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Asia » India » Karnataka May 8th 2016

Hey all! I use this blog to remember things and keep my family and friends up to date on what I’m doing… but anyone is welcome J Monday 2nd to Friday 6th May 2016 This week was another typical work week so no exciting pictures… more random ones I’m afraid. Jane my colleague stayed Monday and Tuesday and it was really nice to have a visitor and see a friendly face. I felt terrible I had to send her off to work without breakfast on Monday… (as we’d got back from Pondicherry so late the night before the shops were shut, Brian sorted the situation during the day so she had something for Tuesday). Brian was still recovering from being sick so we didn’t eat out, Jane taught me how to make pasta bake in the ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala April 26th 2016

8TH APRIL, 2016 – FRIDAY On Ugadi day, we commenced our one week trip to Mumbai, various places of Maharashtra and Goa from Bangalore. Myself and my wife became frequent traveller to nearby and distant places from Bangalore. I love to drive our Hyundai Xcent car thru highways. Usually, she navigates the way as also keep a watch on the road. So far our combination worked reasonably well. This time my 90 year old father was also accompanying us upto Mumbai. Our son would be a late entrant to our trip but his joining was un-certain. Tour program Our plan was to reach Borivali, Mumbai at my relative’s place on the same day, take rest next day and resume our journey (myself and my wife) from third day onwards. Our holiday plan was as follows : ... read more
Pratapgarh Fort of Shivaji
Raigad Fort of Shivaji
Sunset at Calangute Beach Goa

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore April 24th 2016

I write this blog to help me remember things and to keep my friends and family updated on what I'm doing. I write a lot of chatty stuff so it's best if you know me (my friends say they like the chatting because it reminds me of how I talk... which I'm not sure is a good thing!) but anyone interested enough is welcome. Friday 23 April Friday evening we watched Slumdog Millionaire (can relate to it a bit more from here) which reminded me to write about the TV censorship. It’s pretty strict. There are some words that are ok… some that are not ok for example if the f word is used it’s muted out, if the s**t word is used the English subtitles on the screen (always present, even when the TV is ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna April 23rd 2016

Me and Dave have split up for a few days while I go to see a friend, and he goes to see some things that I’ve already seen. I was going from Chennai to Pune, which as one train journey would probably be around 33 hours! So I decided to make two stops on the way to break the journey up, Mysore and Gokarna are where I'm going to stop. When we got back from Andamans I'd arranged to meet Raja in Chennai. It was Thursday when we landed back on the mainland. Dave said he wasn't spending anymore than one night in Chennai, which is fair enough! I wish I'd done the same. I spoke to Raja who's currently in police training, who said his only day off is Sunday. Fair enough, I don't mind ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore April 22nd 2016

Just reminder that I use this 'blog' to remember things for myself and to share what I'm doing with my family and friends… it reads best if you know me (and that I talk a lot about random stuff) but anyone who’s interested enough to read is welcome. Monday 18 to Friday 22 April Monday was my first day at the office… I was up early and feeling like the new girl… Noor was very punctual anticipating a 2-hour drive to the office (allowing for getting lost first time, which we didn’t which was great… Google maps can be very handy as a back-up to give reassurance you’re on the right track). There’s not much to say about the journey other than traffic… (most of my photos so far are of the traffic and cows for ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Chikkaballapur April 17th 2016

Bangalore was never on my target as a place to visit. As my interest is in places which are more touristic. However situations made me stay in Bangalore for over a month. It's a good city. I was staying in far off place from the main city so I was very happy as there was no traffic. One a good places in India to live in. Good technology in terms of daily life has been established here. Weather was just alright. It was summer but not too hot. To get taxi was easy due to the technology. Ordering food or grocery was also made easy due to the technology. Place is booming and bursting with technology and start up businesses. This soon will spread in India as well. The MTR concept has boomed as a food ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore April 17th 2016

Hey all, I’ve been asked if I’ll be writing my ‘blog’ again whilst I’m in India … so I thought I’d better J I’m not sure if I can remember how to do it… but here goes… I use it to remember things for myself and to share what I'm doing with my family and friends… it reads best if you know me (and can appreciate the rambling!) but anyone who’s interested enough to read is welcome. Since I last posted about Uganda in 2013 I’ve been away a few times… a fantastic European road trip with my parents… New York to my good friends Kristen and Dan’s wedding, Dallas to see my lovely friend Lauren and California to see Brian. I’ve not posted blog updates for those but as I’m going to be living and ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 25th 2016

Les rues fourmillent de producteur venant de toute la région et villages avoisinant Bangalore. Et vas-y que ça marchande par-ci et par là. Chacun essaye d’acheter ses fruits et légumes au meilleur prix. C’est le marché de Bangalore, un des plus gros de la région, très réputé aussi pour son commerce de fleurs. On se faufile au milieu des gens, certains nous regarde avec curiosité, d’autre ne nous remarque même pas trop occupés à transporter les sacs de marchandise qui font deux fois leur taille et qui cache de toute façon leur visibilité. On prend des photos, certains prennent des photos avec nous (surtout avec Alex en fait du haut de ses 2 mètres). Le marché est juste immense et là, un escalier qui donne au sous-sol, qui révèle la deuxième partie du marché, aussi grande ... read more
homme au panier
small one

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hassan March 14th 2016

The quest for the next, offbeat weekend gateway ended with the identification of Hassan, in the state of Karnataka. Since it was the month of October, to avoid the afternoon heat, we decided to travel in the night. The distance to be covered from Mumbai was 950 km and the estimated travel time was 16 hours with minimal pit stops. After completing the day’s task we embarked on our journey at 16:00 hours and hit Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The city traffic on the Pune Bypass Road was dense and it took almost an hour to get out of it and reach Katraj Tunnel. Thereafter the road was good and the only delay was on account of the wait at the Toll Plazas. As we reached Satara, on Pune – Bangalore Highway, we decided to take a short ... read more
Ornate Carvings
Serene Environment
Mythological Figures

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 6th 2016

I thought Bangalore has lost its selling point of being a city of parks. Now every where you turn, park your car or stare at you see an IT company and the huge IT park that it is based in. There is always garbage around(mostly on fire since thats the best way one can get rid of garbage). Angry and frustrated people honking to get to place that they dred. The vehicles.. the restaurants that feed the non indigenous people. And lets not forget the posters - movies, death /birth anniversary , new year , eid, Christmas...wishes from the (I know my people) politicians and sometimes I don't even know why a poster full of people faces is put up!! Thats all true, but Bangalore has managed to hide a few gems away. Krishna Rao Park ... read more

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