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8TH APRIL, 2016 – FRIDAY On Ugadi day, we commenced our one week trip to Mumbai, various places of Maharashtra and Goa from Bangalore. Myself and my wife became frequent traveller to nearby and distant places from Bangalore. I love to drive our Hyundai Xcent car thru highways. Usually, she navigates the way as also keep a watch on the road. So far our combination worked reasonably well. This time my 90 year old father was also accompanying us upto Mumbai. Our son would be a late entrant to our trip but his joining was un-certain. Tour program Our plan was to reach Borivali, Mumbai at my relative’s place on the same day, take rest next day and resume our journey (myself and my wife) from third day onwards. Our holiday plan was as follows : ... read more
Pratapgarh Fort of Shivaji
Raigad Fort of Shivaji
Sunset at Calangute Beach Goa

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore April 22nd 2016

Just reminder that I use this 'blog' to remember things for myself and to share what I'm doing with my family and friends… it reads best if you know me (and that I talk a lot about random stuff) but anyone who’s interested enough to read is welcome. Monday 18 to Friday 22 April Monday was my first day at the office… I was up early and feeling like the new girl… Noor was very punctual anticipating a 2-hour drive to the office (allowing for getting lost first time, which we didn’t which was great… Google maps can be very handy as a back-up to give reassurance you’re on the right track). There’s not much to say about the journey other than traffic… (most of my photos so far are of the traffic and cows for ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore April 17th 2016

Hey all, I’ve been asked if I’ll be writing my ‘blog’ again whilst I’m in India … so I thought I’d better J I’m not sure if I can remember how to do it… but here goes… I use it to remember things for myself and to share what I'm doing with my family and friends… it reads best if you know me (and can appreciate the rambling!) but anyone who’s interested enough to read is welcome. Since I last posted about Uganda in 2013 I’ve been away a few times… a fantastic European road trip with my parents… New York to my good friends Kristen and Dan’s wedding, Dallas to see my lovely friend Lauren and California to see Brian. I’ve not posted blog updates for those but as I’m going to be living and ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 25th 2016

Les rues fourmillent de producteur venant de toute la région et villages avoisinant Bangalore. Et vas-y que ça marchande par-ci et par là. Chacun essaye d’acheter ses fruits et légumes au meilleur prix. C’est le marché de Bangalore, un des plus gros de la région, très réputé aussi pour son commerce de fleurs. On se faufile au milieu des gens, certains nous regarde avec curiosité, d’autre ne nous remarque même pas trop occupés à transporter les sacs de marchandise qui font deux fois leur taille et qui cache de toute façon leur visibilité. On prend des photos, certains prennent des photos avec nous (surtout avec Alex en fait du haut de ses 2 mètres). Le marché est juste immense et là, un escalier qui donne au sous-sol, qui révèle la deuxième partie du marché, aussi grande ... read more
homme au panier
small one

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 6th 2016

I thought Bangalore has lost its selling point of being a city of parks. Now every where you turn, park your car or stare at you see an IT company and the huge IT park that it is based in. There is always garbage around(mostly on fire since thats the best way one can get rid of garbage). Angry and frustrated people honking to get to place that they dred. The vehicles.. the restaurants that feed the non indigenous people. And lets not forget the posters - movies, death /birth anniversary , new year , eid, Christmas...wishes from the (I know my people) politicians and sometimes I don't even know why a poster full of people faces is put up!! Thats all true, but Bangalore has managed to hide a few gems away. Krishna Rao Park ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 1st 2016

I'll keep this short as we haven't actually done anything in these two cities... As I mentioned at the end of my last blog, we were heading for Bangalore which is a pretty developed city. We'd read in the guide book that night life was an actual thing there! Which makes a change considering in most cities everything is closed for around 11PM. Apparently micro breweries have become quite popular there too, I say apparently because we didn't see one, despite some searching! We went out a couple of times and found that Indians don't know how to dance in night clubs...they do some really weird stuff, even by my standards. We learned that “dance bars” are actually an Indian take on a strip club/brothel and I vomited AGAIN! (It was from too much Vodka though, ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore February 8th 2016

I have seen nothing but view from above and airport. India people are very nice, but it's easy to make them feel ofended. It's hard to understand their body language sometimes, mainly becouse of the way they nod. / Nie zobaczylam nic poza widokiem z góry i lotniskiem. Hindusi natomiast są z reguły bardzo mili, ale łatwo ich urazić. Czasem ciężko zrozumieć ich mowę ciala, głównie ze względu na sposób w jaki kiwają głową.... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala January 29th 2016

There are many interesting tourist places in and around Bangalore worth visiting although not so publicised. Kokkare Bellur is one such spot which we decided to explore on the 26th January i.e last Tuesday. Our destination was a village in Mandya District, around 90 Kms from Bangalore. The name was slightly difficult to remember for me. Myself along with my wife and son started our journey at around 12 PM in the afternoon. Myself and my son were on the wheel alternatively. We selected Koramangala-Bannerghata route with a brief drive trhu Kanakpura Road. After around 24 Km we reached the Toll Gate (Rs. 32/-) of Nice Road. It was a nice day with bright sunshine. After driving around 8 Km further, we took a left turn to Mysore Road. Mysore Road used to be very crowded ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore January 10th 2016

Depuis quelques semaines les routes goudronnees et renovees fleurissent dans le quartier technologique. A savoir que la plupart des routes sont en terre et remplies de nids de poule. Vous ajoutez ca au fait qu'elles ne sont pas tres larges car ils sont depasses par le succes du parc technologique, et aussi l'instinct de l'indien qui essaye de gruger tout le monde et ca devient vite un bordel monstrueux. En plus il y a tres peu de feux alors ce sont les flics qui prennent le relais. Sauf qu'ils foutent plus le bordel qu'autre chose et puis personne ne les ecoutent vraiment a commencer par notre propre chauffeur. Il y a une blague qui circulait sur internet il y a quelque temps : A la fin de Interstellar, la fille du hero, vieille dans son lit ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Koramangala January 5th 2016

Christmas Holidays are probably the best time to travel for Bangaloreans. IT and related software companies which are the nerve-centre of Bangalore remain in comparatively leisurely mood. This year (2015) Christmas was on Friday resulting in continuous three holidays. Unbearable traffic in ever-busy Bangalore Roads was not visible. Most residents either went to their native places or decided to break out of Bangalore. Above all Bangalore weather was excellent. I could not resist taking a long drive out of Bangalore, this time to the heritage sites of North Karnataka. Karnataka boasts one of the finest architectural creations in India (if not the world) and a very rich cultural heritage, most of which is located in North Karnataka. I planned to visit the following places to fully utilise my holidays spanning three days : 1. BIJAPUR - ... read more
Bijapur, North Karnataka
Bijapur North Karnataka

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