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Asia » India » Karnataka December 26th 2016

I spent all of Christmas Day on buses and trains. I left Mananthavady in the dark at 6.30am, and finished in the dark at 6.30pm in a town called Thirithalli (in the state of Karnataka above Kerala). This part of the trip is all about lion-tailed macaques. They used to be called wanderoos in the old days, which makes them sound like some sort of Australian animal, possibly one with a tendency to roam, but they are actually monkeys. I seem to go looking for monkeys a lot, I'm not sure why. They just appeal to me as mammals to find in the wild. In 2013 a girl in China said to me "you must really like monkeys". I guess so. I'm currently on thirteen species of primates for this trip, by the way. (Or, not ... read more
Bonnet Macaque (Macaca radiata)

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore November 16th 2016

We left Orange County in Coorg and drove over 4 hours to Soans Farm near Moodibidri where pineapple juice flows like water. I know it sounds like we are doing a fruit tour of India, but really it is just ironic that we landed at two plantations within a few days! We had to leave our comfortable spot nestled in coffee country very early in the morning because we we had to drive through an area that was dealing with some disruptive protesting. There were people angry with the government and planned a protest that last year involved someone getting killed. So, they were being very cautious moving the tourists out of the area. We ended up being stopped at too many check points to count and witnessed a huge police presence, but other than that ... read more
Our Cottage at Soans
Harvest Time
Old Warehouse at Soans

Asia » India » Karnataka » Coorg November 15th 2016

We left the dusty, dry desert of Rajasthan and flew 1,125 miles south to Bangaluru. From Jaipur to Bangaluru, our flight took a little over 2 and a half hours. Once we arrived in Bangaluru, we drove over 6 and a half hours to reach Coorg, India. The roads were rough and winding along our drive and every village had speed bumps so it was difficult to move at a very fast speed. We are officially in the southern part of India. This is apparent to us because: * The landscape has changed dramatically. It looks more lush and more tropical. There are flowers, crops and fruit trees everywhere you look. The horizon is dotted with palm trees. * The locals have slightly darker skin coloring than those in the northern parts of India. *There seems ... read more
Roughing It in Coorg
Our Back Yard
View From Breakfast Table

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala November 9th 2016

Self-driving from Bangalore to Kolkata and back was a crazy idea. I travelled from Bangalore to Kolkata (my native place) at least hundred times by Air and railways during last ten years. But whenever I expressed my plan for a pleasure road trip to Kolkata and back driving my own car, I received a cold response from my family. This time when I attempted for booking a ticket for Kolkata during Dussera holidays in vein, my insane idea received a fillip. Unlike other years, I left my search for ticket further and decided to prepare for a road drive. For covering from Bangalore to Kolkata and back, I had to drive nearly 4000 Kms. There were various alternative routes. After lot of research, exploring the net and collecting information, I thought of adopting the following route ... read more
Bridge on Krishna River, Vijawawada
View of Seven Hills from Hotel room Tirupati
Statute of Sir Arthur James Cotton, Rajahmundry

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mangalore November 2nd 2016

Geo: 12.8694, 74.8426... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala September 3rd 2016

Spending a night inside Bandipur National Park forest area was an exciting experience. There were no. of cottages inside Bandipur National Park. Some of them had two rooms while others were of big size having four rooms. Each of them had beautiful name like Kokila, Vanashree etc.. Thanks to the Karnataka Forest Department, presently booking of these rooms are comparatively easier thru on-line facility (compared to booking of Guest House in Nagarhole Tiger Reserve which we visited last month, i.e. July, 2016). I attempted for a Bandipur trip during extended holidays of Independence Day, but in vein. There was no luck for next Saturday too, hence I could book a room on Sunday i.e. 21st August, 2016. 21st August, 2016 - Journey to Bandipur National Park Bandipur National Park was around 230 Kms from Bangalore. The ... read more
A cute dead tree root - Bandipur
Wild Mongoose Bandipur

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala July 29th 2016

Nagarhole Reserve Forest (Rajiv Gandhi National Park) is one of the most favourite destinations for nature-lovers in Karnataka. Forest Guest House, Nagarhole was located at the heart of the forest , near the place from where the Jungle Safari starts. I had inquired about the booking process and came to know that it was a lengthy exercise unlike the normal “On-line booking system” prevailing nowadays for selecting hotels. I made a casual attempt and waited patiently for the response. To my luck it clicked and it was a delightful experience of spending two nights in the Guest House of Nagarhole along with my wife. I described the Booking process at the end of my blog in detail. Definitely, it requires patience unlike the lightening process we adopt nowadays for fixing our holiday program. But the end ... read more
Deer herd in Nagarhole Forest
Idli wrapped in Banana leaves - Kamat Hotel, Janapadalok
Glass balcony - Nagarhole Guest House 1st Floor

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 17th 2016

Wednesday 13th to Sunday 27th July – UK to Bangalore and back to the UK Hi all, The last time I wrote I was getting ready to leave for a return trip to the UK to renew my work visa…! Now I’m back in Bangalore but getting ready to leave to return to my job and life in the UK… I’m going home early J If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that it’s not always easy and fun here for me…! I’ve had my fair share of dramas and challenges to overcome! It’s certainly been a test of my resilience and ability to live independently in a city on my own J I spent 12 days in the UK and my time there made me realise what was important to me at the moment. I ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala July 13th 2016

I look for opportunities to open a new travelling chapter to enrich myself. An assignment to Thiruvanathapuram provided the idea to drive my Hyundai Xcent from Bangalore and to visit nearby destinations on the way back. Thiruvanathapuram (Trivundrum) is the capital city of Gods own country (i.e. Kerala) and located around 730 Kms from Bangalore. We plan to cover the following places in our tour : 1. 1st day – Madurai, 2. 2nd day & 3rd day – Thiruvanthapuram (Trivundrum), 3. 4th day – Kanyakumari, 4. 5th day – Rameswaram, 5. 6th day – Back to Bangalore My wife was my usual travel companion in all my driving adventure. This time my son would be accompanying us upto Trivundrum. 18.06.2016 DAY 1 – BANGALORE TO MADURAI (435 KMS) Route – Banga... read more
Picturesque Landscape near Tirunelveli
Land of windmills Tirunelveli
Refreshed Highway after rainfall

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 30th 2016

I use this blog to remember things and keep my family and friends up to date on what I’m doing… anyone is welcome but you’ll find it ramblings nonsense if you don’t know me J Sunday 16th May – Bangalore I arrived back from Delhi and was very happy to see Noor waiting for me J We got sorted and planned the rest of the day… first stop was the Marriott hotel in Whitefield to collect some new work paraphernalia… it was nice to catch up with Chris and Pete who had arrived that morning (Chris for a week, Pete for 3 weeks). They then helped me do my food shopping in Hypercity and carried it to Noor and the car for me! Back at home I got settled in. It was my first time back ... read more

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