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Sam Heyes

Africa » Egypt » Sinai » Dahab May 29th 2017

I came to Egypt for two things, ancient Egyptian temples/pyramids and diving in the Red sea. The Red sea is renowned for being some of the best diving in the world. Before coming to Egypt I'd taken note of the governments warning and decided that I would go diving in Marsa Alam to the south due to the high chance of seeing giant sea turtles (my favourite animal) and the very slight chance of seeing a Dugong! After doing some research it looked increasingly unlikely that I would be able to visit due to the lack of backpacker accommodation. The minimum was $20 per night! My whole daily budget!. So after meeting a number of other backpackers who had either been to Dahab, or were heading to Dahab, I decided I HAD to go to Dahab. ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Aswan May 29th 2017

I'd been forewarned that Aswan was going to be even quieter than Luxor, and so it was. With no especially famous or important monuments, Aswan is usually a quick stop off on the way to visit Abu Simbel around 300km to the south. Naturally though, this is Egypt and I'm alongside the Nile so inevitably there's some things to see. Aswan is the location of the quarry used all those years ago for the stones that built all the temples and pyramids of Egypt. The ancients being the genius' they were, waited every year for the flooding of the Nile, where the banks would be flooded for six months of the year leaving the farmland un-farmable. The ancients used this to their advantage because it allowed them to sail further away from the river. This is ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor May 15th 2017

Firstly the train journeys in other countries are always an interesting experience, and the 11 hours from Cairo to Luxor didn't disappoint. I'd read online that if you book a ticket at the station through the ticket booths you'll be sold a night ticket on the tourist train which costs around $100! BUT this is easily avoided by going to the self serve ticket machine and buying a ticket yourself. It's fine to do this, no ones going to stop you. The rule is presumably there to make tourists spend more money. So for E£57 I had a ticket to Luxor. Unfortunately the train at night was fully booked when I wanted to leave so I ended up “wasting” a whole day on the train. Perhaps this could've been easily avoided had I not been lazy ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo May 14th 2017

I'm back on the road and back with the blogs for a few weeks, and as the title suggests I'm EGYPT!. My earliest memory of learning about the ancient Egyptians comes from when I was in year 4, so when I was around 8 years old. Ever since it's been a dream to come and visit some of the oldest structures in the world, built by some of the most amazing humans to ever walk the planet...or aliens ;). I wanted to come when me and Dave first set off 15 months ago, but due to flight prices going up when we wanted to book we went straight to India, much to my dismay. Given the current “situation” in the country, now seemed like the perfect time to visit Egypt. A situation that doesn't exist by ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North January 4th 2017

When randomly looking through a guide book we picked out this temple as a crazy adventure. The more we looked into it, the harder it appeared to be to get there, the more exciting it seemed. We left our main bags at the hostel in Siem Reap, and packed small bags to take with us. We hired a scooter for $9 per day, charged our phones for satnav (Thankfully it's the 21st century!) and set off for Anlong Veng where we would spend a night before setting off for the temple. It didn't take long before we were clearly in a part of the country that doesn't get many foreign visitors. Back to being curiously stared at and children waving as we drove past. Along the way we drove past a really small, poor village and ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap December 25th 2016

Looking forward to some real adventure I left Koh Rong with some friends heading for the highly anticipated Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, the main reason I came to Cambodia. First though we had a quick stop off in Battambang, Cambodia's second most populated city behind Phnom Penn. We arrived around 6AM after one of the bumpiest bus rides of my life, we literally jumped out of the bed at one point! We were met with the usual immediate onslaught from tuk-tuk drivers wanting to take us to our hostel and around for the day. At this stage we didn't know what we wanted to do or see and just wanted to sleep. Being on the receiving end of a hard sell at 6AM isn't the best way to start the day. We arrived at BTB ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville December 25th 2016

Koh Rong Initially I planned on spending Christmas and NYE on Koh Rong because there's a full moon party. I'm glad I decided last minute to visit earlier because I discovered it wasn't what I thought it would be. It's an incredibly beautiful island, white sand beaches and crystal clear water...BUT there's far too many hotels/bars along the beach front which really ruins it, not to mention the amount of litter! Caused mostly be the tourists on the island! All the bad aspects of travelling SE Asia on one island. Most of the bars and hotels are owned by westerners, with tourists working for accommodation on the island. This to me is ridiculous and must only be hurting the Cambodian economy. Instead of locals being employed, there's westerners working for free just to save $5 a ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh December 10th 2016

Firstly crossing the border from Vietnam to Cambodia really couldn't have been easier...maybe a little quicker, but this is Asia. I paid 200,000 Dong (£7) for the bus ticket from HCM to Phnom Penn. When we boarded the bus the conductor took all of our passports and the $35US for the visa, when we got to the border he got off and sorted everything, we just needed to walk through. The worrying thing is that all the big bags were left on the bus, so if you did want to traffic drugs, or worse, then it wouldn't be a problem!. Arriving in Phnom Penn I was kinda expecting another HCM. I've been told by friends who've visited before that it's the dodgiest city in the whole of SE Asia. So I was pleasantly surprised to find ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 December 6th 2016

Ho Chi Minh didn't promise much, and it delivered. Initially this trip was going to take me to the north, but due to unforeseen circumstances there was a change of plan. So I've spent a few days in Ho Chi Minh in south Vietnam and I'm currently sat on a bus to Phnom Penn in Cambodia, where I plan to spend around a month. Before I arrived I'd been told and read that HCM wasn't more than a big horrible industrial city, and I can't say that's far off. I'm not 100% sure but I think it's the worst city I've been to on my travels. There's not too much to do except check out the museums about the war and the Cu Chi tunnels. Tunnels dug out by the Vietcong during the war. So that's ... read more

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake June 15th 2016

After the amazing adventure in Bagan, wandering around all the beautiful temples and experiencing the local and ancient culture I was keen to see more of Myanmar. Having looked online at travel blogs it seemed the common trek to do was from Kalaw to Inle Lake, but wanting to get off the beaten track and see “real” Myanmar, I followed the advice of heading a little further north to Hsipaw (pronounced see po). The travel blogs and the guide book both said that it's easy to get off the beaten path there, see a rural village and see traditional clothing etc. We got the “12 hour” bus from Bagan which actually took 14 hours! Believe me, sitting on one of those buses for 14 hours wasn't a pleasant experience. There's literally no way to get comfortable. ... read more

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