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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore October 2nd 2013

A trip to the south Indian temple town of Kumbakonam is indeed a very informative and exhilarating experience.The trip invariably leads one to the various temples of the Chola dynasty replete with religious fervour and architectural finesse.I commenced my journey from Bangalore and travelled by an overnight train.It covered the journey of about 600 Kms in 11 hrs.This small temple town draws crowds who come mainly to pay obeisance to the presiding deities of the navagraha temples.Some of these temples are indeed marvels of architecture built by the Cholas.It definitely helps if one has a personal transport since the temples are situated in different directions and to make it to all these places in a brief span of time can be strenuous and tiresome.There are a number of hotels for the budget conscious traveller. One could ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore September 10th 2013

Here are some photos taken during a trip to Bangalore. Just fascinated by all the British names you see in this Hitech city.... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 20th 2013

The LONGEST day of my life Who knew it was possible to experience one day for more than twenty-four hours??? Sounds impossible, but it can be done and I have lived it! I lived 30 hours of July 20, 2013. It started out in Bangalore, India and ended in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Leaving was bittersweet. I enjoyed my time in India, but I missed the United States and the people I love back there. It was a nice experience to undergo and I am very glad I participated. I am very glad I went to the Taj Mahal and was able to successfully tour Delhi by myself and not get sold into the slave trade (I was so nervous for that…). The people were phenomenal, so hospitable. Just because the residency ended, doesn't mean the adventure ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 19th 2013

Friday Our last day of the residency of getting packed prior to our departure for the morning. Our last two visits consisted of GE and Micro-labs But before we could get to either, we got to experience a true Indian traffic jam. It took us about 2.5 hrs to go less than 20 miles. From GE we were off to Micro-labs who served us Jainism food. The part of GE we visited was GE Aviation as two of the students work there in the USA. At GE they are big on digital solutions for aviation and being able to effectively use data. The compound has been in Bangalore since it began in 1999. It is a global research center - facility for 300 ppl, aviation 700, P&E, transportation, health care The main competitor is Rolls Royce. ... read more
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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 18th 2013

This was a big day for my partner and I, as we were going to be presenting to Infosys in the afternoon. First, we had a stop at Intel. Intel India doesn't have its own website from Intel, like 3M had, so the link is to Intel India’s website. The campus is fairly large. There we had presentations from couple of people and were given a tour of the Testing facility - pretty sweet to see all the latest and greatest tablets, smartphones, and notebooks. Intel’s mission is to create computing technology to make life easier for everyone on the globe. They invest a lot in rsearch and design. The site we were at in Bangalore is the largest non-manufacturing site outside USA. Much insight was re-laid on how starting an office is challenge and getting ... read more
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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 16th 2013

The day of the residency brought more company visits and more experiences. We had breakfast as usual and boarded the bus. Pradeep, our tour guide, provided a lot of insight on the city as we were passing through in the mid-morning traffic jam. The first company we went to visit was Selco-India. Selco is a solar panel distribution and service company that helps to bring light to the rural poor. Lots of people in the rural areas of India are without power. And those with power in the rural areas may not have the electricity from the grip. The goal is to provide energy to the rural poor. Selco offers an abundant of aftermarket services and they often will provide service to competitor’s panels as well, as often the after sales service is something that goes ... read more
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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 15th 2013

Global Residency in India Monday morning was the first day of our residency. The morning began fairly early with breakfast at the hotel. There was an assortment of different foods – Western, Indian and everything in between. While I wasn’t sick, my stomach was beginning to gurgle, so I stuck to a more conservative breakfast. Although my favorite thing was the papaya. I also had some watermelon juice and BACON!!!! Seriously! They had BACON! This was probably the most pleasant surprise one could find in India for breakfast – BACON!!!! Yum! We all piled into the bus and were off to the first company - Mytrah. Mytrah is a wind energy company that has an office in Bangalore, India. They work off of independence power producer wind farms. Many of the obstacles that Mytrah faces deals ... read more
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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 14th 2013

On Sunday morning, I had to wake up at 4 am to finish packing and take a shower and checkout. This time, since I was just flying to Bangalore to meet the group, I packed a bunch of extra stuff that was previously in my carry on into my larger bag. I was nervous it would be too heavy. My driver was early which was a relief! It was still dark out and the drive was quite peaceful. There were no other cars on the road. An occasional truck here and there, but nothing else on the road - very different to see. The driver made good time to the airport. Upon arrival, I had to check in through ‘foreign’ lines. It was sort of nice b/c there weren’t many foreigners. I was then able to ... read more
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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore June 30th 2013

My first ever trip to Bangalore and to South India was in the year 2006 for an induction programme with the multinational organisation i had joined. I do recall the HAL airport and that it was small and not being able to cope with the pressure of Bangalore having emerged as the Silicon valley of India. We left for the training facility and it was part of a sprawling over 100 acre property where the corporate office used to be. I remember the weather to be cold and raining, this was in November and I had dinner and called it a day. I was sharing my room with another manager and she arrived in the middle of the night and scared me out of my wits. The next day our induction began and I think we ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 14th 2013

What to have for dinner is a question which always leaves you in trouble. And dealing with such questions is quiet difficult. And in such situations agreeing of everyone is important!! And weekend it was; my parents, my brother, my sister and I were sitting together and playing cards. We all were having a great time as the game was becoming interesting, when out of nowhere I just recommended that we can go to Chokhi Dhani today. With least interest in what I said everybody said “Okay” because everybody’s attention seeker at that point of time was that card game. But our Chokhi Dhani plan was executed also. So we all went to Chokhi Dhani. It was quiet far from our house but drive was fun indeed. We finally reached the place – and the food ... read more

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