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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala September 21st 2019

Nearest point of River Cauvery would be around hundred kilometers from Bangalore city. Whenever opportunity comes I visit this majestic river to get rid of monotonous urban life. River has an unmatched attraction in human life. We were looking for a nearby place around Bangalore to spend the extended weekend of Ganesha Chaturthi. After a brief net search, we selected Galibore Nature Camp, a resort managed by Jungle Lodge & Resorts (JLR). Galibore Nature Camp was an outstanding tourist spot located on the bank of Cauvery river surrounded by hills, deep inside Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. Distance from Bangalore was around 100 kms which could be covered in around four hours. Myself and my wife were frequent visitors to JLR (Jungle Lodges & properties) properties. Unlike the indifferent attitude commonly experienced in Government managed hotels, their management ... read more
Croc immobile
Green Bee Eater

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore June 26th 2019

Here is my astonishing travel experience from the Bangalore to Wayanad road trip through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Located close to the Karnataka border, Wayanad the wonderful hill station located in Kerala is unique with its scenic nature and lush beauty. Wayanad, known for its beautiful hills, valleys, dense forests, mountains, and coffee/tea plantations is the perfect holiday destination in Kerala for nature lovers. Located on the southern tip of the Deccan plateau, this greenish spot is deal for a short distance drive from Bangalore. The best part of the drive itself is the lush green nature on the Kerala border following the Bangalore-Mysore highways. Our Drive from Bangalore to Wayanad A road trip is always exhilarating for travel lovers like me. When it is with our family, happiness will be double. ... read more
Wayanad Gate
Just before entering the Bandipur forest from the Karnataka side
Beautiful cottages in Abad Brookside resort

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna October 20th 2018

Travel Dates: 15-Oct-2018 to 19-Oct-2018 Places Covered: Murudeshwar and Gokarna Day 1: Myself together with my wife Sujata and Son Rudra reached Thane station at 3:20 p.m. to board Matsyagandha Express scheduled at 3:40 p.m., which was almost on time. One of my friend Saira and her sister Naseem had already boarded from LTT at 3:20. We were not able to get tickets in AC and hence had to opt for Sleeper both for to-and-fro. As we were in sleeper coach, we felt the heat for next 1 to 1.5 hours but later it was better. Spent time talking to each other till 9 and then went to sleep, unfortunately we had got 2 upper and 2 middle berths :(. Day 2 Train was almost on time and in morning at 6:00 a.m. we reached Murudeshwar ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Lakkavalli September 19th 2018

River Tern Lodge, Lakkavalli is the ideal holiday destination for nature lovers who planned a trip to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. Located on the bank of Bhadra Reservoir, it is one of the prime properties owned and managed by Jungle Lodge & Resorts, having presence in various tourist destinations of Karnataka. Lakavalli is around 300 kms from Bangalore and can be reached by five hours on road. One of the oldest tiger reserve in India, Bhadra Tiger Reserve is abode to wide varieties of animals including Tiger, Elephant, Sloth Beer, various species of deer etc and innumerable varieties of birds. Dense forest, beautiful rivers, high mountains of western ghats, the almighty is so bountiful there. As frequent visitor of national parks all around Karnataka we like its serenity and lesser exposure to crowd. There are two main ... read more
Lake view from our balcony
Lake view from our balcony.

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi August 23rd 2018

After a relative lie in we ventured down for breakfast. Stephen managed to eat something and seemed much better despite not being quite back to 100%. We had arranged to spend the afternoon at the local sloth bear sanctuary and decided to spend the morning relaxing, reading and booking our next accommodation. We were picked up at 2pm by our tuk tuk driver from the tour to Anegundi we did earlier in the week. This chap, Raja, is incredibly cheerful and a real character. He has even pimped up his tuk tuk so it has massive speakers in the back and sparky interior design! There was talk of introducing a safari option to the sloth bear sanctuary last year but this hasn’t yet happened. It costs 100 rupees each to get in and then is a ... read more
Sloth bear

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi August 22nd 2018

Today started with a short cycle down the road to Bhima’s gate. We stopped on the way to look at the Ganagitti Jain temple, a fairly unremarkable place. The gate itself was slightly disappointing in that it was missing its city walls on either side (the maps suggest you can still see them). Being a rather plain structure it was clearly functional and not used as the main gates for guests etc. We next headed over to the Zanana enclosure, an enclosure with complete walls all around containing the treasury, a water tank, the queens palace (ruins) and the lotus mahal, a beautiful 2 storied pavilion. This is another of the sites you have to pay to go into, and is considered one of the main attractions in Hampi. They are doing a lot of work ... read more
Elephant stables
View of Royal Centre from hill behind
Lotus Mahal - Zenana enclosure

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi August 21st 2018

A comfy bed, thick curtains & double glazing led to an excellent nights sleep. Almost making the rubbish breakfast (compared to the hostels in Hampi) worth it... We were picked up at 830am by our guide for the morning and a tuktuk complete with driver to see the sights on the other side of the river. Anegundi pre-dates Hampi and is thought to be the kingdom of Kishkindu in Hindu mythology. The first stop was a climb up to the Hanuman (monkey) temple. We bought our bananas to offer to the monkeys at the top for ‘good karma’ and headed up the 500 steps. The views are spectacular and well worth the walk. Once at the top our guide explained the mythology behind the place and why Hanuman is important. From the viewing platform Stephen & ... read more
Stephen enjoying the view - Anegundi fort
Cave in Anegundi fort
By the river in Anegundi

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi August 20th 2018

Despite the best of intentions with regard to getting up early to see ‘sunrise hill’ after a rubbish nights sleep due to the noise we decided to stay in bed a little later instead... It actually turned out rather well. There was no way we would have been able to navigate the route up in the dark and it would have been rather dangerous. There seem to be a number of ‘sunrise hills’ and ‘sunset points’ in Hampi depending on who you talk to. We took it to be Matanga Hill. We walked up from the Hampi bazaar side. This was a fantastic walk with great views and some interesting, original steps and slightly scary boulders to walk over. On the way up we found a short cave system in between the boulders that eventually led ... read more
Climb up to Mantanga summit
Exploring on way up Mantanga hill
View of Sule bazaar from Mantanga hill

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi August 19th 2018

Our second day in Hampi started earlier than hoped due to the lack of curtains in our room and the general noise levels. This was more than made up for by the delicious breakfast the hostel provided, whilst sitting enjoying views over the river. We walked back over Mantanga hill, passed the Achyutaraya temple & Sule bazaar and towards the Vittala temple, the ‘undisputed highlight’ of Hampi according to the Lonely Planet (we dispute this!). It’s around 2km from Hampi and along the way there are plenty of other temples and ruins to investigate. We particularly enjoyed having an explore in some caves made by the boulders near the river edge. There are often little shrines down narrow passageways which are fun to discover. Once at the Temple we were greeted by hoards of tourists - ... read more
Cave exploration
The stone chariot
Vittala temple

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi August 18th 2018

We arrived in Hospete pretty much on time (only 1 hour late) - I had found the slightly larger 1st class beds on the train much easier to sleep on. Unfortunately Stephens was wonky so he hadn’t got much sleep. Overall there isn’t much difference between the 1st & 2nd AC classes so its probably not worth the extra money. There wasn’t a food cart on this train either, and we didn’t even get any tea! We did, however, get a steady stream of staff wanting a ‘selfie’ with us. Trying to find a tuktuk to the boat crossing to Anegundi, where we were supposed to be staying, we discovered that the river crossings were shut. They had been shut for over a week, so our accommodation knew that before taking our booking & offering to ... read more
Hampi - over Mantanga hill
Hampi - Hemakutu hill
Hampi - Hemakutu hill

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