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Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi August 19th 2018

Our second day in Hampi started earlier than hoped due to the lack of curtains in our room and the general noise levels. This was more than made up for by the delicious breakfast the hostel provided, whilst sitting enjoying views over the river. We walked back over Mantanga hill, passed the Achyutaraya temple & Sule bazaar and towards the Vittala temple, the ‘undisputed highlight’ of Hampi according to the Lonely Planet (we dispute this!). It’s around 2km from Hampi and along the way there are plenty of other temples and ruins to investigate. We particularly enjoyed having an explore in some caves made by the boulders near the river edge. There are often little shrines down narrow passageways which are fun to discover. Once at the Temple we were greeted by hoards of tourists - ... read more
Cave exploration
The stone chariot
Vittala temple

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi August 18th 2018

We arrived in Hospete pretty much on time (only 1 hour late) - I had found the slightly larger 1st class beds on the train much easier to sleep on. Unfortunately Stephens was wonky so he hadn’t got much sleep. Overall there isn’t much difference between the 1st & 2nd AC classes so its probably not worth the extra money. There wasn’t a food cart on this train either, and we didn’t even get any tea! We did, however, get a steady stream of staff wanting a ‘selfie’ with us. Trying to find a tuktuk to the boat crossing to Anegundi, where we were supposed to be staying, we discovered that the river crossings were shut. They had been shut for over a week, so our accommodation knew that before taking our booking & offering to ... read more
Hampi - over Mantanga hill
Hampi - Hemakutu hill
Hampi - Hemakutu hill

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore August 17th 2018

Today is our last day in Mysore before heading over to Hampi for the next few days. It has been a leisurely day of admin and getting food for the journey. We decided to go and see the Railway Museum this morning and got a tuk tuk over there. Despite being another bank holiday this time it was open - thank goodness. Once again it was much cheaper for locals than for us but at 80 rupees each it was probably still worth it. Most of the description signs aren’t completed and the little train thats supposed to go around a small track isn’t working. I think it’s aimed at kids but looks like a health and safety nightmare to me if you have little ones. It’s great for big kids though! It has examples of ... read more
Diesel train
Railway museum
Police training ground

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore August 16th 2018

Well !!! Weekend was approaching and it was Friday. So i decided to take rest from regular work and go some places which is not so far from Bangalore city. "Nandi Hills" the first thought came to every Bangalorian mind if they planning some random trip, so i called two of my friends decided to visit Nandi Hills, although i visited there in summer but this the first time i planned to go in monsoon. we get up and got ready early morning, the best thing in Bangalore is, it has many agencies renting all kind of cars/bikes on hourly and daily basis. Although we decided to go by ola outstation cab, we started journey at 4:30AM from Mahadevapura Bangalore. At early morning, you can reach your destination pretty fast with minimalist traffic. it takes 1.5 ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka August 16th 2018

Today we wanted to go and see the fort town of Srirangapatnam, built on an island 16km out of Mysore. According to the lonely planet you can easily get a train there (you can’t - most of the trains to Bangalore no longer stop there), or a bus taking 30mins (only it takes over an hour these days!). Bored of tuk tuks we decided to hire a bike each from the hostel and cycle over. Possibly not the most sensible idea in monsoon season and given this meant cycling down a main highway... Getting there was actually quite easy, after successfully navigating a couple of terrifying junctions we hit the highway and it was pretty much a straight line from there. Just off the highway we could see a farmer ploughing with oxen. We turned off ... read more
The old bridge into Srirangapatnam
Our route into Srirangapatnam

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore August 15th 2018

As promised our lovely tuk tuk driver from the day before picked us up from our hostel and took us to the bottom of Chamundi Hill (via a tea stop!). The guide book recommends avoiding weekends as they’re so busy - unfortunately we had decided to go on Independence Day instead. It was packed. Walking up over 1000 steps to the top was worth the effort. There was a real mood of celebration with people coming up to us and shaking our hands and wanting selfies. The views were spectacular and we were lucky it didn’t rain on us. 2/3rds of the way up is a statue of Nandi (Shivas bull). The top was full of people and stalls. We saw Sri Chamundeswari temple from the outside but didn’t join the ques to go in. Wondering ... read more
Cigarette manufacturing
Chamundi Hill
Chamundi Hill - Nundi

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore August 14th 2018

Top of the list of things to see in Mysore has to be its palace. Built in 1912 by British architect Henry Irvin to replace the previous palace which had burnt down. It’s on the sight of a fort which was first constructed in the 14th century. It’s relatively cheap at 50 ruppees to enter. The outer grounds open from 10am and the residential part from 11am. The crowds definitely got heavier later on so I’d recommend getting there early. We started by wondering around the grounds, going into the Hindu temples flanking either side of the palace, along the walls, and into the palace elephant stables (where you can say hello to them for free). We decided that if we weren’t told off then it was probably ok to go to, in this way we ... read more
Mysore Palace - palace elephants
Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace

Asia » India » Karnataka » Mysore August 13th 2018

Sleeping on a train full of people isn’t that easy and the beds are really very hard. Stephen helpfully pointed out that everyone else was lying on, rather the under, the heavy blanket provided after I woke up. I guess I’ll have to try that next time. Arriving in Banalore we had under estimated how many stations it has and after going through Bangalore east decided to get off at Bangalore Cant. Our ticket code was BGC. We assumed the ‘c’ was for Cant. It wasn’t. It was for city! We hadn’t taken into account how late the train was running... Fortunately we had almost 4 hours before our next train so jumped on a tuk tuk and got to see some of Bangalore from the back (including the racecourse). At the (correct) station we found ... read more
Government House
Modern Indian construction techniques
The spice market

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 25th 2018

Woolly says – We were up bright and early and having found probably the worse tea in the world, breakfast hadn’t been a great success, we’re in India home of tea growing, how can they make such a bad cuppa? Having left the barely consumed cups we headed outside where our driver, Winkie, was ready for us with his three wheeled chariot. As we bounced and bumped our way back to Hampi, we again enjoyed watching the scenic views and working animals going about their daily tasks. Flying past some of yesterdays temples we pulled up at the Zanana Enclosure, which housed a couple of things that couldn’t be missed on a visit to Hampi. Having walked past the base of where the Queens Palace would have once stood my eye was instantly drawn to the ... read more
The Elephant Stables
The best yet
Cute goats

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi January 24th 2018

We arrived in Hampi after a good night’s sleep, although the train bunks were narrow and being suspended from the roof of the carriage was a little daunting the gentle rocking motion soothed us like babies. Woolly says – Our first task was the usual business of haggling with the rickshaw drivers, now old hands at this it didn’t take long before we were flying down the road and our accommodation was found. The young driver asked if we wanted a guide for the next two days and the look of surprize on Zoe and my face must have said it all, we never have guides! Jo justified her instant response of yes to the driver by explaining that it was going to cost several paws and pistachios to get around the huge sight and at ... read more
Spectacular Pool at the Royal Enclosure

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