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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari August 3rd 2011

Mit der Bahn ging es früh morgens nach Frankfurt, überraschenderweise völllig problemlos: Pünktlich, der Umstieg in Dortmund direkt zur Zugtür gegenüber, Klimaanlage funktionierte. Das Einchecken in Frankfurt ging erfreulich schnell, der LH Check-In Schalter ist direkt am Eingang vom Fernbahnhof. Mit etwas Verspätung startete der Flug, konnte die Verspätung auch nur unwesentlich aufholen, sodass es nachts halb zwei (Ortszeit) wurde, bis wir in Bangalore aus dem Terminal kamen. Die Fahrt mit dem Tempo Traveller dauert dann nochmal 1h, wir waren erst um halb drei am Ziel. Egal, auf dem langen Flug hatte ich sowieso das Zeitgefühl verloren. Tempo Traveller: Ein 12sitziger Kleinbus mit großem Gepäckfach auf dem Dach, offensichtlich ein Lizenzbau des Mercedes-Benz „Bäckerwagen“ aus den späten 80ern. ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 25th 2011

Some where in Bangalore... Well for my first blog entry out here I would want to share a little bit on this place I visited the other day; For the time being maybe I would want to keep this place a secret, not that no one has ever been to this place, but it just makes me feel so damn excited to know that very few people know about this area and calling it "My Secret Place" makes it more or less secret I suppose. I'm sure any of you readers who have been to this place would recognized this immediately..but please "ssshhhh" don't shout, keep it a secret between you and me. The moment I saw this area I was like man, this place is where you would want to get your girlfriend for a ... read more
The Pathway.
The Green Lagoon.
Stone Bench.

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore July 23rd 2011

I’m here again; ready to climb ’’The biggest monolith in Asia’’. I don’t want to make it sound like a daunting task, but for an amateur climber like me, this stone hill surely tested me at a few occasions during the climb. The steep ascend at a few places will quickly make you to lose hope and give up. The trick is not to give up and just keep climbing. One think I realize and learned from this short trek is to pace yourself right from the beginning of the climb and try to maintain the same amount of speed throughout. Eventually the climb will wear you down but take rest at places where you can actually relax. In most of my treks I try to always stop at places where I can actually have a ... read more
Rock formation.
Rock Face

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore June 30th 2011

Did a 2-week overseas community involvement program (or Youth Expedition Program) that I did, along with 17 others, in Bangalore, India. I have decided to post some excerpts for sharing. The journaling that I did (along with some reflections) for the past 2 weeks that I've spent in India. Along with the pictures posted, I hope it'll give a better idea of life over there and serve as a living memory for all those who were there =) Typing this on my bed on the 1st night: Finally arriving at Bangalore aft a one hr transit flight to KL and a 4 hrs flight to india. The weather was cooling with night breeze at around 20 degrees. We took a 14 seater van which was carrying our luggages on it's roof (pretty interesting for singaporeans) and ... read more
my favourite
Meal Time!
Home Visits

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore June 30th 2011

Every season has its glory………… Bangalore the Garden city as they call 10TH April 2005 I arrived to Bangalore with no contact, no friends or nothing. My first instinct said run away, u are going to be lost in here, but I struggled through the sunny yet beautiful day. Driving around the city at 10 in the morning looking for my PG apartment cost me a lot of money. Finally came to the point where I saw 13 people standing in one big bungalow looking at a tiny little Indian rat walking into the house. I ran away, found a phone booth at the corner and called home pleading to come back. My colleague back in Goa gave me some strength to stay back and to taste the life there. Not knowing what the situation or ... read more
May Delonix Regia
June to July, The Indian Laburnum, Cassia Fitsula
August to September African Tulips

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore June 12th 2011

We all decided to take it easy after the liquid celebrations the previous day and stayed back in the hotel and relaxed. Packed all the bags and had breakfast in the hotel itself. Brian and Payal reached the hotel by about 12:30pm. Then we all went together to Pal Dhaba and had lunch and returned to the hotel and checked out and spent about an hour in Brian’s room. At 3:30 pm our cab arrived and we left to the airport. At the airport we all took out the luggage and in that confusion Ravish left his camera in the cab. We realised it after we got checked in. We then called Brian who through the hotel reached the cab service office and told us that he would collect the camera from them. The Jetlite aircraft ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 26th 2011

Not up to talking much tonight as some Indian rowdies (Indian word for criminals) helped themselves to my rucksac containing my camera, mobile phone and my memory stick containing my life. Oh well! Spent several hours explaining this to the police and got a crime reference written in some strange characters. I've now been robbed on 3 continents! I'll complete the blog using Alex's pictures ( which aren't a patch on mine, hey ho!) when I get back to the UK. It has been an interesting trip.... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 20th 2011

Today didn't really go to plan, not that I had much of a plan. The basic idea was to catch a bus into the city and try to find a road map and a pencil sharpener, however on getting to the bus stop I couldn't remember which number bus to get and as it was such a nice morning (the overnight rain had cooled everything down) I decided to go exploring instead. After following my nose for a couple of hours through the muddy streets of the Whitefields district of Bangalore I noticed that the temperature was rising sharply and the sun had burned through the hazy morning clouds so turned around and headed back. The pavements on the outskirts of Bangalore are pretty appalling so it had been a bit of a trek getting to ... read more
Team Photo
Friendly guy from reception

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 19th 2011

Day 2 in India and today was a lot hotter than yesterday 40 Celsius, sweltering! I've lost half a stone in sweat and I'm shattered, so this might not be a long entry. Today I went out around Bangalore which is a crazy place, so different from anything I've ever experienced, so many people, bikes and cars, it's manic. The hotel arranged for one of the hotel cars to take me out for the day, so I was guided around the city by Hemand who fortunately speaks very good English and is a friendly chap, so we got on. First stop was the Bangalore Botanical Gardens which is an amazing place which I haven't got the time or space to do justice to. The place is full of amazing plants, trees and birds, and strange people ... read more
Lalbagh Lake
Hindu Word for the Day
The Glass House

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 18th 2011

I’m here! Day one in India. Where should I start? The flights were pretty uneventful. The flight was delayed in Birmingham by an hour but arrived in Dubai on schedule (how do they do that?). I mostly slept through the four hour wait for the flight to Bangalore waking up only when they called my name over the tannoy, warning that the gate was closing! I was warned about Indian bureaucracy before I travelled, to expect to be checked several times getting into the country but I came in with no problem at all. No queues at immigration, my bag was waiting for me on the carousel, straight through customs and the first person I met was my escort to the hotel. This guy is the official meeter and greeter for the Zuri Whitefield where I’m ... read more
Terrace view West
Volvo Bus Depot
Manhole covers

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