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Asia » India » Karnataka March 3rd 2014

Strange things happen.... as we sit in the lobby/dining room of our hotel (only place with wi-fi) under the cooling breeze of a fan, a small white rabbit has just ambled past. And left, presumably not wishing to be spotted by the cooks. Badami is famous for its rock temples, hewn and carved out of massive sandstone cliffs. For once, we don’t need the sensible hats that cause so much derision, as the temples are in shade first thing in the morning. Today we have a guide, recommended to us by our guide at Hyderabad and charging a modest £9 for three hours. There’s no doubt you see and appreciate a lot more with guide, even though yesterday we were so hot we just wanted to keep going and would not have paid attention to explanations ... read more
Market in Badami
baby bunny
Badami temple carvings

Asia » India » Karnataka March 2nd 2014

The day breaks in dusty disgusting Bijapur. I awake and contemplate the brown smears on the bedroom wall.....just what is that substance? Best not to think, get up shower, and give thanks that the bowels have held up after last night's delicious dinner – 1.5l of beer, 8 biscuits (cost 10p per packet) and six bananas. We could not face the food bizarre downstairs. We had tried room service; a man appeared with a grease stained menu card. “Is not our menu is someone else's, food not same prices not same but maybe similar”. Excellent salesmanship you will agree. We gave up at that point and took comfort in beer. By 8am we are packed and ready to flee but Mr Ali the driver does not start till 830am. But at 825am we espy him and ... read more
Pattadakal temples
Playing in the 6th century water tank

Asia » India » Karnataka February 27th 2014

We lingered in the comfort and luxury of the Falaknuma for as long as we could this morning, but eventually it was time to say goodbye and set off on the second half of our journey. Our new driver was waiting for us, in an identical Toyota Innova people carrier to the last one. After a slight hiccup when he took the wrong road, we were soon on the highway for a mere 3 hour drive to Bidar. We have just one night here, partly because it would have been a very long journey to our next destination if we’d driven direct from Hyderabad, and partly to see the fort. Luckily the driver knew his way round the fort. You enter through the 14th century city walls, which are about 10km long and encircle a ... read more
Bidar fort
Suite at the Sapna Continental
Luxury repast

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Ganga Nagar February 20th 2014

(quick disclaimer- sorry for the lack of pics in this blog and any thing that doesn't make sense, I've boshed it out very quickly! Instagram for the pics: @ryantanna) Sorry for the long absence of communication - I've been very busy! Where to start... well let's talk about this weekend. So, we went to Bangalore! What a place. It's so different to Madurai which is in very heart of the south. Bangalore is much, much more northern when you compare the difference in cultures. It's like going from a small native tribe in Wales (I'm sure some of them are still tribal.. ha) to London... and most Londoners class anything north / west / east of the circle line as foreign territory, so you can imagine the shock when we saw women DRINKING ALCOHOL in PUBLIC ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore February 14th 2014

Right, a bit of a preamble: I actually wrote the bulk of this about two weeks ago, and had thought about rewriting it, but decided to leave it the same but add some postscript so this text and the pictures might be a bit disjointed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, as always I hope you are all well. A fairly short entry this time round, not to say that stuff hasn’t happened, because it has, but it is just not quite as much stuff as on previous posts. Or, let me flip that a bit. I have been suspecting for sometime that things that would have filled me with novelty on the previous trip are now pretty much matter of course and so I don’t report on them. I remember on my last trip I would report on ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 28th 2014

Oh all we ever seem to do is catch a train. I am sure by now you guys are all trained out. I really like train travel and its all so comfortable and well organized. We met a couple in our compartment the husband lectures in tool and dye cutting and she is a professor of engineering/ they had recently been to South Africa so we had lots to talk about. Every youngster we speak to is studying engineering of some sort there is a glut of engineers here and so they in the end take on crappy jobs just to get a job often not even in their own field. And we have the problem in South Africa that we only have one place in Durban where they teach Tool and Dye cutting and that ... read more
getting water
lemonade seller
roof top restaurant

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore January 25th 2014

.....this is what lonely planet says about Mysore. Well, we are not really LP-fans - but this is certainly true. Mysore has everything South India is made of: tempels, pujas, lovely food, hot weather, friendly people, colonial buildings, honking, crazy markets, yoga, all kinds of smells and colours and, a highlight for us (after a long time without): nice cold local beer. This city is a feast for all sins. But come prepared and be ready to dive into this world - otherwise it will makes you crazy. We were thinking a lot about going to Mysore. The last travelblogs about this city were not really enthusiastic. But in Wayanad, we spoke to so many people who simply loved their time in Mysore that we finally decided to check it out. And did we regret coming ... read more
Mysore Palace on Sunday nights
offerings for a puja
Nina being blessed

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore January 24th 2014

We were in Mysore, 3 hours southeast of Bangalore, on our way to the government silk factory, when 3 cows across the street caught my attention. After 3 months in India, I usually don't notice cows anymore. We've seen cows in the city, cows standing on a thin grassy median surrounded by relentless Indian traffic, cows on the beach, cows on the train station platform, cows in restaurants, cows in temples. Big cows, little cows, camel cows, cows with painted horns adorned like an Indian bus, sleeping cows, walking cows, stampeding cows, frisky cows, even self-pleasuring cows (seriously). I usually don't give them a second glance. But these cows were yellow! I don't know why they're yellow, or how they're yellow. All the white spots on the cows we saw in Mysore were dyed yellow. There ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore January 23rd 2014

The road down the mountain towards Mysore was rough and rugged but travelled through National reserves so we were entertained with flocks of pretty spotted deer, a baby elephant being washed in a stream and a group of very cute black faced monkeys who had decided to come down to the road to watch the humans and play a game of chicken on the road. They observed us as much as we observed them. The road became much better once we hit the flats and we motored quickly to Mysore, pausing once to admire the pelican elegantly fishing in a lake and a group of pelicans nesting up in the trees. Once we arrived in Mysore we headed directly to the palace. The place was teeming with tourists and we learned from Antony that it was ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore January 23rd 2014

We have a rental space! Anusha's family have agreed to rent us a room they own at only 1200 rupees per month (about AUD$24). This is a fantastic achievement given that the rent in the village is usually over 2000 rupees per month. For two months we will occupy a smaller room on the top floor of their house, until the current tenant of the larger room moves out. The larger room is a separate dwelling on their property, with an attached bathroom. We are all thrilled about this. On the facilitator front, we have one great candidate named Apoorva. She is about to start her Masters in Science, and has a fantastic grasp on English. Her father is also very supportive, we just hope she will be able to fit Pod into her busy schedule! ... read more

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