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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore January 1st 2016

Ah quoi de mieux pour commencer l’année qu'une coupure d'électricité justement ! Ça faisait un mois qu'on avait pas eu de coupure d'électricité. En fait depuis qu'on a quitte l’hôtel ! Un hôtel pourtant 5 étoiles, dans lequel on est reste 3 semaines le temps de trouver un appartement. Mais cinq étoiles ne veut pas dire que l'on échappe a 3 ou 4 coupures d'électricité par soir, ce qui rend les conversations skype ou meme le visionnage d'un film, un peu complique. Et quand par miracle l'électricité ne fait pas des siennes, c’était l'eau chaude qui posait problème, ou plutôt l'eau froide en l’occurrence. Toujours est-il, depuis notre arrivée dans notre appartement il y a 1 mois, pas de coupure d'électricité, rien. On a bien eu un petit problème de chauffe-eau mais après tout, 1 semaine ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore December 22nd 2015

OUR TRIP TO KERALA Visit to the God’s own country by car was in our plan for quite some time. Dussera holidays during end October gave that opportunity. We (Myself and my wife Munia) were consulting various websites from the net to select the route. We visited Munnar and Thekaddy earlier around five years back. However Kerala is world famous for its backwaters. This time we thought of visiting the backwaters of Kerala. We decided to cover three places which are well known for backwaters i.e Alpuzah (Alleppy), Kumarakom and Kottayam in between. These places were far away (more than 500 kms) from Bangalore. Moreover a substantial stretch was thru hilly tracks I.e Western Ghat section, since we would cross the Western Ghat mountain ranges. Hence we decided to break in-between. Another attraction was various off-season ... read more
Hotel Annamalai Udmulpet
Entering Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
Forest Checkpost

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore November 1st 2015

Bannerghatta National Park, Bengaluru is located about 20 Km south of Bengaluru. A 45 min Safari by Bus/Jeep is available. There is also a zoo. Wild life is kept in enclosures and Bus/Jeep drives through the enclosures. One can see Elephants, Tigers, Lions, Bears and many herbivores moving freely, from a very close range. Worth a visit.... read more
Elephants at Bannerghatta
Elephants at Bannerghatta

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore June 28th 2015

Karnataka boasts no. of splendid waterfalls situated in various spots of Western Ghat Region. Best time to enjoy the waterfalls is during monsoon. Last week the news of monsoon spreading towards Coastal Karnataka was highlighted in various media channels. We were in two minds, whether this would be the right time to visit that region, particularly by road. Ultimately, last Friday (19thJune, 2015) late evening,we made up our minds and booked on line accommodation in Jog Falls. Day 1 - 20th June, 2015 Way to Jog Falls Next day myself along with my wife and son started in our Car towards JOG FALLs. It is one of the highest waterfall in India (around 900ft) located around 400 KMs from Bangalore.Our destination was Hotel MayuraGerusoppaJogfalls of Karnataka Tourism. We started a bit late (around 6.15 AM) since ... read more
On the way to Jog Falls
Jog Falls with dark cloud
Mystic Jog

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala April 2nd 2015

Goa is a known name to Domestic and Overseas travelers. It has one of the finest beaches of India and many old age churches. The carefree and lively atmosphere, mouth watering Sea food delicacies, Casino parlors, Jewellery are some of the attractions. Generally I do a kind of research when I visit any place. But when I visited Goa for the first time in April 2014, I had nothing to research before the visit. Because I might be the only first time visitor to the place among my known circle. In fact it was just a much awaited trip for my son. So, to give a bit of excitement to the trip, we decided to drive down. So that we could stop wherever we wanted, could eat at our choice of eatery and could leisurely spend ... read more
Masala Dosa
Photo frame

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 19th 2015

I recently re-discovered a childhood craze of mine. As a kid, I would literally beg anyone I could find with a cycle to lend it to me for a few minutes. Those were not the days of speciality kids cycles (or at least we could not afford one), so a lot of us would 'half pedal' on adult cycles - yes, the big black heavy ones. Since we did not have one in our house, any guest or neighbour who had one fell victim to my persistent pleading. Well, 30 years later, I can afford a much better cycle, and don't need to plead anyone any more. I makes me wonder why I did not re-start cycling earlier. Anyway - I got myself a Schnell Jaguar 2.0 MTB about a month ago, and after a couple ... read more
Almost there.. that's my friend Tatha
That's me.. almost at the top
On the top... Conquered Nandi Betta

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 9th 2015

Bangalore is big, busy and bustling. Actually, make that huge and hectic. We transited through Bangalore last year without seeing anything except one massive traffic jam that lasted two hours, so this time we thought we’d devote a day to seeing the limited sites it has to offer. But first we have to get here. Google maps had suggested it would take six hours from our peaceful haven in Wayanad, but we know it will be more. The hotel staff suggest it will take 7-8 hours, so we accede to Mr Hussain’s suggestion that we should leave at 7am. We manage this despite a delay caused by the fact that the mobile phone signal is too weak to allow us to pay our bill by credit card and we have to scrabble around to see if ... read more
Tipu Sultan's palace
Big Nandi in his temple, bejewelled
Bangalore palace, complete with Windsor turrets

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore January 19th 2015

If you don't get lost, there's a chance you may never be found. I am lost. And the journey has begun to search self.. It all happened in 48 hours that I planned my first road trip. Googled many options and finally the route was ride to Pune, Mumbai, Goa and back to Bangalore. Got the much needed permissions from my family and friends. Took my bike to the mechanic and told him to check the bike as I am going on long ride. The misunderstanding between us came as tension to me in middle of nowhere. My first and solo trip did not let me sleep and concentrate on anything. So finally the day arrived - 25th December. Took the blessings from God and Parents and left my home at 3:30 am. Took a shortcut ... read more
Sunset near Satara

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore January 6th 2015

Where should we stay in Bangalore? We had 2 options: a B&B which sounded quite promising bang in the middle of the town or a very promising B&B in Whitefield that was much cheaper and, to top it, one of the 30 most charming B&B in India (according to Conde Nast Traveller). We took the one that offered us a bed first with a lovely email: the Villa Camelotin Whitefield. And yes, living far out of the town was a disadvantage. But we were so lucky to have stayed in Villa Camelot - the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. Well, I will start from the beginning.... To reach Bangalore from Mysore is easy. Just go to the Central Bus Station in Mysore. There are buses departing nearly every 5 minutes. Within 2 hours we reached Bangalore and ... read more
@ Krishnarajendra Market
Kempfort Shiva Temple
with our hosts Yamini and Raghu @ Villa Camelot in Whitefield

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore August 22nd 2014

I completed 7 years in Bangalore on August 1, 2014, a fairly long time in one place. That made me start thinking what all I have done in the last seven years. I felt that I could summarize all these years just by all the people I have come across and all the places I have been to in these years. The promotions and hikes in my job dont quite make it to the essence of the last 7 years. So I thought of consolidating all of these memories of the people and the trips with them at one place and there comes this blog. I had moved to Bangalore in July 2007 right after graduating from college. Many of my friends from college too had moved here at the same time. Among the many were ... read more

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