read more
Hanging bridge over Ghatprabha river (Gokak Falls)
Baby naming ceremony

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore August 12th 2015

Dear All Greetings from Mysore, in the Indian state of Karnataka. Just arrived here a few hours ago, and other than saying this just seems so far the most comfortable, swankiest hotel I’ve stayed in so far, I will save writing about my time here until my next. The reason is I think there is plenty to relate already about these last few days, and I will add my afternoon in Mysore on to my next blog entry. So last up, I believe I had just arrived in Ooty, at the most unusual Mount View Heritage Hotel, wonderful faded colonial grandeur with absolutely zippo on the service-front. It’s a shame, as I think they could do so much for the place if they spruced it up a bit and added a few friendly faces, what with ... read more
The Black Bear Family Close-Up
Gaur, or Indian Bison
My Treehouse

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore June 28th 2015

Karnataka boasts no. of splendid waterfalls situated in various spots of Western Ghat Region. Best time to enjoy the waterfalls is during monsoon. Last week the news of monsoon spreading towards Coastal Karnataka was highlighted in various media channels. We were in two minds, whether this would be the right time to visit that region, particularly by road. Ultimately, last Friday (19thJune, 2015) late evening,we made up our minds and booked on line accommodation in Jog Falls. Day 1 - 20th June, 2015 Way to Jog Falls Next day myself along with my wife and son started in our Car towards JOG FALLs. It is one of the highest waterfall in India (around 900ft) located around 400 KMs from Bangalore.Our destination was Hotel MayuraGerusoppaJogfalls of Karnataka Tourism. We started a bit late (around 6.15 AM) since ... read more
On the way to Jog Falls
Jog Falls with dark cloud
Mystic Jog

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bandipur National Park May 12th 2015

I’ve been back on the land for two weeks and all kinds of things have happened since, but let me use this post to explain the few weeks I spent at Auroville. After a few more days with the Auroville guys, I left with Ilango and Vikram in the Bolero with all their gear and we drove to Auroville in 10 hours. The trip was mostly uneventful as we listened to a broken Bob Marley cd with the two main highlights being another twister passing us on the road and a very, very tight descent down the mountains with 27 needle pin bends. We arrived at the AV youth centre in the evening. The first few days there were kind of boring to me but then I decided to go out and explore on my own. ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala April 2nd 2015

Goa is a known name to Domestic and Overseas travelers. It has one of the finest beaches of India and many old age churches. The carefree and lively atmosphere, mouth watering Sea food delicacies, Casino parlors, Jewellery are some of the attractions. Generally I do a kind of research when I visit any place. But when I visited Goa for the first time in April 2014, I had nothing to research before the visit. Because I might be the only first time visitor to the place among my known circle. In fact it was just a much awaited trip for my son. So, to give a bit of excitement to the trip, we decided to drive down. So that we could stop wherever we wanted, could eat at our choice of eatery and could leisurely spend ... read more
Masala Dosa
Photo frame

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bandipur National Park March 27th 2015

Hey everybody, So it’s been almost 3 weeks since my first blog-post. By now I can say I’ve settled in quite nicely out here. Malvikaa left to the US a few days ago though she left the land last Sunday morning, so since then I’ve been ‘alone’ with the guys from Auroville. I hope to be travelling a little bit with them when they leave but it depends on whether there’s space in the cars. Anyway, that’s all in the future. In the past so many days I’ve only been off the land twice – once to visit a local furniture maker who’s ‘factory’ is just down the road and another time to the town of Gundlupet to buy groceries. It’s good to be with some other white people who can show me how they do ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore March 23rd 2015

We have spent the past three days in Mysore. We toured the palace which was built in the early 1900's, and is absolutely beautiful. It is so opulent with colorful murals on the walls and high domed ceilings with carvings and paintings. At night the whole outside is lit up with thousands of lights.Will post some pictures, but unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, so now our time in incredible India is done. Words cannot describe the experiences we have had. India is a country of contrasts, from richness and opulence to squaller and rubble. The people are warm and friendly, willing to help and always smiling. We have seen and experienced so much in our short time here, and yet ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 19th 2015

I recently re-discovered a childhood craze of mine. As a kid, I would literally beg anyone I could find with a cycle to lend it to me for a few minutes. Those were not the days of speciality kids cycles (or at least we could not afford one), so a lot of us would 'half pedal' on adult cycles - yes, the big black heavy ones. Since we did not have one in our house, any guest or neighbour who had one fell victim to my persistent pleading. Well, 30 years later, I can afford a much better cycle, and don't need to plead anyone any more. I makes me wonder why I did not re-start cycling earlier. Anyway - I got myself a Schnell Jaguar 2.0 MTB about a month ago, and after a couple ... read more
Almost there.. that's my friend Tatha
That's me.. almost at the top
On the top... Conquered Nandi Betta

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 9th 2015

Bangalore is big, busy and bustling. Actually, make that huge and hectic. We transited through Bangalore last year without seeing anything except one massive traffic jam that lasted two hours, so this time we thought we’d devote a day to seeing the limited sites it has to offer. But first we have to get here. Google maps had suggested it would take six hours from our peaceful haven in Wayanad, but we know it will be more. The hotel staff suggest it will take 7-8 hours, so we accede to Mr Hussain’s suggestion that we should leave at 7am. We manage this despite a delay caused by the fact that the mobile phone signal is too weak to allow us to pay our bill by credit card and we have to scrabble around to see if ... read more
Tipu Sultan's palace
Big Nandi in his temple, bejewelled
Bangalore palace, complete with Windsor turrets

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