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Asia » India » Goa » Varca November 14th 2014

Preparation Learning from past experiences (in fact mistakes), we booked Varca Beach resorts in Goa on the first day (2 months in advance) when bookings were available. We had faint hopes of getting our new car (Honda Mobilio RS) which was booked in July. On the morning of Saturday, 11th Oct 2014, even though we were told the car will only arrive in Nov, I convinced Grishma to visit the showroom. Initial response from the manager was on expected lines. As a last try, we narrated the story of Indigo XL, and our plans to go by drive to Goa. Suddenly the person looked up his list, and there was a car available for immediate delivery. Moral of the story: ‘keep asking and presenting your case, there is nothing to lose, but everything to gain’. We ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach November 9th 2014

Having just spent a week in Goa, I'm missing it already! Anjuna is pretty good, I can imagine how fucking class it would be in high season! Maybe next time! Basically it's a little town/village at the back of the beach, with hotels, bars and restaurants all around. All along the beach there's clubs, bars and the most expensive accommodation, a beach hut costing at least 2500rs a night! Fuck that! I end up walking back up the beach to the cheaper area just back from the beach, bump into a guy on the way back and end up in a room in the middle of a residential area, 5 minutes from the beach and 282rs a night. Spot on. Got offered a job one night when I was out, I was so tempted to stay ... read more

Asia » India » Goa September 19th 2014

December 23-31, 2008.This was my first trip to Goa out of my 8 trips (until 2014) to this magical part of India. Actually this was the second one, but since the first one was with my parents, this was effectively the first. I had to fight with my manager for a vacation amidst a critical project for this trip, after all it was planned long in advance. I was looking forward to catch up with my Techfest gang from IIT after a long time. The usual suspects, apart from me, were Rahul, Punty, Saluja, Sunnu, CLPa, Tyagi, Torka, Piyush (who joined later), Chaman and some of the WAGs. The plan was for everyone to assemble at Bombay, take Torka's car and a hired car and set out for Goa. So after a whole night of work ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji August 11th 2014

Day 24 - Market Day Today is market day nearby our hotel. We starts the day with the hearty breakfast at the hotel, before taking the complimentary bus into Doña Paula, to the market. We are planning to use the gym, and go swimming today.... We'll see! Well, we got the bus into Panjim, as planned, and it was a really good 5 hours of browsing, walking, chatting, drinking and resting! We saw the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. We found a bench opposite, and gazed at the beautiful facade for a while. I have been surprised, all over India, by the amount of religious diversity around, but also by how easily they all live harmoniously together. We walked through the Fountainhas, and it's adjacent enclave of São Tomé, is a charming area which ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji August 10th 2014

Day 21 & 22 - Heartfelt move to Goa....marathon sleep! Today Kyla, Jude and I shopped all day, finding, or not finding in my case, all the last minute bits and pieces It was a difficult night. The first to leave the rooftop, firework party was Patrick. Patrick was eccentric at times, but special to all. He drove you mad, but then you loved him for it. A hard act to follow. Lucy, Rebecca, Laura, Zoe, Hannah and Rachel left shortly after. Jude, Kyla, Tom and Ankur and I had a tough night after that. We have become so incredibly close over the time together. Tom was leaving first, at 3am. He had made the choice of not going to bed. Jude and I stayed up and had a few drinks, but we also had to ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji August 10th 2014

Day 23 - Goa We started off in Goa by having a total marathon sleep. In effect, we lost day 22 due to travelling and sleeping! We got up at about 9ish. We sorted our bags, did washing and got an amazing hot shower! We went for breakfast at 10.20, it finished at 10.30, so just made it. Due to theatstjon sleep, we were both starving! I think we ate everything on offer this morning! When we returned to the room there was a lovely swan decoration on my bed, made from towels. There wasn't on Jude's bed as it was full of crap! We have noticed that when I wake up in a morning, my bed doesn't look as if it has been slept in, whilst Jude's looks like she has had a fight in ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Morjim April 14th 2014

We met Kate with only one difficulty. We met Kate, but a Kate minus her backpack...This had been lost in transit at Mumbai airport. There seems to be a theme running here with trying to leave with stuff from Mumbai. Mumbai seems to like keeping things of other peoples/trying to keep people from leading. But we had Kate and that was the main thing. We stopped in a little youth Hostel at Morjim beach for a couple of days, Morjim was lovely, we spent some time sunbathing, ate lots of food (Kate had her first Indian Birianyi of many) and we drank beer and caught up. Lovely stuff. Our next stop was the magical Anjuna beach, and somewhat a spiritual home for us trance heads. Anjuna Beach - Where trance music began. To be excited to ... read more
Arjuna Beach, my spiritual home
Loving life on Anjuna beach, listening to trance and drinking cocktails
Being shown how to do it properly from the expert

Asia » India » Goa April 11th 2014

We spent the one night in Delhi before saying our good byes to our two week travel buddies. We had a train booked from Delhi to Mumbai, this was an overnight train and lucky for us we'd splashed out on first class again!...why not!? for all of £25 pound each we had our own room and despite the steward asking for tips and trying to add on money we had a lovely sleep and were fully rested when we arrived into Mumbai the following morning. We stopped in a decent room for a couple of night to take in the sights of Mumbai. Mumbai, to us was a totally different side to India. It was modern and ld say almost had a European feel to it. There was of course LOTS of traffic and LOTs of ... read more
The 'gateway to India'
Dharavi Slum
We are ALL one

Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim March 22nd 2014

I desperately wanted a week in the sun to just relax and do a lot of reading and have some beers. Goa is a cheap flight from Kuwait and hotels range from cheap to expensive, so I booked the flight, found an apartment to rent close to the beach, and I was ready to go. I arrived early in the morning and the owners of the apartment, which was privately owned, picked me up and a short while later I was on Benaulim beach getting a tan and drinking a beer. What a relief! Oh wait. Here the come. The hawkers. These beautiful Goan women in saris selling their wares. And there are so many of them. Sigh. This is the one negative of the beach in Goa. These women are very persistent and they definitely ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Agonda March 6th 2014

Monday 25th November 2013 We all arrived at Delhi Airport at about 10am local time. We assembled outside the departures doors and said our goodbyes. Most of my fellow trekkers were boarding a plane bound for the UK in a couple of hours. Lynda was catching a plane back to Australia, Jody was meeting with a guide to show her around Delhi before heading off on her tiger safari for a few days before returning to South Africa, and I was going to meet Dave who was arriving from London and we would continue our journey together down to Goa. As I got to the doors of the airport I could see there were armed guards on the doors and much to my horror would not let me in as Dave had my ticket to Goa ... read more
Dave walking along Agonda Beach
Agonda Beach, looking north

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