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Asia » India » Goa » Arambol August 25th 2016

I started working on "***" (just to avoid problems) in Chile on January 2015. At first, the job was amazing. My workmates were from all over the world, everyone was young full of travelling experiences, and the job itself was something new, a topic I didn't know about so I was happy with it. After a while (a broken heart from a colleague, a shitty boss, fights and boredom), I decided I needed to get some fresh air and bought a plane ticket to India, to get my Yoga Teacher Training in Arambol, Goa. All I could think of was India, what was about to come. It was my first time going to that far away, mysterious country. I was half afraid, half excited. My family was 75% afraid, 25% worried more than anything. So the ... read more
Cutest kid
Arambol vibes

Asia » India » Goa » Palolem June 27th 2016

Today was more a relaxing day than a discovering one... I went to Palolem beach in Goa. One thing that is beautiful with this beach is that the beach umbrellas are all multicolor so it embellishes the beach...I was at Palolem Beach Resort, I ate there a big cheese burger (even if it's not their food culture, it was very good), I took a small nap and after I bathed; the sand was soft and smooth and the water temperature was literally PERFECT! Today was a good day!... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Anjuna Beach February 22nd 2016

With Dave's stomach finally being stable, we were able to make a break away from Palolem and head somewhere a bit more lively, Anjuna. Apparently the only way to travel around Goa, other than hired vehicles, is the local bus. We had to get four buses, Palolem to Margao (60rs), Margao to Panjim (50rs), Panjim to Mapusa (15rs), then Mapusa to Anjuna (15rs). I've been to Anjuna before on my previous trip and it's the place to be for a young person in Goa. It's one of the only places where music continues to play after the 10PM noise ban. There's a number of clubs down the beach front, Shiva Valley at the end of the beach (the most popular), and Nyex at the top of the beach. We arrived on the 8th, having planned to ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Palolem February 14th 2016

Our stop off in Palolem was a welcome one. When we got off the train in Chaudi/Canacona (as if it's not complicated enough finding your way around India, some places have two names) it was around 11AM, and I'd spent 21 of the last 24 hours on various trains, due to having to go back to get my stuff from Kayamkulam! Absolute torture, and for some reason sitting on a train for a three and a half hours to do a journey that took two on the way, is more painful than being on the same train for 15 hours!. The train from Kochi to Goa was around 535rs each (about a fiver) to go 800+km! And that was at a more expensive price (I think) because we bought the tickets tatkal, which means last minute ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji December 19th 2015

I was so sad to leave my little paradies Agonda. But on the other hand I was very happy - because it meant that Markus would join me very soon. So I took a local bus from Agonda to Chaudi from where it was another bus to Madgaon, the transport hub of South Goa. Here I changed to an express bus that brought me non stop to the Kadamba bus stand of Panaji, or Panjim as the locals call it. It is the capital of Goa. As high season had now started I had already booked a homestay in a quiet area of town, in Miramar. The @Home B&B was a wonderful place. It was so very clean - a wonderful contrast to the never ending sandy beach hut (which I loved - but it was ... read more
on top of Chapora Fort
our treehouse in Sangolda
Monastry of St. Augustine

Asia » India » Goa December 18th 2015

You know where to go when you want to hit the beaches in India - Goa !! Though the coastline extends from Gujarat in the west to West Bengal / Mizoram in the east covering the whole of southern India, Goa still remains everyone's favourite . I think it is because of its lively, colourful and vibrant culture. Goa was/is also highly influenced by Portuguese culture mainly because it was their colony. The Portuguese influence can be seen in the architecture styles of churches , buildings and houses. Everything is easy going in Goa. There are two - wheeler motorcycles ( without gear) available for rent for a very reasonable price. Just hire a bike and let yourself get lost in Goa ! Well, Goa has to be experienced than read about. There is North Goa ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Agonda December 15th 2015

Markus had to fly back home after our visit to Agra because of some work related projects. He planned to be at home for 2 weeks before coming back to India. As I was flexible with my work (a laptop is enough to work for me), I had decided to stay in India for a much needed relaxing time. For quite a while I was looking for a beach spot to make nice walks at the beach without being stared at by random men sitting in bushes and doing.... well, if you have read my blogs from Kerala you probably know what I mean. So I decided to come to Goa this year. But where to go in Goa when you need a quiet place without party, without drinking, without beach hawkers. It took me a ... read more
lagoon on north shore of Agonda Beach
what a huuuuuuge helmet they gave me
Agonda Beach

Asia » India » Goa » Agonda December 12th 2015

Geo: 15.0419, 73.985India! Round two. Back to where Anna and I met! This time would be different and more special. We had a month in India so we decided to explore the south. Our first point of call was Goa. Goa is actually the state name and there are plenty of beaches in the north and south. We decided on Agonda Beach in the south. There is plenty of accommodation along the beach which is two kilometres long, quiet and relaxing. It was a couple of weeks from peak season so it was very quiet and deserted almost. The following morning we did a boat tour to visit a few beaches and dolphins. We were disappointed with the trip as the beaches weren't anything special. We did see some dolphins which was really exciting. T he ... read more
Photo Bombed

Asia » India » Goa November 16th 2015

The train from Kochi to Goa was another great experience. On this route I didn't even have to get out of the train to get food and chai. A company called 'Meals on wheels' walked through the aisles offering meals and drinks all throughout the journey. I got the top bunk along the aisle, so I spend the vast majority of the 17-hour train ride up there. At the hostel I had found a little book on my new hobby: Yoga. So I spend some time reading that, took a nap, read the eBook on my phone and ate some food before it was time to go to sleep. :) When we got to the train station I asked someone if he knew how to get to Anjuna. He didn't know, but he had met ... read more

Asia » India » Goa November 10th 2015

Goa, die ehemalige portugisische Kolonie an der Westküste Indiens, empfängt seine Besucher heute noch mit einem eigentümlichen Mix beider Kulturen. Bei der Ankunft in Panaji, Indiens kleinster Landeshauptstadt (verschlafene 50.000 Einwohner anstatt Millionen) fühlte ich mich zeitweise wie in einer mediterranen Kleinstadt. Die Häuser sind teils im südeuropäischen Stil erbaut, die Menschen sind entspannt, nachmittags werden die Läden dicht gemacht und Siesta gehalten und sogar das Verkehrsgewühl erschien lockerer als sonstwo. Zusätzlich zu Hindutempeln und Blumengirlanden sieht man überall Kirchen, Klosterschulen und Marienfiguren. Auch kulinarisch gabs viel zu entdecken, denn der Ort strotzt nur so vor Restaurants und Lokalen. Die heimischen Gerichte, zetbe Hühnchen Cafreal, Vindaloo und Garnelencurry, zählen für mich zu den Besten Indiens. Danach noch ein Kings Beer oder ei... read more
Flohmarkt in Anjuna
Diwali in Goa

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