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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore January 3rd 2013

Once I had arrived again and spent a day alone in the office, It began to sink in how much has happen the past 4 years... Peace Child was my first step into the world alone, my first adventure, the time when I first realised what was possible. I think sometimes in England we lose what is possible and just do what is expected. I'm not sure if by escaping every January, I am running away, recharging my battery’s or discovering something new, I guess its a mixture of all three. Sometimes I wonder what it all means, deep I know but with the Ego and the voice inside our heads it so difficult to just be, be present be in the moment, I think sometimes when I’m lost in my thoughts, tight chested and anxious ... read more
The lovely Emily
Boys home
Boys home on my 23rd Birthday

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Ganga Nagar December 28th 2012

People have asked me over and over again "Why are you doing this documentary Loretta?" After all, you already have a non profit that does this work and you're about to start your masters degree, you're coaching clients and have a little startup. Is it really worth it?! How is this documentary really going to impact in the world? After being here in India I can tell you exactly why we are doing this and why it's so important. If you haven't seen it yet (in the past couple posts from this trip) we are uncovering some beautiful gems who are going to be the fortune we need for a brighter future. They are girls and young women who are strong and making a change in the world. They are young women who are ready to ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore December 23rd 2012

We've now been in Bangalore for 6 days and already I know I'm leaving a piece of my heart here with the girls in Vivek Nagar slum that are connected with Global Concerns Leadership India . Alot of international workers will say "Once you've seen one slum, you seen them all." I've heard that many times since starting international humanitarian work in 2008. I bet though they have not been here or met Brinda Adige. Here in Vivek Nagar slum, imparticular the area where Brinda created the Global Concerns India office (a small 10x20 sqft room with a metal garbage pull down door), the energy and the people are a little different. Groups of women meet each month and share their concerns about their community, their health, their wellness, and that of their children, especially their ... read more
Mothers meetup

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore December 1st 2012

December has shown its face, and my Travel Blog countdown is nearly to the single digits. I will likely put up a couple more blogs before my India Adventure concludes (We still have a Christmas celebration to document!), but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my time here, and on what December brings for me and the students. I know that I've mainly written positive things for my blog entries, and I know that many of you are probably asking, "Is it really that great over there?" And the answer is that I guess I've been a little dishonest in my writing. It hasn't all be great. There are days (especially recently) when I want to run to my room screaming, "BUT I'M NOT EVEN PAID FOR THIS JOB!" I am often confronted ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore September 5th 2012

Bangalore has a slight traffic problem. The city has turned into an Indian powerhouse, and is the hub of the IT and telcoms explosion that is driving unprecedented growth in southern India. However, I'm sure the founding fathers never imagined their native town would become a major city on the subcontinent. As such, the streets of Bangalore weren't designed on a grid, and the city centre is a mishmash of one way streets that wend their way around town like a sinuous snake. The traffic is the worst I've experienced in India, and the inevitable result of the chaos makes for some prodigious traffic jams. So what does an Indian do when their car or bike has their progress impeded, yes you guessed it, it's time to lean on the horn. Bangalore is a cacophony of ... read more
Lalbagh botanical gardens
Central Bangalore
Central Bangalore

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore August 22nd 2012

Walking back from the restaurant, after a hefty meal, decided to take a walk down the streets of a small Indian vicinity, where I could see many shops, busy with people at the last minute shopping for groceries, getting their SIM cards, having a treat of Pani Puri by the five foot path whereby I have no guts to try, banana and corn sellers, and the rattan mat makers which I found it most interesting and unusual because this is supposed to be a cottage industry product. I thought BIG when product like this comes with skill involved. They have a canvas over their heads on the five foot path, making money with no rental incurred, working from morning till night, through rain and shine, having all three meals at the same place, just simply marvelous ... read more
the norm and the unusual clientele

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore August 13th 2012

Years back in 2003 I saw this wall poster of a white Lord Shiva statue in one of the Kodak Shop in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur. It was an amazing picture I ever saw and I asked the owner of the shop where about is this place. She said India. I don't even know this God at all or his name so it was kind of difficult for me to search him in the internet those days. I shelved the whole idea until in 2005 I decided to visit Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur only then I recalled and asked the Indians around who actually he is. I have constantly wanted to know him, doing researches on him, Indian friends of old and new like to tell me stories of him. The more stories I hear the more ... read more
Lord Shiva 2
Lord Ganesha
Gallery 5

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 31st 2012

I can tell we're all getting tired of this break-neck pace, here in India. It's getting harder to convince myself to blog every day, which is why I've gone and missed one yesterday. Sorry everyone! But not really much happened yesterday, so there's not a whol lot to report. I convinced Bala to order me a "cheese burst" pizza from Domino's, non-veg. It was delivered to my room in less than 30 minutes just like they promised (I was really surprised) and was pretty tasty. The sauce is more BBQ than tomato, and the toppings are similar to a supreme pizza. The difference is the "cheese burst" part--they put a bunch of melty cheese between layers of crust on the bottom. It's pretty darn tasty, though ridiculously rich. I should not have eaten as much of ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 29th 2012

Whew! I'm tired. I think I've been fighting some sort of sickness for the last two days or so. Perhaps that sore throat that's been going around has caught up to me. I was doing really well up till recently but I think this lack of sleep these last couple days is what tipped me over the edge from 100% to 90%. I'm still fighting it and hope to get to bed soon so I can sleep and recover, but I had to write blog posts for the last three days since I've been so busy. I was supposed to do work for my advisor today, as well, but it took me this long to get the posts written that now I am just going to go to bed after this. Whoops. Nothing very exciting today, ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 27th 2012

It only took two shopping trips, a trip to a back-alley tailor, and a couple hours of chaos but we finally got to wear our saris! It took the three of us (Sam, Fae and myself) a long time to get ready because we didn't know how to put on saris at all, of course, and Sumedha did not have much practice at getting them to look just right. I got to put on my sari first, and even though it took awhile we were able to get my sari fully assembled with just Sumedha's and Naveet's help. When we tried to get Fae and Sam set up, though, they couldn't quite get the whole thing arranged. Their saris were two-toned, which made it a bit harder to get it to look right, and the girls ... read more

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