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March 6th 2016
Published: March 6th 2016
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I thought Bangalore has lost its selling point of being a city of parks. Now every where you turn, park your car or stare at you see an IT company and the huge IT park that it is based in. There is always garbage around(mostly on fire since thats the best way one can get rid of garbage). Angry and frustrated people honking to get to place that they dred. The vehicles.. the restaurants that feed the non indigenous people. And lets not forget the posters - movies, death /birth anniversary , new year , eid, Christmas...wishes from the (I know my people) politicians and sometimes I don't even know why a poster full of people faces is put up!!

Thats all true, but Bangalore has managed to hide a few gems away. Krishna Rao Park is one among them.

The entrance was small and so were my hopes, but when you finally figure out how big and beautiful it is, you will wounder around high(I surely did). You look up and the canopy of huge trees will make you smile. The floor is just as beautiful as the dry leaves are left to scatter around. They also are required for the dogs to huddle up in. The trees are named and origin mentioned which wasn't much of interest to me. What was interesting is that with every turn the park opens up into something new.

The first thing we spotted on our tour were the banyan trees that made the path way all wavy as their roots sprung underneath. I tried to climb the tree but wasn't wearing jeans that would make that comfortable. I recommend standing close to the tree and patting it. It sounds just like patting an elephant. The texture is similar as well. I don't know about anyone else but elephants have always been a source of wonder and awe to me and the banyan tree came pretty close.

Then we walked towards a jack-fruit tree that made a prefect umbrella-picnic spot(minus the umbrella as the tree acted like one). Thats when I spotted some small unripe jack-fruit and they are slightly hairier and softer than what they grow up to be.

There was a kids playing section and a gym section. Before you get excited the girls/ladies in our city exercise in sarees and burka. There were all other sports being played as well - cricket(our favorite), badminton, foot ball ...

The best part was the range of trees at the edge of the park that stood like the choir (close together) and almost sung. They were a prefect place to sit, talk and emote without worrying about the joggers and fitness freaks looking on(they mostly were listening to music anyway).

So, Please visit and look at Bangalore as it was. As it should be.

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