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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala September 21st 2019

Nearest point of River Cauvery would be around hundred kilometers from Bangalore city. Whenever opportunity comes I visit this majestic river to get rid of monotonous urban life. River has an unmatched attraction in human life. We were looking for a nearby place around Bangalore to spend the extended weekend of Ganesha Chaturthi. After a brief net search, we selected Galibore Nature Camp, a resort managed by Jungle Lodge & Resorts (JLR). Galibore Nature Camp was an outstanding tourist spot located on the bank of Cauvery river surrounded by hills, deep inside Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. Distance from Bangalore was around 100 kms which could be covered in around four hours. Myself and my wife were frequent visitors to JLR (Jungle Lodges & properties) properties. Unlike the indifferent attitude commonly experienced in Government managed hotels, their management ... read more
Croc immobile
Green Bee Eater

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore June 26th 2019

Here is my astonishing travel experience from the Bangalore to Wayanad road trip through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Located close to the Karnataka border, Wayanad the wonderful hill station located in Kerala is unique with its scenic nature and lush beauty. Wayanad, known for its beautiful hills, valleys, dense forests, mountains, and coffee/tea plantations is the perfect holiday destination in Kerala for nature lovers. Located on the southern tip of the Deccan plateau, this greenish spot is deal for a short distance drive from Bangalore. The best part of the drive itself is the lush green nature on the Kerala border following the Bangalore-Mysore highways. Our Drive from Bangalore to Wayanad A road trip is always exhilarating for travel lovers like me. When it is with our family, happiness will be double. ... read more
Wayanad Gate
Just before entering the Bandipur forest from the Karnataka side
Beautiful cottages in Abad Brookside resort

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore August 16th 2018

Well !!! Weekend was approaching and it was Friday. So i decided to take rest from regular work and go some places which is not so far from Bangalore city. "Nandi Hills" the first thought came to every Bangalorian mind if they planning some random trip, so i called two of my friends decided to visit Nandi Hills, although i visited there in summer but this the first time i planned to go in monsoon. we get up and got ready early morning, the best thing in Bangalore is, it has many agencies renting all kind of cars/bikes on hourly and daily basis. Although we decided to go by ola outstation cab, we started journey at 4:30AM from Mahadevapura Bangalore. At early morning, you can reach your destination pretty fast with minimalist traffic. it takes 1.5 ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore January 23rd 2018

Woolly says – Having someone hammering on your door at 6am in the morning doesn’t make for a great start to the day, I opened one eye and tried to ignore the disturbance and left Zoe to get up and see what the problem was. I heard the words ‘check out’ and thought I might need to open the second eye, as I rolled over both women vanished from the room and I could hear their voices in the reception area, this didn’t seem good. We were being told that we had to check out, having shown them our booking which clearly said we could leave anywhere up to 8pm that day as well as the advert on Booking dot com that we had used, which said the same, the man on reception kept telling us ... read more
Tipu Sultans Summer Palace
Beautiful arches

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore January 22nd 2018

Woolly says – We awoke feeling slightly better and after a lazy morning and late chapatti breakfast we set off to continue with obtaining our ongoing travel tickets. Tickets for trains and busses seems to make vey tiring work, having found a travel company we managed to sort out bus tickets for one of our journeys and then set off, back to the central train station to see if we could complete our transaction from yesterday, which had been so rudely interrupted by our lack of cash and working ATM’s. Holding the tickets in my paws I felt a sense of jubilation and having had a celebratory lime soda (our current drink of choice for being refreshing and cheap) we argued the price of a rickshaw and sat back as the lunch time traffic seethed around ... read more
First of the flowers
Making new friends
One of the fountains

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari December 12th 2017

Something must be for next visit Beautiful thoughts , build a beautiful soul - Dr. Wayne Dyer . we meet so many wonderful people or I would say beautiful souls on the way of our journey toward any of our destinations .I think we can learn something new from everyone we meet. I believe everyone has a unique story to share . Learning is just as continuous process as living our lives. What we really learn ? we learn how to digest our lives . Sounds funny I guess. Well my stories are really not at all serious collection of travel experiences but yes it is collection of life changing tales that I must share with you. In traveling, first you spread yourself partly all over the places you visit and then gradually a little different ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala October 27th 2017

Deviating from the yearly ritual of bursting crackers, we decided to celebrate Deepavali in a different fashion this year, in a forest with nature. Our admiration to the Indian wildlife gradually became an expensive and unavoidable addiction. More we experience it, the urge to return once again increases. This time we decided to spend Deepavali vacation at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu. A brief about Madhumalai Tiger Reserve Mudumalai (Tamil Nadu) – Bandipur (Karnataka) –Nagarhole (Karnataka) -Wayanad (Kerala) taken together is the largest forest complex in India. Although located in three Indian states, they are part of the same forest and connected with each other. Leave alone other species of wild life, this area boasts the highest no. of tiger population in the world (around 550 tigers). Mudumalai Tiger Reserve was around 270 Kms from Bangalo ... read more
Mudumalai, the tuskar
A lazy bath at Moyar River
An amazing view of love & care between the giant and his Mahout

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore September 24th 2017

Day 7: Chennai – Bangalore 24 September This morning, we were met at our hotel at 4.45am and transferred to the railway station (with a Packed Breakfast) for our train to Bangalore. Departed Chennai at: 0600 hrs Train Shatabdi Express-12007 Arrival Bangalore At: 1050 hrs CLASS: AC Chair Car Class Upon arrival in to Bangalore, we wer met at the railway station and transferred to our hotel before we headed out on a tour of the garden city. We met our new guide Mr Shacker who was fantastic. His accent wasn’t as strong and he spoke clearly. He also explained to cities history systematically and with the right level of detail. We started with a visit to the Bangalore Bazaar. That was so interesting and we had so much interaction with the locals, enjoying taking their ... read more
Bangalore Bazaar (20)
Bangalore Botanical Gardens
Bangalore Botanical Gardens (14)

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala August 20th 2017

Agumbe, a small village in North-west Karnataka is famous due to many reasons. Highest rainfall in South India and second highest in India are recorded here. It is located in Malnad region amidst thick forests stretching hundreds of kilometers on the way. This is the abode of King Cobra, the most venomous snake in the world. But Agumbe came to limelight from the house of “Kasturi Akka” where the legendary TV Serial “Malgudi Days” was born. Monsoon has a special place in Karnataka and this is the ideal place to enjoy monsoon, of course with its inherent risks and inconvenience. I was inclined to visit this place for many years, but somehow it did not click. Last week, an advertisement of Karnataka Tourism in Times Of India ignited my passion. Somehow the hesitation still persisted. 29th ... read more
Valley view - Sunset point
The Black Beauty
Tunga river taking a beautiful turn

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari June 22nd 2017

When in India it wont take long to realize that power outages occur frequently regardless of the standard of City living or small life towns. Throughout my stay in India I've learned to deal with the power outages in various places. In my first apartment in Delhi I learned very quickly to take the stairs the three stories rather than the convenience of the elevator. In Himachal Pradesh I spent a chilly night without a heater or candle in my flat and instead relied on my fading laptop battery to keep the cold and darkness out of my mind as I sat alone in my room. And in Bangalore the daily power outages were so common to me that my ability to shower in complete black became an odd skill set of mine. Electricity is something ... read more

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